The Qi Wireless Charger

When the Toyota Camry Hybrid was launched in 2014, it had become an instant hit and its looked Toyota is finally going to take back their King of D Segment crown back from Honda Accord. The car had everything that Toyota fans want more safety, renowned hybrid technologies, spacious interior, and better transmission. They are also one technology in the car that is the first of the kind in our country and that is the QI Wireless charger but unfortunately this great technology is not available in all the car that was sold in our country and it will be a great convenience if it is introduced in all the car in the future.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid saw the introduction of the QI wireless charger

The introduction of the iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007 also had lead to another introduction that had revolutionized the mobile phone industry the mobile operating system.  With the Apple own IOS and Google own Android mobile phone operating system had been introduced in the market is also had led to the introduction of the mobile phone application that is called as App. The introduction of the mobile phone operating system and the app had changed how we used the smartphone forever.

The introduction of iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007

Now we can see videos, instantly edit and upload a photo in the social media, making a flight booking, cinema booking, navigation app like Google Maps and Waze, messaging like Whatsapp, reading books, listening to online music, playing gamble, checking our email and much more via this smartphone app. The downside of this, the smartphone is no longer able to withstand more than 1 days due to this.

Then in 2015, Samsung had introduced the QI Wireless charger and it had become instant hits. Although it does not charge fast as the wired one its simplicity and portability had made it become instant hits and useful tools for the user to charges their phone on the go. Even Apple had for the first time ever introduced the wireless charger for the latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X model. The wireless charger is the future of the smartphone battery charging technologies.

This technology had made its way in the automobile industries too with Toyota become the first one to adopt the QI Wireless charger in the Toyota Avalon Limited 2013 followed by  SsangYong in the same year. This technology will be useful for the car lovers whom can charges their smartphone on the car without any wire attached to it.

As we will spend most of our time in the car and on the go, this wireless charger technologies in the car certainly will prevent the user from the getting a death batter issue on their smartphone. How miserable it is if the user smartphone had died and he doesn’t have an alternative method to charge the phone while in the car. The power bank will be another away but still, it does not replace the convenience of putting the phone on a pad and charging it.

They will be more smartphone app in the future that can changes our lifestyle again and at some time with the introduction of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay the smartphone life will be expected to shorter than before and in this instance, the wireless chargers in the car can be more useful than ever. Whether we liked or not, we need the smartphone as our life depends on it for now and the wireless charger in the car will prevent any interruption to us due to death smartphone battery.

However, they are some weakness that needs to be addressed before most of the car manufacturer installed the wireless charger. If compared to the fast charging using the house socket and wireless charging, the speed of the wireless charging is notoriously slow and this is one of the reasons on why many car manufacturers and some user does not prefer the wireless charger. Although it can be fast for the wireless charger in the car overall it is still slower if compared to the normal wired charger but the car manufacturer are working on it and we can expect a better and faster wireless charger in the car for the future.

To save the smartphone battery, usage of the wireless charger can drain the car battery life too. The car battery too had seen its life become shorter compared before. The day of the battery can stand for more than 2 years had been a thing of the past as with more electronic devices and technologies introduced it is also seen the car battery had become shorter and now the car battery can only stand for a maximum of 2 years and if the wireless charger had been introduced in all  the car, the car battery life can be expected to be shorter than before  but that is a thing that needs to be compromised in order to provide the car lovers the ultimate convenience of our life ever depending on the smartphone.

In the United States, most of the car manufacturer had installed the wireless charger in their car and sooner or later we will see the same trend in the car that is sold in our country too. If in the future, the something that happened in our country in term of the wireless charger in the car then expects most of the car lovers will be happy with it as long they don’t have a defect on it.

The wireless charger and the smartphone indirectly or directly had changed our lifestyle forever. The online store, the app whether is paid or free had become so influential in our life that some things are easier to be done in just with flip or press of the button in the smartphone. So the comfort will be added to the next level if the wireless charger had been included in most of the car. Sooner or later the sight of car lovers charging their phone using the car wireless charge will be a common thing in the future if most of the car had installed this in their car which I think will be a reality in the future cars that are sold in our country.

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