The car engine is the heart and soul of everyone who is associated with automobiles from the manufacturer and the car users. The car engine is the one that gave the thrust, comfort performance or exhilarating performance depends on the car models.

They are maybe many models in the market launched by the car manufacturers and the heart and soul of the car engine can be either natural aspirated engine or turbo engine. In the current generation of the car that was launched the turbo engine is one of the choices for car lovers to choose from.

The turbo engine had become a popular choice for car lovers and due to this car manufacturers will make a model with a turbo engine as a variant for the car lovers to choose from or making all their models fixed with the turbo engine.

Why the turbo engine is an attractive choice for car lovers?

The first name turbo is a catchy name for a car engine. For a naturally aspirated engine usually, the car engine name will be a combination of character and number. Even though the turbo engine also had some combination of alphabet and name, but the word turbo is the most used by car lovers. Car lovers will love to say that they are driving a car with a turbo engine as the word turbo creates power and liking for their related cars.

For our country where the car road tax can be higher side and is a yearly payment for car users. In our country, the road tax will be based on cc on the car and the turbo engine can produce more power with a smaller engine. The combination of cheaper road tax and excellent power from a small engine making it a popular choice.

Writing about a small engine when comes to producing high horsepower and torque, a naturally aspirated engine needs to bigger in size. When comes to the turbo engine a 2.0cc can produce a similar power as the 2.4 cc cars. Although the horsepower from the turbo engine can be less than the naturally aspirated engine due to the size when comes to the torque power the turbo is better than a bigger size natural aspirated engine.

With the higher torque, it can provide a terrific exhilarating performance that equivalent to a powerful performance regardless of the engine size. A driving experience in a turbo engine is one of the best experiences that a car user can experience and one of the reasons automobile lovers like to modify their car by changing from natural aspirated to the turbo engine is to get the high performance that turbo engine provides.

The turbo engine had been made with vigorous testing and great improvement as the fuel efficiency of the turbo engine car had been improved significantly. Since the oil price of the world fluctuates, fuel efficiency had been one of the major concerns of car manufacturers and car users. Due to these crude oil fluctuations, the car manufacturer together with the tire manufacturer had made some innovation and improvement to make sure their car is fuel efficient regardless of natural aspirated or turbo engine.

Even the Japanese had launched a car with a turbo engine in some of their model variant. The Honda Civic, Crv, and Accord had a turbo engine model as a variant to be chosen by the car lovers. Once the turbo engine only can be available in high-end sports cars and luxury or ultra-luxury cars but now most of the car models have a turbo engine as a variant to choose from.

Why the turbo-engine powered car had become an enormously popular choice among automobile lovers?

Turbo engine capabilities can lead to a small engine produce greater torque.

With a naturally aspirated engine, the small engine cc will give an unwanted perception as the car is not powerful enough for daily driving. With the turbo-powered engine, even a small cc can produce a powerful torque for daily driving. Due to this advantage, the latest Nissan Almeria had come with the 1.0 cc turbo-powered engine for their latest model. Even the latest Honda HR-V has a 1.5-liter engine turbo-powered. It is not hyperbole to say that maybe the car in the future will be equipped smaller turbo-powered engine as it is proven to produce a greater torque power than the normal engine.

The popularity of the turbo engine

Again, due to its ability to produce powerful torque in a small-capacity engine, the turbo engine had become a popular choice among automobile lovers. Since the turbo had been made available in most of the car regardless of categories whether premium or not premium, it had become a widely popular choice option among automobile lovers.

Naturally, an aspirated engine consumes more space than a turbo engine.

The ability to produce an adequate or enormous power through a small engine had given another advantage for those who can correlate in the automobile industries from the manufacturer to the automobile lovers. The sheer advancement of the technologies in every item and equipment had seen had a great reduction in the size but powerful in the capacity. This story can correlate with the turbo engine as the turbo engine’s ability to produce mass power had let for the automobile manufacturer to saves more space in car production if compared with the naturally aspirated engine.

Fuel efficiency for the turbo engine

In the past, the turbo engine may be related to high consumption of fuel but again with the sheer advancement of turbo engine production, it can be said it had become archaic. The turbo engine had been produced in such a way where it now becomes more powerful and at some time does not lead to high fuel consumption. This had given another gigantic advantage to the turbo engine if compared to the naturally aspirated engine.

As time passed by, the turbo engine’s massive efficacy and improvement when coming to fuel consumption had led to the engine been fixed in the entry-level car model itself. With these added consensuses from the car lover who loves the turbo engine as an epitome, the car performance and handling, the fate of the naturally aspirated engine can be soon write off to the history books.

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