We would be jovial, cheerful, buoyant with a glowing feel of self-satisfaction once we had owned a car, particularly if we had owned our dream cars like BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedez Benz, Honda, Toyota, etc. The multitude of vehicle owners usually do not feel satisfied with OEM performance and handling, and they would like to improve their car handling and performance to their preference. However, they need to wait until the vehicle warranty period ends before they can make any modifications. This reason is due to the condition written in the warranties, which says “any modification to the vehicle will void the warranties.” However, some automobile lovers modified the vehicle to their preference during the warranty period in the form of plug-and-play components.

One of the favored components is the racing bar. Currently, the number 1 most sought-after racing bar in our country is the Ultra Racing Bar. The racing bar is a strut bar designed to absorb and mitigate the impact to the vehicle chassis and simultaneously, with some stages during the installation, provides solid handling.  This bar is one of the most liked aftermarket components that multitude of automobile lovers in their car. They are usually four stages of strut bar that will enhance the vehicle’s stability and performance. These methods are considered the cheapest and very well-liked.

Another method to increase the stability and performance of the vehicle is to install the UHP tire, which is the acronym for Ultra-High-Performance Tire. There are no additional modifications for the strut bar as the strut bar will be installed in the engine, below, and in the back. However, when fitting the car with the UHP tire, sometimes a change is needed as the automobile lovers must change the sports rim to fit the UHP tire. UHP tire will usually be for the rim size 16 and above; hence, switching the sports rim is necessary. Fitting the car with a UHP tire will provide excellent handling and stopping power. The thread of a UHP tire is designed to handle extreme cornering. UHP traction is rated as AA, giving superiority to the stopping power, especially during the rainy season.  

Installing a sports spring is also another method that is popular among many automobile lovers. Sports spring brand such as Eibach, Tein , Kayaba, Zerone, etc. The famous brand is  Eibach and Tein. Automobile lovers like to install the sport’s spring in their car as it will give the car an edge when it comes to handling, especially during cornering. The sports spring will provide a low center of gravities to the vehicle by a small margin, improving vehicle handling capabilities. However, some sports spring brands do not lower the car but still enhance the comfort and performance of the vehicle. Due to the vehicle height being reduced by a small margin, some automobile lovers dislike installing the sport’s spring in their car.

Those automobiles lovers who disliked the sport’s spring they are another way to improve the vehicle’s stability and handling. The method is by installing the performance absorber or adjustable absorbers. Performance absorbers such as Kayaba New SR can improve vehicle handling and comfort as it is a high-quality absorber built with such precision and high-quality absorbing material. Similarly, brands like Bilstein and Monroe also have a non-adjustable performance absorber, improving the vehicle cornering abilities and comfort level.

They are also adjustable absorbers. The adjustable absorber is one of the most expensive but popular choices among various automobile lovers. The reason for these with the adjustable absorber, the automobile lovers, can change their driving style, which is hard for performance and soft for comfort and middle to get the best of both. Tein Endura Pro Plus is an adjustable absorber that lets automobile lovers change their driving style based on their liking.

They are also another type of adjustable absorber that is known as fully adjustable among automobile lovers is the absorber that is also capable of changing the vehicle’s height. This type of absorber will be in a Coilover form, and these are the most expensive absorber due to their capabilities. These absorbers also have damping control devices that let the automobile lover control the height and ride style while driving the vehicle. The fully adjustable absorber had been popular among the multitude of car lovers regardless of the price.

The strut bars, performance absorber, adjustable absorber, sports spring, and UHP tire combination can improve vehicle performance. Installing a performance air filter had been proven to improve the horsepower of the vehicle. The edge that performance air filters provide compared to the conventional air filter is that the performance air filters offer better airflow in the engine. Unlike the traditional air filter, it is not clogged easily and does not require frequent replacement.  Simple cleaning is sufficient for the performance air filter. Since the performance air filter is not clogged easily, the engine will get more air, increasing the vehicle’s horsepower. The performance air filter provides superior air filtering than conventional air filters.

The multitude of automobiles installed the combination of performance air filter, adjustable absorber, UHP tire, sports spring, and the strut bars while some only prefer some of the components aforementioned. Most of these components are the aftermarket which the one that will evade the void of the warranties is the UHP tire. However, they may affect the warranties if the sports rim and OEM tire size had been changed. The warranties are one of the reasons why some automobile lovers do not want to alter their vehicle components and will wait until the warranties period end before they start to make the performance improving modification for their vehicles.


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