When a new car model had been launched, our car lovers will be excited especially if the car model is the most popular and most liked car brand for our car lovers like the Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedez Benz, Mazda, and to the lesser extent Volvo and Audi. Although Audi is one of the famous brands in the European countries but in our countries when comes to the continental car the BMW and Mercedez Benz is the choice. Similarly, when comes to Japanese car Honda and Toyota occupied the top spot for the popular choices followed by the ever-increasing popular Mazda car brand. Volvo although is not the ultimate choice but they are some loyal followers among the car lovers for these Swedish car brand too.

When a new car model launched, they are another thing that will excite our car lovers and that is the review of the car model. The automotive website in our country like Paultan.org, autofreaks.com, autobuzz.com, Roda Pusing, Bobby Ang will review the car and most of the car lovers will like to hear their negative and positive feedback regards to the car model. Like the car body where they are a sedan, MPV, SUV, hatchback, all-wheel drive, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, pickup truck, they are also many types of the car reviews and today we will look at the type of the car review.

Before the start of the Youtube, the most anticipated car review will be the article type. The articles writing in the magazine, newspaper automotive column, and the automotive website are considered the traditional type of the car review. The reviewer based on the article will have some reputation is his review was on the spot, does not degrade the car, and highlighting the positive and negative aspect without exaggerating. The traditional article writing car review is still available for some car lovers to know about the full aspect of the car.

Once the YouTube had received an enormous popularity and become one of the platforms for the car review, they are many types of the car review that had been uploaded to the YouTube since then. In our country, they are one car review episode that is popular and its come from Paultan called as Driven. It is a comparison of the car model review. In each episode, 3 different type of the car model will be reviewed and the best will be chosen according to the expert. On the review, each aspect of the car will be highlighted including the small and important details like the headroom, rear legroom, the interior ergonomics, and the NVH.

Another type of reviews that had been made famous by the Youtuber Saabkyle04 is the car start-up review. When Saabkyle04 had introduced the start-up car review, it had become an inspiration for other car lovers and many had come up with these types of review. The review will start with the highlight of the exterior, starting up the car, the interior, features of the interior and finally the rear features of the cars. One part that is missing in these type reviews is the test drive review but in his recently uploaded startup review video, Saabkyle04 had added the test drive too.

While Saabkyle04 had introduced the start-up type of review, another type of car review that can be found in the social media is the short walkaround video that also does not have the test drive review of the car. This type of review does not have the start-up highlight and in this type of review, the expert will highlight the car interior, exterior, boot space, lighting design, body design, and the interior design of the car. The safety features of the car too will be highlighted in these types of review.

Another type of review is the long review of the car. This is a most complete review for the car model as this will have a test drive also. The car performance, transmission abilities, NVH, interior ergonomic, exterior, fuel consumption, cornering abilities and many others will be highlighted in these types of reviews. The review can be longer than 10 minutes, but the full details of the car will be highlighted in these types of the review. While long review as per they name will be longer they are also the short review where most of the car features will be highlighted but however, the video will be shorter than 15 minutes. The short and long review will have the test drive of the car.

The car review is one of the aspects that will become a factor although it is not the major factor for the car lovers to purchase the car model. A positive review can be a major point for the car lovers to purchase especially if the review comes from the credible sources but however the negative review although can be an obstacle for the car lovers to purchase his preferred car, if the car lovers is focus and determined to purchase his car, then the negative review of the car will be a little effect for the car lovers.

The car reviews no matter in any type will be watched and read by the car lovers to justify the purchase of the car model or to know more about the car details. The reviews may justify, criticized, provide justification for some limitation of the car model, making some negative comment about the car but in the end, the car reviews can be a factor but the ultimate factor is the car lovers choice to purchase the car. Any positive reviews will be justification to purchase and any negative feedback will be ignored by the car lovers if they had decided to purchase their favorites cars. In the opposite effect, similar like the movie review where a negative review can give an increase of popularity to the film the negative car review too can give a similar type of response from the car lovers especially if they had heard and read about a negative review for their favorite car brand. So, a positive and negative review may have an impact or less impact to the car lovers in order to purchase the car.

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