In the car accessories, the automotive section in the shopping mall, petrol station outlet and some grocery, they are section for an air freshener for the car will be displayed. Automobile lovers can choose which type of air freshener based on their preference and ability to produce the fragrance. The excellent air fresheners provide a pleasant smell in the car as it is the only available part that can give fragrance. Some air fresheners prices are on the lower side while some are on the higher side. Many air fresheners types are available for the car, and we will look at them today.

Diffuser Air Fresheners

For these air fresheners, the brand Ambi Bur and Glade sports are the popular choices among automobile lovers. These air fresheners are also called A/C vent air fresheners, as automobile lovers attach them to the A/C vent. They release their fragrance into the car’s atmosphere. The fragrance is usually stored in refill pads and is made of essential oils. Diffusers are 100% natural and don’t contain any artificial ingredients. Once the fragrance had waned, the automobile can purchase a refill pad.

Plug-in Air Fresheners.

Plug-in air fresheners require you to plug them into the vehicle’s power outlet, unlike diffuser air fresheners, which must be clipped in the air-cond vent. Once you do, the air freshener slowly releases the fragrance stored within. Like diffusers, plug-in air fresheners contain fragrances made of natural oils and contain no artificial ingredients. They are an excellent choice for people who are very conscious about the environment. 

Cardboard Air Fresheners

They are also the most affordable among all the air fresheners. It does not need to be attached to the air-cond vent or plug in the car as it comes in various shapes and designs and can be hung in the car’s rear mirror. They are imbibed with scents and fragrances that are gradually released as air moves over them.

Sticky Air Fresheners

Sticky air fresheners are usually stored in plastic cans and usually have a regulatory cover. Automobile lovers can adjust the fragrance accordingly to their preferences. The sticky air fresheners are also one of the popular choices among automobile lovers. It produces the scents and fragrance in a gel hence get the come as sticky air fresheners.

Spray Air Fresheners

Even though spray air fresheners are very common, most people use them in the home, instead of the car. Because the house has a constant atmosphere, the sprayed fragrance can stay in the air for a long time without diffusing. However, the wind is constantly blowing with the car, and the air is moving in and out of the car. Thus, spray air fresheners may not be ideal for cars. However, they can still keep the car’s air nice and fresh.

Can Type Air Fresheners.

Similar to sticky gel, it also uses fragrant gel inside an open metal or plastic container. The top part of the can have adjustable holes that you can set according to how much scent you want inside your car.

The choice of air freshener for a car is enormous from the famous brand like Ambi Pur, Glade, and many other. Ambi Pur sells the diffuser type , sticky gel, while Glade has the cardboard type air freshner added with some air fresher that Ambi Pur sold. Although the spray air freshner types cannot be sticked or hanged in the car, it is also a popular choice among automobile lovers.

Afromentionedly, the spray type can produce an excellent scent in the car but is most commonly used in the house, especially in the room as the scent can’t stand long in the car due to wind while moving. Each air freshener had its pros and cons.

The diffuser air conditioner is a popular choice as it is easily fixed in the air-cond ventilator. It is the some that the can type and sticky type air freshener too also popular among automobile lovers. Some automobile lovers prefer cardboard as it can be hanged in the rear mirror of the vehicles. However, in the whole experience of having car freshener, they are some pros and cons too.

Some air fresheners can produce scents that will make the user uncomfortable and allergies such as headaches and feeling uneasy when smelling the scent, especially if the scent chemical is not made from 100% per cent natural items. The air freshener also needs to be replaced continuously as no air freshener, and even the one claimed that it is long-lasting able to stand for more than 30 days. Some air freshener scents can wane less than 30 days, especially the sticky type where the gel will be hardened after the scent has waned.

Some automobiles lovers will prefer the air purifier to the air freshener as it can eliminate the foul odour in a longer time than the air freshener; however, the price of the air purifier is on the higher side compared to the air freshener. The air freshener does not eliminate the foul odour but only acts as a cover in the vehicle.

Each air freshener type has its pros and cons and its set of loyal users. Although some automobile lovers prefer the air purifier as it can provide long-lasting fragrance and eliminate the foul odours inside the car. It also hinders the bad odour that comes from the outside environment while driving the car. Some service centres do provide the air purifier in the vehicle, albeit with some changes. Although the air freshner had its pros and cons, it is still an item available proportionaly in every outlet with a special section for automobiles. The automobile lovers will have their preference on which is the best air freshener for them.

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