Vios, Corolla Altis, and Camry. This is the Toyota sedan car that is distributed by UMW Motors in Malaysia. Range from B segment to the D segment car. This also the same UMW Motors that had made a terrible blunder with Toyota Camry in 2013 where they had taken the Vehicle Stability Control(VSC) for the Camry that earn them a lot of stick from the car reviewer, car lover and others for this. Even now they had changed the warranty for the Camry for 5 years and for the buyer that had bought the Camry in the last year need to fork out RM2099 for the extension of the warranty as the previous model had only 3 years warranty.

But for all the blunders and business decisions made by UMW Motors the Toyota especially the Camry is still the best choice for the car owners in Malaysia. We will look at this reason why Toyota is the preferred choice.


Toyota is well known for the reliability of the car. Rarely or a non-existent case where we can see the Toyota car get the tow down or broke down due to their electronic or gearbox failure and their hybrid cars are still is one the best in the business as Toyota is also the pioneer of the Hybrid car with the Toyota Prius. The Toyota also had been awarded as Most Valuable Car by http://www.statista.com/  and  BrandZ Top 100  the best part according to BrandZ Top 100 they had held this position for 8 years.

Resale Value

In Malaysia when buying the car the resale value of the car is also given a priority by our drivers due to the high price of the car here. On that term, Toyota had a good resale value. This had been used as the selling point and for some critics as a joking point but still, the Toyota resale value shows how popular and reliable the car even on the second hand. The screenshot below taken from www.mudah.com shows the price of the used Toyota car. The year of the car is on 2013

Mudah.com Toyota Second Hand Price

Cheaper Spare Parts.

The Toyota spare parts and their engine oil also is not expensive or what we called in Malaysia as the cut-throat price where the price of the spare part is astronomically high. Even some of the foreman in the workshop also uses Toyota Engine Oil as they claim it is great for the car engine and it is not only for Toyota but all other cars. For the driver, the spare part can be a nightmare scenario due to the high price but not in the case of Toyota.

Definite Choices of Service Center

They are 26 service centers just in Klang Valley and this does not include the showroom and paint and body center. This is a huge number and gave the user a definite choice of the service center. Only Honda service center figure is comparable to Toyota. Compare to Nissan and Continental Car service center the service center is more hence gave the driver the least worries about servicing the car even when they are on vacation domestically.

Luxurious at Affordable Price.

Take for example the latest Camry Hybrid that has the reverse camera, blind spot, 7 airbags, spacious legroom, longer wheelbase, hybrid technologies, wireless charger, and 10 speakers all for just RM174, 000. Imagine this in the continental car and the price can shoot up to RM230K or more than that. The Camry had always been the top choice of the D-Segment market due to this except when UMW makes their famous blunder on the 2013 model.

Great Reliability in Hybrid Technologies.

Toyota as the pioneer in Hybrid Technologies has a great reputation and great hybrid experience with its hybrid technologies that no other car brand can match to it for now. Toyota Hybrid or what Toyota called as Hybrid Synergy Drive is getting the positive review from all the reviewer that includes Paul Tan, Car Buzz, Auto Freak, and much more where it let the system work behind without interfering with the driver and giving an extra torque to the car. I hope the tax exemption for the hybrid car will stay as this may be the technology for the future.


Apart from hybrid technologies, Toyota had also introduced the qi wireless charger in their car. With the smartphone and battery that need frequent charging due to the heavy use of the phone now with the app too, this is one of the technologies where it gave comfort to the user. When most of the time we need our smartphone especially now the wireless charging in a car is a great feature and hope it will be implemented in future cars.

Best NVH in the D-Segment.

Toyota had built the car in such a way that it can be said as the best NVH in his class. For a long journey where sometimes a speed required the intrusion of NVH can be irritating for the user. Toyota had a policy where it solves the problem from where it started that started in Lexus and had been implemented in the Toyota car to make Toyota the best NVH in his class.

Extreme Details in Design.

Toyota had always designed their car with a step further ahead of its competitor. For example, in the Camry, they had designed the option light illumination dashboard where it can give a clear view and does not affect the eyes. For the speakers in the Camry Hybrid, the JBL 10 speakers were designed with the environment in the mind and adequate with the car hybrid features. No other car manufacturer had come to this level in terms of details while designing.

The Toyota and UMW Motors will always be the choice for the driver in the D Segment for drivers due to this. Toyota’s brand had always had its loyal followers in our country. With the expected new model, maybe an innovation in their car and maybe some attractive offers by the UMW motors the Toyota will always be the number 1 choice for our driver, especially with this resale value.

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