Whenever we are driving to any service center, authorized workshop, or any trusted mechanic, first and foremost, the essential change will be made is replacing the engine oil together with the oil filter. Replacing the engine oil based on vehicle manufacturer recommendations on 10,000km or 15,000km is a significant reason for car scheduled maintenance. The engine oil is the predominant reason for making the car engine run smoothly simultaneously to hinder any sludge build-up. The engine oil also will act as lubrication friction to fight against the metal-to-metal internal friction in the car engine. Nevertheless, engine oil, too, had its variant similar to car variants. Generally, they are 4 types of engine oil variants.

The first is the basic engine oil. More often than not, this engine oil will be the cheapest engine oil among any brand. They are like entry-level engine oil. The prime function hinders sludge build-up and provides the car engine’s basic protection. The basic will usually be mineral oil and semi-synthetic, but the predominantly mineral oil will be the most available for engine oil that falls in the basic ranges. This entry-level engine oil will be the most sought engine oil by some car enthusiasts due to its price. Castrol GTX Ultraclean, Havoline Formula SAE, Petronas Mach 5, etc., will be the entry-level engine oil for the aforementioned engine oil makers.

The next engine oil variant is the middle-range engine oil. These engines are also similar to basic engine oil that provide basic protection and prevent sludge from accumulating in the engine. Generally, engine oil that falls under these categories will have an extra additive to protect the engine and provide a smoother ride. The mineral engine oil will not be available in these ranges. The semi-synthetic and the fully synthetic engine would be extensively available. The price for these engines will be moderately higher than the basic engine oil. The engine oil that falls in these categories is Castrol Magnatec, Liqui Molly Special Tec, etc.

They are premium engine oil after the basic engine oil and mid-range engine oil. The traditionally available engine oil in this range will be the engine oil company’s signature product. The premium engine’s price will be on the higher side, and typically the thinner viscosity like 0W20, 0W30, OW40, and OW16 will be extensively available. There is no room for semi-synthetic as fully synthetic that will be commonly available. The premium engine oil is the highest quality engine oil to provide the ideal driving experience for car lovers. The premium engine oil generally has the best additive to reduce engine friction. These additives will give a smooth ride, reduce fuel consumption, reduce engine vibration, and furthermore. The engine oil in these categories is Castrol Edge, Liqui Moly, Liqui Moly Molygen, Total Quartz, etc.

After premium engine oil, they are the advanced premium engine oil. The engine oil shares some additives like the premium engine oil that will reduce the metal to metal friction in the engine. Even though they have some additives, what makes them premium is the mileage that they can sustain before the replacement. The engine oil under these ranges will commonly be advertised as the 20,000km engine oil. It will be printed in the engine oil package itself. Nonetheless, these engine oil will not be extensively available like the premium engine oil due to the price as the premium engine oil will be on the highest side. Furthermore, they will have an additional cost of replacing the basic oil filter with the high-priced oil filter, which can be commensurate with the premium advanced engine oil capabilities. The engine oil that falls in the categories is Castrol Edge Advanced, Mobil 1 Advanced, Amsoil Signature Series, Liqui Moly Top Tec, etc.

Form these 4 engine oil; ideally, the one that provides the best driving experience is the premium engine oil, as it has the strongest additive to reduce the metal to metal friction. Even though the advanced premium engine oil provides longer mileage than all combined, not many workshop mechanics will recommend a longer mileage and advise the car lovers to follow the vehicle manufacture interval. The basic will be the least expensive for the price scale on all 4 engine variants, while the advanced premium will be the most costly. On the scale of which engine oil provides the best driving experience, undoubtedly, it will be the premium and advanced premium engine oil as it had the strongest additive among all 4.

As mentioned before, replacing engine oil is vital to ensure that the car engine does not have any performance mishaps or decrease engine life. Each engine oil provides essential protection for the cars in preventing sludge and keeping the engine lubricated. Like the car models with their variants, the engine oil also had its variants. The car variants may differ based on the equipment, safety, comfort, and sound. Engine oil had its own variant based on the type of oil, viscosity, and additive.

Regardless of the engine oil variants, it serves its function to ensure the engine oil is lubricated while on the run. A non-lubricated engine or engine oil that has never been replaced as the recommended mileage will provide a bad experience for car lovers. The engine noise will be louder, the car performance will be diminished, the smoothness reduced, and the vibration will be stronger. It is vital to ensure the engine is consistently lubricated. Even the basic engine oil can provide the best protection; however, it may lack the best driving experience like the premium engine oil. Some car lovers prefer the premium and advanced premium engine as it provides the best driving experience and will not hesitate to pay the high cost involved in pouring these engine variants into their car. Car lovers can choose the best engine oil for them based on their driving style, range, frequency of car usage, etc. For those who do not use the car frequently or drive on the shorter range, the basic and middle range will suffice, while the car lovers who utilize regularly and often go on longer-range the premium and the advanced premium will be the best choice.

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