After the car warranties have ended, multitudinous car lovers will love to service their beloved car outside the authorized service center. Although, some car lovers will still prefer to service in the authorized service center. Many independent car workshops are available in every corner of Malaysia, from under the tree car workshop to the trusted car workshop, nearby workshops, and more. They are some workshops that had been chosen as the authorized dealers for certain engine oil brands. Their names will be shown as the authorized dealers on the engine oil company websites. Among these independent workshops, they are some who had established and become the most popular car workshop among car lovers. Established car workshops like KakiMotor, Lim Tyre, Servitekar, Michelin Workshop, and workshops that had been listed as the authorized Castrol Workshop.

Among these established workshops, Tyreplus is also one of the popular independent workshops. They have a unique niche among car lovers. Tyreplus is the authorized Michelin tire dealer. As a result of these dealerships, they were the first to receive the brand new Michelin tire in our country before Michelin even advertised on their website. Some of the famous Michelin tires like Michelin Pilot Sport 3, Pilot Sport 4, Primacy 3, and Primacy 4 had been sold in their shop before they were even advertised on the Michelin websites. Another unique niche is they are also one of the authorized dealers for engine oil brands like Liqui Moly, Total, and Caltex. They are also one of the workshops that had expertise in every part of the cars from the alignment and balancing, services, air cond services, wear and tear, and more.  

These famous and established workshops in our country had created another massive storm in the Malaysian automotive industry. It is well known that Michelin and Caltex under Chevron Motors had been in partnership since 2019. Both juggernauts had shared some expertise on both sides. Caltex had been selling their engine oil under the brand Havoline in the Caltex petrol outlet, in the Havoline Workshop, and the authorized dealers. The Havoline engine oil has some good positive feedback from the car lovers who had used them before.

Now Michelin and Caltex had joined hands in making the Chevron Oronite. The Oronite had produced some good results in dissolving the engine deposits, preventing corrosion, oxidation control, and reducing the performance-robbing internal wear and tear. As a result, the Oronite engine oil received its first dexos1 Gen 3 from General Motors. It had been proven to produce some amazing results for the car that had been poured with this engine oil.

Since Tyreplus had been the official Michelin tire supplier and the official Caltex engine oil distributor, they will become the first in Malaysia to receive this engine oil. These engine oil will be packed under the Tyreplus logo. The engine oil is also uniquely built for the Malaysian weather and vehicles. This is another distinctive feature of Tyreplus as, after Dtox, they are the only independent workshop that has an engine oil-packed under their logo. Since the engine oil results from the two respected brands in the automotive industry, it will create a massive demand from car lovers once it has hit the Tyreplus shelves worldwide starting these months. Overall, Tyreplus had 70 outlets across Malaysia.

Since it was in the early stages, three viscosity engine oil will be available. One of them will be under the semi-synthetic with the viscosity of the 10w-40, and the balance two will be sold under the fully synthetic with the viscosity of the 5w-30 and 5w-40. It is expected that once it has become one of the most sought engine oil brands, more viscosity will be available on the shelves. Another expectation is that these engine oil brands will only be sold in the Tyreplus outlet; hence, it will be another Tyreplus unique selling point. Like Michelin tires, Tyreplus had created another edge for them among the independent workshop in Malaysia.

The reviews will come, and since the engine oil comes from the results of the two respected brands, it is expected to produce some good feedback among car lovers. The Tyreplus engine oil will have hefty competition from the established engine oil brand like Castrol, Liqui Moly, Total, Ravenol, Petronas, etc. It would be a big success if car lovers made the Tyreplus engine oil one of the most sought engine oil brands. For now, it can be said that Tyreplus engine oil can be considered the new kid on the block among the engine oil, and only time and feedback from car lovers can determine their success.


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