The brakes are one of the most important components for the car and the brake importance had also been expanded to other vehicles. Each vehicle had a braking system according to the vehicle capabilities. Like the tire which is the only part that makes contact with the road, the brake components in each vehicle is the one that is essential to stop the cars while driving on the highway or in the city. Failure of these brake components can give a great nightmare for the car user as it will diminish the car’s ability to stop on time. One of the important brake components is the brake rotor or we also can call it the brake disc. What is the function of the brake rotors? The brake rotors are the thing that the brake pad will make contact clamping down to stop the car. Since this is the function, the brake rotors are the crucial parts of the braking components along with brake pads, calipers, and fluids.

If they are any scratches or any uneven surfaces on the brake rotors which can occur due to brake pad wear down, the one solution is the car user can skim the brake rotors however the brake rotors can only be skimmed once and if they are any performance degradation of the brake rotor even after skimming and due to various factors then the brake rotors need to be replaced. The best parts of the brake rotors, the car user had many choices on choosing the brake rotors that he prefers to fit in his car and here are some of them and their pros and cons. Although they are many types of brake rotors, primarily they are 4 types of brake rotors in the automobiles industries.

These brake rotors can be OEM by the car manufacturers and the car user can also purchase an aftermarket brake rotor. Some of the reputable brake makers are Brembo, Project U, AP Racing, Sumitomo, TRW and many more. Each brake rotors design had advantages and disadvantages and today we look each type brake rotors and highlighting the pros and cons for each of them

Plain Brake Rotors

This the most common brake rotor in most cars. Why this is the most popular choices? The cost to replace these brake rotors is not on the higher side and it is durable. Even if they any uneven or scratches on these types of rotors it can be skimmed once before replaced if they are any performance degradation after skimming. The pros of these brake rotors as mentioned it is cheaper and durable and the cons of these type of brake rotors are during the wet time the performance of rotors may not be good in term of stopping powers as the water does not escape from the brake rotors due to the plain surface.

Drilled Brake Rotors.

Unlike the plain rotors which have plain surfaces as per its name, the drilled brakes rotors had drilled slot along his surfaces. Some car especially the high-performance one will have these drilled brake rotors like the BMW M sports car and some car user loves to fix the aftermarket drilled slot in their car replacing the OEM rotors which are usually plain one. What are the pros of the drilled brake rotors? The drilled surfaces provide a faster heat, gas and water escape from rotors hence making it stronger in terms of stopping powers in any condition especially wet. The cons of these types of brake rotors are that it is prone to the rotors cracks although the latest brake rotors are built from tough material using the latest technologies hence chance of it cracking is less.

Slotted Brake Rotors

 If a drilled brake rotor has a drilled slot along his surfaces, in slotted brake rotors they are a slot along with the brake rotors which looks like a line in the brake rotors. What are the advantages of the slotted brake rotors? The slotted rotors improve the braking performance by reducing the friction between the brake pads and in the long run, it can slow the gas or simply known as gaze from the overheated brake pads. The cons of these types of brake rotors it is not durable in the long run and can wear down the brake pad quicker and in some brands, they can be noisy when stopping from high speed.

Slotted Drilled Brake Rotors

They are also another brake rotors where it is a combination of both slotted and drilled. As per the name, they are slotted and drilled slots along his surfaces. It combines both pros from slotted and drilled where it been able to enable gas, water, and the heat to escapes improves the braking performance by reducing the friction between brake pad. The cons brake pad is the brake rotors are not durable and may not functioning well in the long run.

Since they are many brake rotors in the market the car user had many choices to choose on which is the best brake rotors that will fit their car. When comes to the prices of the brake rotors, the plain brake rotors will be the cheapest and the drilled and slotted combination brake rotors can be on the higher side. If the brake rotors are from the famous brake makers like Brembo, Project U, AP Racing and other hence the price can be on the higher side even for the plain brake rotors. However, it is a better choice to fix the brake rotors from the reputable brand instead of buying a second hand and lower quality brake rotors. The cheapest brake rotors that any car user can fix are from TRW.

When comes to replacing the brake rotors, some user will still prefer the plain one as it is durable and can work well in a long run and some car user will prefer the drilled slot as provides a great gas, heat, and water escape hence improving the braking performance. The car users will need to choose the best brake rotors depending on their driving style and driving frequencies.

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