In 2005, comes a big revolution on the internet as this is the year the YouTube had been launched. With this, everyone can upload any video to the internet via this site. First, they are no any restriction on this part by YouTube but upon receiving a complaint from the online communities especially the film distributor and filmmaker as some of the people uploading the pirated movie in the YouTube and some not suitable video for the viewers YouTube had become stricter on this and introduced the copyright. If any individual whom had violated this rules for the 3 time, their account will forever be suspended, and they are unable to create an account on YouTube anymore.

Another revolution started in 2008 when YouTube had decided to monetize the content and due to this many of individual had seen this as an opportunity to make a living with the YouTube by uploading their content. From this came many famous Youtuber like the Tamil Talkies that makes harsh reviews on the Indian movie, EverythingApplePro a Youtubers who reviews the Apple products especially the iPhone, and iPad,, TwinMuscle, and much more had started making their name in the YouTube. They had been called as Youtubers where they are earning the living via this.

Although YouTube is one way to make an earning they are some restrictions imposed by Google on uploading the video especially in the copyright section. They are very strict on this where if the video uploader had copyright violation for 3 times then their channel will be suspended and YouTube will ban them forever hence most of the video uploader must adhere to this rule when uploading a video to YouTube.

Even some of the movie maker also will upload their movie scene, trailer, and songs in the YouTube and it shows the enormous opportunity and viewing power on YouTube channel hence they had decided to upload their movie to YouTube. Now YouTube had become not only for uploading video but also for making a living for some. The Youtubers who loved and passionate about automobile too had seen this as an opportunity to make their name and gone are the day where only the automobiles expert will make a review for the car and with the YouTube now everyone who had absolute passion for the automobile can produce a video via any video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Cyberlink Power Director and many more in markets.

Now most of the car lovers will like to see any review about the car in the YouTube as the channels like Roda Pusing, Top Gear, Bobby Ang, Saabkyle04, Chris Fix, AlexLoveMac and many more had uploaded several videos on YouTube with regards to the automobiles and if the channels are popular among the car lovers then their video can get more than a million views in just an hour or a week.

Some of the Malaysian famous car websites like, Autobuzz, Autofreaks, and much more have their own car review uploaded in the YouTube as example PaulTan car video review called as Driven is so popular that it had spanned for 4 seasons which each episode has their unique way or reviewing the car. Some channels had become an inspiration for our automobile lovers like Saabkyle04 had inspired another similar YouTube channel like our own AlexLoveMac. Saabkyle04 had introduced a unique way of making a car review where he will make a walk around on the car interior, exterior and engine without driving the car and AlexLoveMac is one of the many similar automobile lovers who had uploaded similar video in the YouTube.

And some YouTube channel like Engineering Explained and Chris Fix had uploaded a different type of video where their channel is all about car review and about troubleshooting the car if they are any problem and at the sometimes giving some information and explanation about the car technologies. Another channel like EVO is about car review but in this channel, the car lovers will find a review of the supercar and high-performance car only.

PaulTan Driven car review had made a niche among themselves in Malaysia internet automobile industries, but they are some upcoming channel like the Roda Pusing and Bobby Ang. Both have different style of review where Roda Pusing is more spontaneous and had a relaxed way of making car review and at the some providing all the pros and cons of each car where Bobby Ang is more like the Saabkyle04 where he will make review of the car interior, exterior, specification, and the engine but unlike Saabkyle04 he will make a review of the car performance and how the car ride is. Roda Pusing had the unique distinction of the only Malaysian automobile YouTube channel that had made a review on the Rolls Royce.

Apart from the copyright rules, the YouTube is still the best sources of income for any video uploader who want to make a name for their selves especially in the automobile industries. Even some of the car manufacturer also uploaded their latest car model advertisement on YouTube too as it is one of the ways to introduce their product to the masses. Once it had started in 2005, it had become a revolution where an individual can upload any video as long it does not violate the YouTube guidelines and make it public.

Although they are many video sharing websites like DailyMotion, Metacafe, and much more they do not have some popularity like YouTube hence making it the undisputable number 1 video sharing website in the world. With the Google AdSense that had been acknowledged as one of the best website advertisement in the world and YouTube is using it to generate income for them and for the video uploader, it will be an undisputable source of income for many of the website owner or Youtuber who want to make an earning form the online video. With the introduction as mentioned now anyone who has a passion and creativity can upload any video and make a review and with this gone are the day where a special episode will be aired on the television about car review as now it had been taken over by the YouTube and not only it also gave birth to others to make their  car channel and provide more option for the car lovers to obtain any information with regards to the car and automobile industries in details .

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