The car interior, especially the dashboard, had seen many changes and improvements. They are designed to be simple, luxurious, and looks premium, especially in ultra-luxury cars. The interior design is created to corroborate with the car sold as ultra-luxury or luxury. The interior of these vehicles will be designed articulately to ensure that the driver and occupants feel the opulence and quality of the car envisioned by the designers. Every unprecedented innovation will be launched in the top end of the car manufacturers models. Honda had introduced the Honda LaneWatch first in their Honda Accord model before being fixed in every model. At the same time, BMW had introduced the Display Key in their latest BMW 7 Series, Mercedez Benz had introduced the SmartKey in S-Class, etc. Car manufacturers will launch the latest unprecedented technologies in their elite and high-end car models.

Since the unprecedented technologies will be introduced in the top-end model, it raised an imiganative question: What if a car engineer gets a fabulous inspiration and makes a car dashboard in the future, especially for drivers emulating the flight cockpit. There are buttons in the up, center, and left and right for the pilot and the co-pilot while the pilot has the complete controls, and in the car, it will be the drivers who have complete control with the front passenger some limited controls.

This imaginative situation occurs because some of the car technologies had inspired and borrowed from the aeroplane technologies. The wind brake on the aircraft was the source for the Buggati Veyron braking stopping powers. The Amsoil engine oil was created as the founder envisioned that jet engine oil could also be used for cars. Will it become a reality, and how do many automobile lovers react if a car engineer had emulated the aeroplane cockpit and successfully fixed it in the car?

If it had been successfully implemented, it would have deviated from the conventional way we operate the car. Even though it can look complicated in the first, the car manufacturer can make it simpler for car lovers while driving. They can add some unprecedented function in the button and sensor depending on the car variants. The variance that can be added is the safety, performance igniter, voice command, ambient factor, better air circulation, etc.

If the cockpit car-like becomes a reality, it can make everyday travel easier for car lovers or more complicated. Automobile lovers will need to spend a lot of time learning the function of each button or controller since it is deviating from the usual way of driving. Conversely, unlike in the aeroplane where they are more function and communication button, they will get less in the car hence not all the function will be suitable in the car.

The aeroplane like cockpit will also make the car more advanced, and it will make a giant leap of the technologies in the automobile industry. The exterior, interior and console correlate in creating a unique driving experience for car lovers. When this technology borrowed from the airline becomes a reality, the ECU of the car manufacturers also needs to be improved to handle more electronics functions. The car battery will need to be more powerful than the current one. Hence, the car spare parts can also be diversified, and the car lovers can get a better battery created in a new way that can make the past car battery obsolete.

Once the multitude of automobile lovers like the manual transmission, especially the thrill they can have while pressing hard on the car throttle and shifting the gear at some time. Some automobile lovers had an aversion to the manual transmission when they were stuck in massive traffic congestion. It will be a tiresome, repetitive process of shifting and moving the gear knob. When the aeroplane cockpit had become a reality in the car, the automobile lovers could have some thrill during the heyday of the manual transmission by clicking a button in the upper part for a performance like function depending on where the automobile manufacturers wanted their car performance like function fixed.

Inside the aeroplane cockpit, the design seems to be intricate. There are many buttons where each has its function, especially on communication with the air traffic controllers. Some communication controllers could be fixed in the car if the aeroplane cockpit had become a reality. For the pilot, the communication will be with the Air Traffic Controllers and in the case of an emergency with other pilots. In contrast, in the car, the communication controllers can be used to contact the relevant authorities or the car manufacturers’ contact centre. Currently, only BMW i-Driver has communication where the driver can communicate with their contact centre for any essential info.

The idea of writing these imaginative scenarios arises as once I had seen a Peugeot model advertised one of their car model designed like the aeroplane cockpit. However, there are some design flaws; hence, it does not become a revolutionary design, and entire car manufacturers have decided not to implement the invention. In the contemporary scenario where autonomous driving is touted to be the future of driving , car manfacturers may implement these types of designs to give more control to users that had been lost since the car can be driven on its own.

Maybe the idea seems ridiculous and not practical. Previously the concept of a fully electric car seems absurd, but now each car manufactures have a fully electric vehicle in the production and some countries like Sweden and Japan had envisioned a scenario where they wish to regulate fully electric car as the future cars. Hence, the aeroplane cockpit can seem absurd for now, but it can become realities in the future. Once it becomes realities, the car manufactures can add some unprecedented safety, performance trigger or any other function in the car.  

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