We had seen they are many sound system providers for the car, the transmission manufacturer, the drivetrain, and the tire manufacturer for the car that workers together to make our drive with our car an enjoyable ride that makes feel it’s worth the price that we paid for the brand. Among all of this, the tire can be said as the most underrated of all but that is most important pieces as the tire is the one that makes the contact with the road in every condition. For the countries that have 4 seasons, they are basically 3 types of where they are summer, winter, and all season tires but here in Asia Pacific, they are only 1 type of tire as we only hot and rainy day.

Even for our countries that had only hot and rainy season, they are a different type of tire thread that is crucial in the contact with the road and each has their own pros and cons. Each thread had their own characteristic that depends on the car performance and comfort factor too.

The first thread is called as the Asymmetrical thread. This type of thread mostly found in the sports car and this type thread also can be called as hybrid as it combined all the variety of thread pattern to provide the maximum grip in the wet and dry and for some tire pattern it can provide an excellent grip in the wet but not in the dry. In this thread too, the inside and middle part will be for the wet while the outside usually will have a larger thread. If the inside and middle thread to provide the maximum grips, the outside thread is to provide an excellent cornering ability. The advantages of this type of tire thread that it provides an excellent grip and giving the best cornering ability to get the feel that the tire is sticking to the road but on the downside of this type thread is it more expensive and the wear rate of this tire is faster and at some time it only available for higher rim sizes like 17 and above. An example of the tire that had this type thread is Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric Series, Michelin Pilot Sports series, and Continental Sports Contact series.

The Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 5 an example of this type of tire thread

They are also another thread that is called as Directional and Asymmetrical type. It combined the best of the directional thread and the asymmetrical thread. It usually has the V – Shaped pattern for the directional thread that can provide a great hydroplaning and the asymmetrical thread that can provide an excellent transaction in the dry situation. The advantage of this combined thread is it provide an excellent grip in wet and have the capability to give a great performance for the user. But on the downside, it is pricier and wear faster and does not have a great NVH for the tire. Both asymmetrical and the combination is for the tire that can be said as the performance tire and also the ultra-high-performance tires. An example of this type of tires is Yokohama S.Drive, Dunlop DIREZZA DZ102, and Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5.

Yokohama S. Drive 

The next is just the Directional tire thread. This type of tire basically has a V-Shaped pattern with larger spaces or grooves. The grip improves hydroplaning even at the high speed as this type of thread had this kind of characteristic. Like the previous 2 thread, this thread also is usually for the tire that had been defined as performance and ultra-high-performance tire. The advantages of this tire are due to the V-shaped design it will provide a great water resistance in any speed but it has a shorter life span and at some time it is not a silent as the noise level from the tire can be high compared to the other 2 thread. The example of this type of tire thread is Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5 and Silverstone Evol8 Compo Trac.

goodyear eagle f1 directional 5.jpg
Goodyear F1 Directional 5 

The last type of tire thread is the thread called as Symmetrical. This type of tire usually has continuous grooves across the whole tire. This type of tire is basically found in the non-high performance car and this type of thread is usually available in a tire that had labeled as comfort tire. This type of thread had an advantage of being quiet and long lasting. This type of tire also had advantages where it can be rotated in many different and this will help to prolong the tire life. The pros of this type tire thread are it had a quite good long lifespan and it can provide a quiet ride and at some time it cheaper compare to other 3 tires but the cons of this type tire it can provide great grip in wet and dry but not as good as the previous 3 thread. An example of this thread is ContiComfortContact series, Michelin Primacy ST, Michelin XM series and much more.

Michelin Primacy ST 

Simply like the transmission where they are a different type of transmission depends on the car characteristic and it also the some with the tire thread. The thread of tire is the one that makes the contact with the road and in this car the thread played a crucial part in providing an excellent cornering, great grip on the wet and dry, longer lifespan and for the quiet ride. If tire thread had been below the recommended level, then the tire need to be changed in soonest as possible as it can dangerous to drivers with low thread level.

With the continuous innovation and strive to excellence, the tire manufacturer had provided us with a various thread and the end results is to ensure our safety while driving the car at any speed, situation and in any weather. The tire manufacturer will also continue to strive the innovation for their tire and maybe with autonomous driving and the electrical car they will no surprise if they are a new type of tire thread or maybe a tire without a thread for the car as can be seen in the airplane tire where they are no thread in the future.


  1. A great article with well explanation for different type of tire thread! Now i am clear with the characteristic of different tire thread! Thanks for sharing~

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