The Camry Hybrid the highest variant in the Toyota Camry

The D- Segment defined by European Commission is the fourth segment for the European car classification. It is also can be known as the larger car segment. In Malaysia, they are 2 types of the D- Segment car one is the car that above the price range of RM200,000 like BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Mercedez Benz C- Class, Volvo S60 and much more. Another range is where the price is below RM200,000 like the Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Teana, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Mondeo and much more. For the range where the car price below RM200,000 they are much competition as it is one of the popular choices for the masses but the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the king for these segments.

With the introduction of Volkswagen Passat 2.0 Highline, the competition for this segment where price below RM200,000 had been intensified. The Passat 2.0 had received a good review from the car website in Malaysia like the Autofreaks.com, Autobuzz.my.com, and Paultan.org. At some time the, the minor facelift Toyota Camry 2.5 Luxury where is the top variant in the current Camry Hybrid model. The competition is between the Passat 2.0 and Camry 2.5 Luxury model where the Honda Accord 2.4, Teana 2.5 and also Mazda 6 does not have any specification that matches both of these models.

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The Passat b8 2.0.Image credit Paultan.Org

The Camry Hybrid that was launched in 2015 was the best choices for the masses as it had the best specification in term of comfort, safety, performance, and reliability. And the Passat B8 2.0 have an enormous specification compared to the previous Passat. Even though the Passat had an impressive specification compared to the Camry but based on my view the Camry Hybrid, for now, is still the king of the D- Segment sedan and this is the reason for it.

First, Toyota always prided themselves with a great post sales service especially their service center. Now Toyota will launch a smartphone app called as Toyota Drive where the user can make the service appointment, knowing the service cost estimation, outlet location, road assistance, and many more via the user smartphone. This can be said the first smartphone mobile app by a car manufacturer in Malaysia where Volkswagen even though have a great specification but in term post sales it is something that still needs to be corrected as many social media users had written about the not so great post sales service they received from Volkswagen Malaysia.

toyota drive.png
The Toyota Drive smartphone app

In term of reliability, Toyota is still the popular choices among the car lovers. Toyota had built a great reputation not only in Malaysia but around the world for their car reliability added with the cheaper spares part prices. In term of spare parts availability too, Toyota is easily available in many places compared to the Volkswagen spare parts. For the Volkswagen, meanwhile, the spare parts for their car are more expensive and in term of Volkswagen, they are the notorious DSG issue.

In term of resale value, Toyota is far better than Volkswagen car. Toyota not only the popular choices in the new car but also the used car segment too. Most of the car lovers loved Toyota on this part too as for whether we like it or not, Toyota does have a good resales value compared to other brands. Volkswagen, unfortunately, does not have a great resale value like the Toyota and in Malaysia, this is one of the important factors when purchasing a new car although not all of them will consider this factor.

Another great feature in the Toyota Camry Hybrid is comfort and safety. Most of the car in this segment have the airbag, VSC, Blind Spot Monitor System, and much more but in Camry, the safety had been taken to another level. In the new Camry Hybrid Luxury model, they are offering the Driving Video Recorder(DVR). We had seen in the social media, many of user had posted with regards to the road bullies and this feature will be important features as the user can capture the road bullies easily without the use of the smartphone. Another great feature in the Camry Hybrid Luxury is the Qi Wireless Charger and this can be useful with our ever-draining smartphone battery. With many of the future smartphones are gearing toward wireless charging this is a fantastic feature that hopefully will be available in all the car. Now, only Toyota Camry Hybrid have both of this features built in their car and it is a great plus point for them. The Volkswagen B8 2.0 although have a great performance that rivaled the BMW 320i, it can’t be a substitute for both of this feature and this had given the Camry the edge in this D-Segment.

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Another great thing on the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the hybrid engines. The combination of electric motor and petrol engine had been one of the popular choices in the automobile market in Malaysia and in the world as most of the car manufacturer had at least one hybrid model in their ranks. The Camry Hybrid have the Toyota ever reliable Synergy Drives system and it offers great reliability and simplicity on their hybrid engines. Compared to another model, the Camry does not have a plug-in hybrid and the battery is recharged through the braking regeneration system.

The Toyota Camry had been ridiculed and even criticized by many of the cars loves due to his specification but they had turn thing around with the Toyota Camry Hybrid that had excellent review from the car lovers and had been a top seller for UMW motors and now the Toyota Camry Hybrid Luxury had improved and made thing far better. Toyota does not want to relish their crown again like previously and the Passat B8 2.0 even though some great performance and specification but on the overall things and for the insight on the future the Camry is better choices for the masses. Maybe the new Honda Accord Hybrid that launched in Thailand will rival the Camry Hybrid if it had been launched in Malaysia in the future but for now, the Camry Hybrid is still the undisputed king in the D-Segment markets priced below RM200,000.

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