A small fence separates densely populated Tijuana, Mexico, right, from the United States in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector. Construction is underway to extend a secondary fence over the top of this hill and eventually to the Pacific Ocean.

With the car’s extensive use, many automobiles lovers can visit other countries for working purposes, visiting family members, inter border studies, etc. While automobile lovers have their reason to visit other countries, the first thing they will encounter is the border crossing security on each side which encompasses border security police and immigration. The border security authorities can be vigorous and vigilant hence making traversing the border of each country laborious. The automobile travellers must wait for several hours to complete the border security check before travelling inbound and outbound, respectively. Our countrymen working in Singapore need to endure some tedious border checking before entering Singapore.

However, one of the land borders that had become the subject of extensive campaigning by ex-President Donald Trump is the US-Mexico border. Why did Donald Trump make building a wall across the border one of his major promises during his campaign? The US-Mexico border is not the largest globally; that goes to the Canada-USA border; however, it is the most frequently crossed border globally.

They are 48 border crossing across the border, including the 330 ports of entry. The border security checking is also abundant, including the pedestrian walkway, roads, ferries, railroad, etc. They are multiple ways for either countryman to enter the respected countries via these borders. These various ways and extensive entries created illegal and undocumented immigrants from Mexico to the United States. Due to these, the Border Patrol had been established; however, their effort to stop illegal immigrants had been unsuccessful as by 2014 they were many undocumented immigrants in the United States. With these many entry points to the United States, it is an arduous task for the Border Patrol.

Another issue that bothers both authorities on each side of the border is the frequent gory violence. These violent perpetrators are the drug cartels in Mexico who want to hold and sustain border control to ensure their drug cartel rules supreme. They will not hesitate to resort to violence to ensure that their competitor has been eliminated. The drug cartel-like Tijuana Cartel, Los Zetas, Sinaloa Cartel, Gulf Cartel, and Betran Levya Cartel had committed gruesome violence to ensure that their cartel had supreme control.

Apart from the illegal immigrant, the border security also had the duty to prevent contraband drugs from entering the US markers. However, this is a strenuous effort as the drug cartel had been an expert in smuggling the drug. They had created some ingenious way to smuggle the drugs via car tires, dashboard, hiding in the raw fish, etc. They also have the infamous “Plata or Plamo,” which means silver or lead, simply forcing the border security to accept corruption or perished. They are the notorious way the drug cartel contraband the drug like the Sinaloa  Cartel under the leadership of “El Chapo” Guzman had constructed a tunnel from Mexico to the United States. The notorious Lord of The Skies Carillo Armando Fuentes is known for smuggling the drug via passenger aeroplane, leading him to the earlier nickname.

If they are contraband drugs from the US to Mexico, they are also smuggling weapons from the United States to Mexico. The drug cartel had smuggled these weapons to be equipped with the latest and advanced weapons available. This weapon contraband had given another problem for the border patrol as they are not equipped with advanced weapons like the drug cartel, making their task even harder.

Due to the illegal immigrant and some civilian’s demise caught in the crossfire between the drug cartel turf battle, they are humanitarian assistance across the border. Humanitarian aid Non-Governmental organizations (NGO) like the No More Death, Humane Borders, and Samaritans had been instrumental in providing the water supply to reduce the immigrants’ death across the Arizona Deserts. They also ensure that each immigrant will be given fundamental human rights, water and food assistance, and quick medical treatment to prevent human rights abuses from the relevant authorities.

Apart from the illegal immigrant and frequent drug cartel-related violence, they are also transborder students who want to get the best American education. These students live in Mexico but travel to the United States to get the best education. They believe the education system in the United States is better organized and can provide them with a better education. Even though they are transborder students, they can also have an illegal entry. The student needs to provide necessary official documentation like the bill, education letter, etc.  Apart from the transborder student, they are also veterinary inspection to prevent any contagious disease across the border from the animals.

Due to the complicated and labour issue, Donald Trump proposed building the wall and stopping granting asylum for illegal immigrants during his presidential tenure. This proposal had created much aversion among his civilians and rejection from his congress. Donald Trump also had warned the Mexican authorities to stop illegal drug smuggling to the United States. If Mexico had failed to adhere, the United States government would increase the automobile tariffs before Trump warned that he would permanently close the US-Mexico border.

The unhappening of the proposed wall, added with his handling of the Covid 19 virus pandemic, had led Trump to be replaced by Joe Biden in the latest US Presidential election. The border wall had been one reason for the rise of Donald Trump as a President, while the same border walls also had been the downfall of his presidential position.

The US – Mexico border is one of the most complicated and requires strenuous effort from both authorities to prevent illegal and contraband drugs. They also need to avoid contagious diseases spreading through the border, preventing a baleful effect on both sides. The multiple entry points to each country had made border security looks like a near-impossible task. Another challenging task is the possible violence on the border, and the border patrol is not equipped with advanced weapons like the drug cartels. Although the effort of the border patrol authorities is not perfect, it can be applauded as they had to ensure the most frequently crossed border in the world is guarded against any possible harmful things that can affect the relationship of both countries.




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