After last week where most of our road and highway was half empty due to many of our Muslim friends went to their hometown or what we called as “balik kampong” to celebrate the Raya with their loved ones the normal life on the Kuala Lumpur had resumed as the traffic had back to normal. When the traffic back to normal we again have to encounter the traffic jam again as many of our Muslim friends is back from their hometown to continue their daily works. Today we will see the type of traffic jam that will be encountered ranking from the least bad to the worst. Nobody like to stuck in the traffic jam as it will prolong our journey, higher fuel consumption during traffic time, and late arrival in the location. With our stress in the work place added with traffic jam it will increase the stress to us. But what is the worst traffic jam that we will encounter in our daily life on Malaysian road. Let see on the type of traffic jam in our road.

Number 10 – Excessive Parking Jam.

When evening school session finished around 6pm that coincidental with the peak hours as many of the working friends will leave their work place. This type of jam will start when the school bus and the car parked on the shoulder of the road and at the sometime covering the lane of the road. Not only for the school session, it is also for the Ramadan Bazaar and for Thaipusam in Batu Caves this type of traffic jam will happen. When the car and bus parked in one lane want to move out hence the car on another lane will need to give way to this driver and this will create the massive traffic jam.

Number 9 – Peak Hour Jam

This traffic jam usually will be encountered in the morning 630am to 830am and also in evening from 530am to 800am. To avoid this jam many of working friends will need to wake up early to avoid being late to work. Let say someone is staying in Selayang Baru and working Cyberjaya and his or her working days start at 900am. On the best time, the drivers need to leave Selayang at 700am to reach Cyberjaya on time for work where on a normal day the drive from Selayang Baru to Cyberjaya will only be 40 minutes and the drivers can leave their home at 800am to reach his or her workplace.

Number 8 – Road Block Traffic Jam

When the police or the Road Transportation Agency (JPJ) decided to make a road block to summon the offender or simply to make any checking due to high alerts or security reason they will close all the lane and make it one lane. Hence this will create a traffic jam where most of the car need to turn from the closed lane to open lane one by one.

Number 7- Jam in Toll Booth.

With the increase of the car in the peak hours, many will like to use the highway to reach faster to the destination and to use the highway we need to pay a service charge that called as toll. With the increase of the car, the toll booth will be congested due to this and this will also create a traffic jam. The situation will be worst if they driver forget to reload his Touch N Go and they is insufficient amount to pay the toll. The safest way is to always use the toll booth that have the reload service for the Touch N Go.

Number 6 – Friday Traffic Jam on Evening

For some of the drivers whom working in government office on Friday they will leave the office earlier at 400pm or 430pm. And some of them who working on 5 days per week will like to go to enjoy themselves or some will prefer to go to their hometown to see their loved one after a week of work. Because of this the traffic jam in Friday will be one of the worst compared to the other days. Even for some whom are leaving the work at 800pm the jam never stops as compared to the normal days where around this time the traffic jam will be reduced. Many of us hate the Friday jam that includes me.

Number 5 –  Bottleneck Traffic Jam

Have someone staying in Ampang or working in Ampang as the traffic jam near the Flamengo Hotel will explain this situation. As the car is coming from the Ampang Point, Jalan Ampang, Ampang Ukay and MRR2 to Gombak will create congestion point that near the Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway(AKLEH) exit. All the car need to go through the short road that lead to AKLEH toll road entrance and AKLEH toll road exit. Due to this it will create a massive traffic jam near the place and only after the driver had passed the AKLEH exit road the traffic will be back to normal. Ampang road is just an example as they are many roads in Malaysia where the bottleneck situation is created due to the road design and this will another cause for the jam.

Number 4 – Balik Kampung Jam.

When our Muslim friend wants to celebrate Raya in their hometown usually what we called as “Balik Kampong”  this will create a massive jam as the car will be excessive in the toll booth and also on our major highways. Let say for someone who wish to travel to Kelantan it can take up to 8 hours due to this where in the normal time it may take up to 5 to 6 hours.

Number 3 –  Accident Jam.

This traffic jam will happen in the lane that the accident that occurs. But on another side of the road that goes in the opposite direction, the traffic jam still can happen. The reason many of the drivers will like to slow down to check on the accident. And worst some maybe will like to see the number of the car or motorcycle to try their luck in the numbers and with the smartphone, some will like to take the picture and upload in the social media. Although taking the picture and uploading in social media can be a good thing as this will be like an information for another driver to avoid the road.

Number 2 – Flood Jam.

The flooding in our road can create a very prolong traffic jam. Let say for someone who traveling from Selayang Bharu to Kuala Lumpur using Jalan Kuching the journey can take up to 2 hours instead or 20 minutes on the normal road. The flooding traffic jam is one of the most hated by the drivers as it can prolong our journey to a longer time compared to the normal traffic jam.

Number 1- Peak Hours, Rain and Accident Combination

A great recipe for the ultimate traffic jam that can be encountered in our country. When in peak hours, a heavy rain and an accident happens at the sometime this traffic jam is the worst that we can encounter as this will prolong our journey to an absolute maximum. The journey to a destination can take up to hours instead of a minute if this type of traffic jam even for a short distance.

Did I miss any other type of traffic jam? Please give me your feedback and comment in the Facebook comment button below.

Enjoy the article readers and have a great weekend ahead. Thanks for your supports as always.

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