Since the ancient days and kingdom, we had always been fascinated by giving and receiving messages from others. In the ancient years, the animal was used to convey the message and they will be trained on these parts and it is time-consuming however with the advancement of the human obsession to deliver and receive messages faster, they are many technological advancements had been made.

Automobile lovers can have many sources of information within their fingertip which is a great advancement in the form of the smartphone powered by Android or IOS  which supports many types of apps. The apps in the smartphone had changed how we are doing things in the present. Now, most of the user can make or get any type of transaction and information on the go at anyplace anytime. This also had given significant changes for one of the individuals which are on the go and they are automobile lovers.

With the advancement of the smartphone, they are many items that had been defunct such as the cassette players and CD which is the norm of the car in the past. The extinction of the cassette player and CD is normality when they are some changes as the thing in the past will be pushed to history books however since the day communication mechanism created in the automobile, the transmission of the radio station and listening to it is one of the communication methods that still survive and they are several reasons for it.

Once the cassette player was necessary in the car

As mentioned before, the radio channel had been one of the oldest sources of information for the automobile since the radio frequency had been able to be transmitted to the car entertainment system. The current infotainment although as the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Garmin navigation but the foundation of the infotainment listening to the radio channel is still intact.

They are many reasons for this and one of the reason is the ability for the radio channel deejay to provide the latest information for the automobile lovers which makes them search for the related item in their fingertips. The radio deejay can provide information in the form of prohibition, prevention, announcement, and others that will be a warning or create excitement for the automobile users.

Even though they are some advertisement on the smartphone where some apps will display the relevant digital advertisement in their app but the automobile lovers unable to see it as they are driving with their vehicle. This is where the radio channel is still the ultimate source of advertising for automobile lovers. The radio channel able to provide advertisement in the form of audio which makes the automobile search for the advertised items or information in their smartphone.

Radio channel had been able to provide their unique type of program as a form of entertainment and one of them is the prank call segment. The deejay will make a prank call and the reaction from the caller and the entertainment provides by the deejay during the call makes the prank call segment the popular segment for automobile lovers. Although some automobile lovers dislike the prank call segment it is still a form of entertainment which makes it one of the reasons for the survival of the radio channel

The radio channel also can operate linguistically as they are many radio channels that can be transmitted in the language apart from the national language Malay. They are a radio channel speaking exclusively on Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. The Indian radio channel owned by the Malaysian government Minnal FM also present the Telegu and Malayalam song for the automobile lover who able to speak these languages. This linguistic nature of the radio channel gave a strong populous choice among the automobile lovers to listen to the radio channel

One of the important radio channels is the deejay. They are some deejays who are popular based on a radio channel which can be attributed to the jovial and informative way of presenting the entertainment for the listener. This deejay had their time slot in the radio channel and based on the deejay popularity and their program on the radio channel, it can generate a lot of viewers which is another reason for a radio channel to be famous which contributed to the reason why the radio channel still a choice for automobile lovers.

Even though in the age of the smartphone any information, prohibition, warning, latest news, and other relevant sources of information can be accessed through our fingertip, their archaic radio channel is still loved for the conventional method of hearing the information through it. The information that is passed by the deejay in the radio channel through their time slot can lead the automobile lovers to find their relevant information in the smartphone. The information of the deejay and the abilities of the user to find the information through smartphone is closely intertwined which makes it a popular way.

The wide array of information that can be accessed by car lovers through their smartphones is an advancement in information fetching and sharing. However, the radio channel still holds a special nostalgic or classical way of gaining information and one of the entertainment sources while we are on the go using our four-wheeled friend. The radio deejay had gained some high popularity among the masses that they had their loyal fan, and high followers in the social media in between the radio channel can also be the first source of information for the car lovers before they can gain more knowledge on the related information. The radio channel, for now, does have a future, and chances are to be extinct are non-existent. It a tremendous achievement and not a hyperbole statement to say that the radio channel still able to hold its importance in the age of digital sharing and fetching information. The combination of the linguistic and the popularity of the radio deejay correlate which some of the comedic segment in the radio channel enable it to survive until these days.

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