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Volvo, a Swedish car brand that synonymous with safety as that is the main philosophy ” any vehicle that is driven by the human must be safe “. With rigid body added with more interior and exterior safety, Volvo should be outgunned BMW and Mercedez-Benz in term of sales but unfortunately, the sales of Volvo is still lagging behind both of this car ( in term of comparison with the Continental Car). We will look at what pros and cons of owning a Volvo car in Malaysia.

We will look like at the 5 of the pros


From the 3 point seat belt and to the current pedestrian detection with brake system Volvo had been the pioneer in the safety for the car. With this, the driver and the individual outside of the car will be protected hence although it may not have zero fatalities but it can prevent and protect the user when in case they had encountered any unwanted incident such as front accident, side accident, hit a pedestrian, etc.

Longevity and Reliable.

If they are one that can’t be denied with the Volvo cars is the reliability and the longevity of the car wherein our country we still can see many old Volvo cars still running strong and this shows that car can be run for a lifetime.


The design of the Volvo is an evolution from the box-like exterior from the current futuristic design. The interior of the Volvo car is also simple with the adequate button in the car. With the current Volvo where they had merged with the China company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd, the design of the Volvo is far better and more attractive.

Cheaper than the German Car.

The price of the highest range of S90 is still below RM500,000 without including the road tax and insurance and with the more comfort and bigger space, it is still considerably cheaper than the high marquee German Car.

Longer Service Mileage.

The Volvo had the longest service mileage and the car need to be serviced in each 20,000km make the user spend less time in the service center if compared to some other brands that need to be serviced each 5,000km or 10,000km.

Now we will look at the 5 of the cons of owning a Volvo.

1.Less Prestigious than Higher German Marque

For someone who has higher expenditure abilities, the preferred choice will always higher German marque such as BMW 5 series, Mercedez Benz E class, and above. The Volvo even though it has a better safety interior and exterior if compared with these higher German cars unfortunately, in Malaysia, the Volvo does not bring prestige, and style like German cars.

Higher Maintenance and Spare Parts

The Volvo even though it has a longer service mileage the price that needs to be paid for the service is expensive where a major service may cost RM3,000 and above and with the difficulty of getting the Volvo spare parts (the genuine) it will be a high expenditure for the owner.

Less Service Center

Added with the higher maintenance they are only 2 service centers in Klang Valley one in Federal Highway and Jalan Kuching both handled by Federal Auto and Star Marque respectively the service center is less in Klang Valley. This can make the owner having difficulty in making a service appointment and longer waiting hours as due to the increase of car because of less service center factor. The problem can be complicated if the owner has a car warranty and do not want the warranty to be void.

Low Resale Value

Volvo for all the safety purpose have a low resale value it may due to popularity, higher maintenance, and a variety of reason. The owner must be prepared to use the car in the longer term and if the owner is someone who likes to change the car quite often then he or she may need to accept the 45% depreciation of the car value when the car was sold

Perception of Malaysian.

Even Volvo had shaded his image of the box type and uncle car but still, some of us have this perception for this car. Volvo does not have a magnet-like effect unlike Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedez Benz, and Audi and this differs when compared in Europe and the US where the Volvo had a good reputation.

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