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In my pages, they are write up about the drivers with smoking and drunk fuse with drive situation. However, they are more article on gambling addiction in my site than these two. I take up the effort to write about gambling addiction because this addiction has become widespread since the extensive use of the internet. We have the internet on the desktop computer, handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. These increase the gambling site with they promoted via the internet, social media ads, and some viral WhatsApp and messaging. This habit can cripple anyone inch by inch until they can be depressed, desire to commit suicide, ruin their finances and their family, and lead to involvement in money forgery or embezzlement.

Unlike cigarette and alcoholism, where there are many advertisements and rehabilitation centres available, the rehabilitation centre for gambling is less even though it is a bad habit that can emotionally impact those addicted to it. This habit is far severe than alcoholism, and they are much reason for it.

While a person who consumes alcohol will be known as these habits can’t be hidden. Consumption of alcohol can lead to imbalanced posture, staggering speech, and bad smell.  Gambling can be hidden by the individual who is addicted to it. He may be on autopilot mode by chasing the losses before leading themselves to a messy financial situation like unpaid debt. The person and those associated with them may know it late before repairing the damage attributed to the gambling addiction.

When the habits are covert, it can also lead to the person making forgery or money embezzlement whether in his family or in the company he is working. According to many countries, they are a significant increase in thief and fraud related to gambling. The worst of these is that the person involved in these crimes is a professional and well-respected individual. When these habits are severe, the individual who is addicted can also ruin his family life. There are many cases where the spouses or husbands had divorced their partner’s because of their compulsive gambling addicts, which led to their family financial waning. These led them to decide where they feel it is better to be separated from their partner than live with them.

When the person is engaged in money fraud or embezzlement, it can also lead to dishonesty which can cripple his integrity among his family and peers. Lying happens when the person engaged in the scam will lie to cover his criminal activities, whether in the family or his working relationship. As mentioned, this happens to the person who is successful in their family life and career; hence, when they find out about their dishonesty, it can forever tarnish the excellent reputation that they built before they are addicted to the disastrous gambling.

This dishonest and lost integrity rarely happens in the person indulging in alcohol as they are not secretive in their habits. Furthermore, they are some social drinkers and do not indulge in these drinking habits often. Even when the drinker wants to hide their alcohol consumption, it can’t be secretive as the stumbling posture, stammering speech, and foul smell will directly indicate their drinking habits, which contradict the gambling habits.

The person who indulges in drinking will get the kick that they need from the alcoholic drink, so people love to be involved in drinking. It can somehow unlock the person’s creative idea, and the introverted person becomes talkative, some new idea been presented and elicit us in an excessive joy. Moderate drinking then it can be a joyful event. However, if alcohol consumption has been extreme, it is prohibited not to let the person drive as it can endanger him and the passengers.

With alcohol, at least they enjoy it with gambling; it is only deceit and deception. Gambling does not reduce the person’s problem, but it only compounds their problem. The gambling software had been programmed with very advanced probability mathematics, which led the house to win every time. The dangerous thing about the current gambling software is the “near miss” phenomenon that can be deceiving in making the gambler believe that their successive big win is on next round. Still, it will not be, and the gambler ended up losing his money in an enormous proportion.

When a person loses an enormous amount of money, it can disrupt his sanity, leading the person to be embarrassed with themselves and decide to end his life. The horror of gamblers who committed suicide had been viral in the contemporary era. In some gruesome stories, the gambler chose to kill his spouse and children before committing suicide as they can’t bear the shame and humiliation of their gambling involvement.

When it comes to the advertisement for both gambling and alcohol, at least the drink does have some truth, while the gambling advertisement is full of deception and deceiving. The usual gambling advertisement will be highlighted as it was a fun game, and at the same time, a picture of a person who hit big or wins significantly immense amount will be shown. The advertisement also shows the colourful and scenic image of a big win from the slot machine. All the gambling advertisement is false and deceptive. The picture of big individual success and bright slot machine big win is deceiving. The facts are the misery and the extreme anger that a gambler will encounter when gambling to chase their lost money. Nobody is happy in gamble as they are suffering internally, and the only one is profiting from gambling is the house. While in alcohol, the person can enjoy the drink, while in gambling, it is non-existent.

Gambling is a dangerous habit as it does not give any physical sign like smoking or alcohol. However, gambling is a devastating addiction because it can cripple the person internally, make him lose his sanity, and tarnish his image, leading to dishonesty and emotional instability. This habit has been excessive presently as they are more and more gambling places available online. I will try my best to publish more articles on gambling as this addiction can destroy anyone.

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