Volkswagen Group is the largest automobile company in Europe and second in the world after Toyota Motor. The reason they had become the biggest automotive company in the Europe largely thanks to Ferdinand Karl Piëch while he was the CEO of the company as he went on the biggest buying spree in the automotive industries as he had merged Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, SEAT, and Skoda under Volkswagen. Now Volkswagen had several brands under them which different characteristic for each car. The Volkswagen car is almost premium car level, Audi is the premium car, Porsche is the high-performance premium car, Bugatti and Lamborghini are the sports car and finally Bentley is the ultra-premium car. All this car will be equipped with their famous DSG transmission.

Ferdinand Karl Piëch
Ferdinand Karl Piech, the man that responsible to make Volkswagen the biggest automobile company Europe

Under Volkswagen Group, Audi AG is one of the popular cars in the world but unfortunately in our country is not popular or famous like the Mercedez Benz and BMW. Even though they are more people using Audi presently but is still not the ultimate choice for the German car lovers in our country as Mercedez Benz and BMW is still the king in this department. They are many reasons on why Audi is not famous in our country but one of the popular choice in the world.


The first thing they are less service center for Audi car in our country. Unlike the Mercedez Benz and BMW where they are several service center in our country Audi have only one service center in the Jalan Chan Show Lin in Glenmarie and that is the only choice of the service center in our country. For a reputed brand like Audi and to give the car lovers more choice and option, they should have more service center. Due to this, the car lovers will need to make an appointment 1 month before to make service and the worst case, if the car is still under warranty they need to make sure they can service the car before the expected mileage as if mileage had been exceeded then free service will be invalid.

Audi Service Center in Jalan Chan Sow Lin
Jalan Chan Sow Lin Service Center

The next thing is the bad after sales service and customer service although not everyone encounters this situation but most of the team will highlight this as one of the major points. Comparing the technician expertise in Europe and in our country where in Europe they are trained for several years and in our country, only a few will be trained on that level. Some technician may opt to start their own workshop specializing in Audi and in the end, they will be left with some incompetent Audi technician and with only one service thing will only dissatisfy the car lovers if there are incompetent staff handling their car and the user will feel like they had been vendor locked.

In Malaysia, due to the high tax imposed to the foreign car and Audi is a CBU model, it becomes expensive to maintain in our country. When the car lovers had purchased a car, the highest expenditure he or she need to pay is the maintenance of the car and since Audi is CBU model the maintenance tend to be on the higher side if compared to the Mercedez Benz and BMW. For Audi model that come with the Quattro badge that even though there are superior due to 4-wheel drive that provides superior acceleration but the price will higher than Mercedez Benz and BMW and this will be another point that made some to never purchase Audi.

In our country, they are several important things that will be considered to purchase a car and they are price, maintenance, service center availability and the next thing is the resale value and Audi fall short in the resale value if compared to the Mercedez Benz and BMW. Due to premium price of the car, high maintenance, and less popular choices the resale value of the Audi is the worst among the German luxury brand. The resale value although may not be one of the reasons in other countries but in our country, it will be one of the important factors and this will another reason for the car lovers to never consider Audi as their choice.

Although Audi comes with a full specification as the Audi A4 is the only car that has 3 zone air conditioning and much more compares to the BMW 3 Series and Mercedez Benz C Class but still it not the favorites choices and this is due to the perception in our country. Unlike Audi, BMW and Mercedez-Benz have many loyal followers in the Asian market whom still prefer these 2 brands. Audi under their distributor EuroMobil in Malaysia facing a difficult task to change the perception of the people to make their car as the popular choice. Although Audi had successfully won over the Chinese people in the China market, in Malaysia they are still unable to win over our Malaysian people.

The excellent interior of Audi previous and current generation

Audi the premium car brand from the Volkswagen Group and the iconic 4 ring logo had launched their new Audi A4 B9 with 3 variants compared to the previous 2 variants only. EuroMobil the Audi distributor is determined to make Audi a household choice for the car lovers like the Mercedez Benz and BMW. With the high-quality top notch interior and elimination of the CVT gearbox in the current generation, Audi has all the capabilities to be popular in our country like in Europe.

If the distributor had resolved some of the shortcomings of owning an Audi in Malaysia, then Audi will be the next choice as Audi have all the capabilities to be the popular car in Malaysia. They are some Audi car lovers who had declined to own an Audi car after hearing their shortcoming in the news, in the Facebook group, from anyone who had owned an Audi before and many other sources. If the shortcoming is not being fixed, then it will be a disappointment as the Audi car is one the best luxury brand in the world. Let’s hope all the shortcoming can be resolved and maybe in the future Audi maybe the ultimate choice for the car lovers.

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