To travel within Peninsular Malaysia, we have many options for it. First, we have the evergreen express bus, flight like Malindo Air, Air Asia, and Malaysia Airlines, and finally, we have the KTM our railway system. The express bus is by far the cheaper among all these 3 to travel and the most expensive are via flight although it will take lesser time to reach the destination if compared to the express buses. The travel via railway can be considered as in the middle as it is not so expensive like the flight and at some time it is not cheap as the bus and the travel time is faster than the express bus but still longer if compared to the flight.

Even to travel within Klang Valley they are many options like the public bus, KTM Komuter, LRT, Monorail and the latest MRT. Even the classic taxi had been slowly replaced by the Uber and GrabCar. But in spite all these options that are available to travel in Klang Valley and within Peninsular Malaysia, many of us still prefer to use our own transport. They are some reason for this and we will unravel each reason.

The newly launched MRT

To travel within Peninsular Malaysia, some of us may not prefer to use the flight although it can be faster. For example, to travel to Johor Bahru via flight will take around 45 minutes and via road, it will take roughly 3 hours and to travel to Langkawi Island it will take 50 minutes via flight and if via road it will take around 4 hours only to reach the Kuala Perlis jetty. Then add another 40 minutes to reach Langkawi Island. The reason some of us does not choose it even though the price of the flight ticket is cheaper with the low-cost airlines like Air Asia is maybe due to fear of flying. With the flight crash incident that happens and feeling of being locked in the flight some of us may not choose to fly and use our own transport instead.

Another reason for some of us like to use own transport to travel is due to untrusty in our public transport system. We had heard many time the stories of the delay in KTM, LRT whether is Star or Putra LRT, and the public bus broke down in the road causing the user to have some doubt in the reliability of these transport and prefer to use own transport instead. This situation can occur not only on the public transport in the Klang Valley but also on the transport in Peninsular Malaysia where the user can encounter a delay in the flight, express bus, and KTM.

Another reason is due to discomforts of traveling in the public transport. When the user traveling in own transport, the user will be in his own comfort zone but something can’t be said when traveling in the public transport. The user will be cramped in the LRT especially during the peak hours, the uncleanness of the express bus and the cramped seat in the flight. This type of thing can lead the user to prefer to use his own transport where he or she can have full control on the comfort level.

A typical airlines seat

Failure to provide an unsuitable replacement if they are some broke down in public transport also can make the user to distrust the public transport and prefer his own transport. Let say if the LRT had been broken down, the user needs to take another public transport to travel to the destination and things can be worse if the destination is far. The thing can be worst for a flight to where there is a domestic flight delay, the user may need to stay in the airport or proceed to the next available flight and in the case of low-cost airlines, they may not get a refund. This can add further stress for the user whom in the end will be more than happy to use this own transport.

In our country, they are some of us who are working on shift works. In this case, they do prefer to travel on their own transport as the frequencies of the public transport during off peak hours is less. The Putra LRT, for example, will take roughly 15 to 20 minutes per train in the off-peak hours compared to 3 trains per 6 minutes in the peak hours. This is not only for the LRT but for other public transport too. Some thing can happen for the Peninsular Malaysia travel as the user may not be able to get a place or travel on his or her preferred date, especially during emergency time.

With all this combined, the main reason that the user prefers to use his or her own transport is the choice and freedom that the own transport gives them. Even though traveling in own transport can be a hassle with the traffic conjunction and the ever-increasing toll price, the user will have his own freedom without depending on other. If an emergency, he or she can travel without hesitation to their preferred destination without any worries about the schedule, if they are discomfort in his car the user can stop to wash his car, the user can also service the car to avoid any broke down to the car, and best of all the user can enjoy the scenic view of Malaysian road on his own time without depending on other. The own transport gives a sense of independence, freedom, and choice to the user if compared to the public transports.

In some sense, maybe our public transport is not up to the standard yet in term reliability hence many users prefer to use their own transport. In the future, if the public transport had been upgraded to a level where the user feels more confident than many of us will prefer to use the public transport like in Japan or England. For now, our car lovers still prefer to use their own transport then the public transports.

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