Video games had evolved from just a passing time to multi-billion industries. The video game graphics, too, had transformed from just 2d to 3d, emphasizing pure realism. Even the accessories for the games too had become a good business as many passionate gamers will love to buy the accessories related to their preferred games. In a simple term, the video game will be expected to grow in terms of profit, expansion of gamers, and online competition related to the video game.

The video games had penetrated our life as it has seen the increase of the video game competition like Tekken 7, the realism of the game had been improved, some of the game themes had been iconic like the super Mario Brothers theme, the increasing reviewer play on the social media, online game downloads, console without any cd in the form ps5 and many others.

They are some games where it is homogenous in terms of the games play, but each had their unique style with the added creativity from the video game makers. For example, street fighter and Tekken are arcade game. Still, their unique styles, where Tekken is a 3d platform, emphasize many buttons combination, where Street Fighter is a 2d which emphasizes the joystick movement, which less button combination.

When it comes to video games related to the car and automobile like the arcade they are many game variants. The car games too also a long history, and it is also a popular high game with many loyal followers for specific title car games. We will look at the type of car games that is available in the console and also smartphone

The car racing

Gran Tourismo, F1 Challenge, Sega Saturn and many more are car games based on the real-life track and real-life car. Gran tourism is certainly one step ahead of making the real-life car in the games system. The Gran Tourismo video game is undoubtedly one of the unique video games that pride itself and become loved among gamers due to realism. However, the creation of the real-life race track required a full license from the authorities involved. In these case, the license for the Formula 1 real-life racing and car had been acquired by Sony from 2003 to 2006 until Codemaster acquired it from 2006 onwards.

Kart Racing.

Instead of using the real-world race track, kart racing has its unique track which many designed hurdles, power up, bosses fight, and increased level of difficulty. The design of the kart also is the pure imagination of the developers, and each character has their kart design. The gamer can also purchase additional kart by using the power-up and coin available during the game. The Super Mario Kart, released in 1992, is the pioneer of the Kart racing game genre. Following these, the Crash Bandicoot Kart racing game too have gained some enormous popularity among gamers. When Activision had decided to release the remastered version of Crash Racing Nitro-Fueled, it had become a tremendous success for them as the game had elicited nostalgia for the 90’s gamers.

Police chasing game

We saw they are car game based on real-life car, track and imaginative kart racing game. How about playing a game where you need to control the police patrol car? Well, they are the game under this variant is all about. The cat and mouse and neverending police and criminal chase were made in the game, which is quite popular too. The game that falls under these is Grand Theft Auto, Police Chase, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and many more. The gamer can choose to play as the police or as the thief too.


Before the arrival of the home console in the late ’90s, the most played card game is in the arcade. The player needs to purchase a token and insert a coin to play. The arcade machine is based on real-life with steering, brake, clutch, and transmission are built-in. With the popularity of the home console, they are some game who loves to play the arcade game in the amusement park and the indoor theme park. The game that is famous in the arcade is the Sega Daytona, Crazy Taxi and many more.

Smartphone and Tablet

After the home console and the arcade, the proportionate high usage of the smartphone app saw creating the car video game for the smartphone and tablet. The highly sophisticated and powerful smartphone and tablet processor for each coming model had been the catalyst for mobile gaming on both Android and IOS. As a result, most of the car game is available on both platforms. Games famous for smartphone car racing are Forza Street: Tap To Race.

With the evolution and revolution in home console, smartphone and tablet, the car racing game had become much more realistic and with more stages to play. Even though some game price can be higher than the previous generation of gamers, it is due to developer taking advantages of powerful graphic that contemporary gaming devices can support. Some of the gaming content can be downloaded with the tap of a button from the internet or in the console itself. They are much guidance on the specific games on social media and Youtube. Not only the gaming devices had been powerful now, but the support for the gamers within the particular game titles had been high in proportion. Both the device and the support for the game had been congruous in making the car racing game one of the popular choice among gaming lovers in the current generation.

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