Daimler-Benz, a company that had its headquarter in Stuttgart Germany that was founded in 1926 nearly 91 years by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler had now become a global name in the automobiles industries. With a location in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa and much more they are one of the well-known and reputable brands in the world. Yes, they are the global manufacturer of the German finest luxury car maker Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular German cars in our country in Malaysia alongside with the BMW. Some will prefer Mercedez Benz and some will prefer BMW but however, the popularity for both of this car in our country can’t be denied as both have their own loyal follower.

We all knew that Volvo had been dubbed as the pioneer in safety, however, the Mercedes-Benz is also the pioneer in the car safety as they laid the foundation for the current Vehicle Stability Control system when they had patented their traction control system in 1987, the also had introduced to the world the smart key where now it’s one of the standard features in the modern day car, had introduced the world first seven-speed transmission called “7G – Tronics” in 2003, also pioneered the Pre-Cash safety system and had implemented the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), brake assist and many more. Due to their effort in making an innovation in safety for the car they had been awarded the 2007 What Car? Safety Award.

In their rank, they had several models like the sedan C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, their SUV GLA, GLC, GLE, their hatchback A-Class and B-Class, their sports line package AMG, V and R class for their MPV, and finally G-Class for their trucks. They had made many innovations in term of safety and comfort and at some time, the Mercedes-Benz interior is one of the kind in the automobile industries that had been recognized as “The Car” for the car lovers around the world.

We start with the latest E-class 2017 model as Mercedes-Benz had made a breakthrough design in the cockpit dashboard. When all the car manufacturer had made a digital display just in the driver seats only, Mercedes Benz had created a world first wide 12.5 dual screen display with 64 colors in this model. It is dual digital screen attached to the driver seat and stretched to the middle, giving the driver a clear view with the larger display in his driver side and also in the center. The design is a masterpiece in the cockpit display and maybe sooner or later all the car manufacturer will have this.

The dual screen wide dashboard in the latest E-Class 2017 model

In our modern day car steering wheel, they are several buttons that had the function to control speed, volume, answer and reject phone call in Bluetooth mode, cruise control activation, and much more. All this button needs to be adjusted and activated via a click. But Mercedez had gone a step ahead and again become an innovator where they had become the world first car manufacturer to install a touch sensitive button on the steering wheel. With a swipe to the left and right and a touch the car lovers can select the desirable action needed and maybe this is the future control of the multifunction steering wheel and  Mercedes-Benz had become a pioneer in this if this happen.

The touch control multifunction steering wheel

In the standard sedan, they are 4 air conditioner ventilator as a standard for all the car regardless of the prices.  And for the car that had dual zone or more climate control air conditioner system, they are an extra 2 air conditioner ventilator in the back passenger seat either at the side or in the center. Again Mercedes-Benz had a unique design that unlike another car, they are the only sedan car manufacturer in the world that has 5 or 6 air conditioner ventilator in the front and driver seat depending on the car range. Two at the side and 3 or 4 in the middle. A unique design of the air conditioner ventilator that will ensure that each passenger will get an adequate air flow in their car.

c class.jpg
3 air conditioner ventilator in the C-Class. The E and S class can have 4 air conditioner ventilator in the middle.

Mercedes-Benz had become the world first car manufacturer to have the 7-speed transmission and it is an achievement as there are sharing some similarity with another car manufacturer from Japan Honda Motors. Both of them are making their in-house transmission, unlike other car brands. The BMW had the ZF transmission made by ZF, Volkswagen Group DSG transmission by Borg Warner, and Toyota Motors by Aisin.

Most of the car have the gear knob in the center but Mercedes non-AMG line car like the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class had some gear design that is unique only to their car. The gear knob or gear level is installed alongside the drivers signal indicator. This will free the center console and this will enable them to install their own infotainment system called as COMMAND without any limitation as they are more space for them due to this gear design. It is again a unique design that only available in the Mercedes-Benz non-AMG line only.

The gear level in the Mercedez installed alongside the driver signal indicator

One complaint about the BMW, it had almost some interior from the 1 Series to the range topping iDrive series. Mercedes does not have this issue as each interior for their car range is different. Their C-Class design is quite simple, E-Class is executive level design and the S-Class is an ultra-premium type of design. Their engineer and car designer will ensure that each of this car has their well-reputed luxury matched perfectly to the car range.

Mercedes Benz interior is truly unique and different from other cars and this is one of the reasons on why there are one of the best selling cars in Malaysia. Their elegance exterior and added with a quality premium unique interior design, the in-house made transmission, the unique installation of the gear, innovation in the comfort and finally in the safety making them truly of the best German luxury car that had enormous popularity among the car lovers not only in our country and around the world. Mercedez-Benz has truly had the uniqueness in the term of interior among the all the cars.

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