The accident is something that is common in our road no matter how we hate to see an accident. In the heavy rain, traffic jam due peak hours, any holidays, road condition and much more we will see an accident in our Malaysian road. Sometimes a traffic jam can occur when the accident happens on the opposite road due to the drivers seeing the accident while driving in a below normal speed. An accident can cause a loss of life, big expenditure for the car and reduce of NCD if we had made an insurance claim to cover the accident cost. The accident may be a talking point for us, a chance to regulate a new law for the road authorities and the government or a chance to rebuild the road and much more but how about if we had caught in an accident and what is the steps that need to be taken.

Caught in an accident can be a nightmare experience

For the new driver, caught in an accident can be a nightmare and a horrifying experience especially if the person is road bully or a person who is a situational difficult person or a simply difficult person who like to raise his voice and using intimidation to gain an advantage. No matter how the person is, in truth when an accident happens the are some steps to be taken.

The first thing when an accident had happened both drivers must stop in safe place and on the side of the road to ensure they do not affect the traffic flow on the road. But some will like to take talk in the middle of the road and at some time affecting the traffic flow of the road. This is not something that is recommended to do as this will affect the traffic flow and will give difficulties for the other drivers. It is better to stop on the side of the road or in a safe place.

The next steps when the car had been stopped on the side, the driver need to check on the damage to the cars. No matter how severe the damages and no matter how the crowd gathers, the driver need to be calm and talking patiently although it will not be easy if the person is a simply difficult person but being calm will give a better option than losing the control and making the thing worse. Any information can be exchanged and some solution can be provided for the driver to accept all the cost of repairing the car or bringing the car to the drivers known workshop to ensure a better price to repair the car. Even a settlement can be made on the spot if the drivers are rich and if the drives accepted his mistake and willing to take responsibility for the repairing cost. Simply if both sides have acknowledged their mistake then the issue can be easily resolved. Important when the drivers are using intimidation a calm approach is far better. Maybe for the women drivers, they can call to their trusted one to resolve the issue.

But what if the damaged is too big, then the insurance claim need to be made for this. If an insurance claim needs to made, then the first thing need to be done it to make a police report to the nearest police station of the accident spot. Let’s stay the accident had happened in Taman Melawati then the police report needs to be made in Taman Melawati Police Station as that will the nearest. Whether the insurance is to be made or not, it is better to make a police report and it is also must be done within 24 hours of the accident. Be prepared to pay RM300 if the police had found that you are the guilty person due to negligence. The police report is one of the crucial parts of the insurance claim. For more on how to claim the insurance, please proceed to the car insurance article in this blog.

police station.jpg
Make a police report in the nearest station within 24 hours. One of the crucial part for the insurance claim

Once the insurance claim had been approved, the drive doesn’t have another choice but to put his car in the insurance company panel workshop. Once the insurance had been made, be prepared to have the reduction in NCD and the worst part the NCD is not tied to the car but to the driver name. The insurance claim can be time-consuming and in this situation, an argument may be broken out with the driver and the insurance provider if they are some misunderstanding in the insurance policy or coverage. This will be more stress to the drivers.

Although all the process can be a hassle, time-consuming, and adding to our stress but it is the best possible way to encounter this situation. This also can make the drivers more careful in the future and make the driver become better drivers in the future and if the drivers had encountered this situation again he will be more than prepared to handle this issue as he had gained some experience from his or her previous encounter. Although they are some good side for the drivers as this will gave him more experience and making him better drivers but being in an accident is not a good experience although the experience gained can be a good thing for the driver.

In the end being caught in an accident is a troublesome experience but it is not an impossible thing to be dealt with. Some driver can found this as a horrifying experience if they had encountered with someone whom is notorious and using intimidation to their advantage. Being caught in an accident and the process to resolve this is a troublesome process. While the accident is something that can be watched by some and can be used as a talking point but when he or she had been caught in an accident it can be troublesome experience and learning how to encounter can make the drivers calm and know how to encounter this issue if it had happened.


  1. What if there is only minor damage for my car during a car accident, should I make a police report as well or we can make a deal among both drivers without the need to make a police report?

    • It is not necessary to make a police report if the damage is minor. But making a police report can safeguard to be charged under neglience .

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