We’ve stumbled upon a new website called Wheelspine ( https://www.wheelspine.com ), and it seems that they have many things to offer.


The main selling point for this website is its Used Car Aggregator, where it aggregates or combines many used car results (in the hundreds of thousands).


So, for example, when a visitor finds any used car, the website would first show many results. You can play around with its filter on the left side to match your tastes, and for many, I think that the price factor is very important, as well as the year of make.


Moving on, you can first see some details of the car. Just enough information so that it shows you what you need to know about the car, but not the seller.


If you’ve finally seen something that you’re really interested in, and once you are interested into contacting the seller, clicking on ‘View More Details’ part would send you directly to the original website.


I guess the receiving websites would benefit from this as Wheelspine sends them visitors. Come to think of it, it’s more of a ’Google’ specifically tailored for used car search. If they do it properly, this may just go very big.


This is not the only feature that they have. Under their wing, they have many other features such as a car comparisons tools, which they claim to be the largest in the world. Thumbs up for this the website is built by Malaysians


Even if you’re looking for a new car, they also have a New Car Details page, in which you can also directly book a test drive through their website. Online test drive booking, although not new, still sounds cool in Malaysia.

To top it up, they have a Car Loan & Insurance Comparisons page, in-built with a smart calculator that tells you how much your car loan and insurance would cost for different banks. Best thing is that you can get the best rates and apply online. This is a really great tool. Let’s hope that the information stated here is accurate.


And it doesn’t end here. They are the 1st in the world that came up with a Ladies Car Recommendation Wizard. In short, a person would be able to find a car of their choice in just 3 steps. Simple and easy. They do have a more advanced version though, and not catering only to ladies.


Most interestingly, they also have a Discussion Forum that is built to encourage people to help to answer all automotive-related questions. How they do it? By offering reward points. In short, all members are given reward points whenever there are interactions within the website, like daily sign-in, sharing of news, inviting friends to join, replying to the forum, and much more. The points can then be exchanged for gifts. Sounds like a good idea to encourage member loyalty as most forums do not offer reward points.


Last but not least, they have a News & Reviews site that is all automotive related. From funnies to new car releases, they have it there. Looks like they are adding more content periodically.


If the guys at Wheelspine does this properly, they may just be game changers in the automotive industry. Anyhow, a big thumbs up to the people who created this awesome automotive platform for everyone Malaysian to benefit from.

Here’s a video to explain what Wheelspine is all about:

We hope that our findings brought you many benefits in fields related to automotive. If you find our information useful to you, please share this so that others may get to benefit from our findings.

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