The Oxford Dictionary had described parking meaning as an act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied for a certain period time or days. In a simple term and in real life, it means is a task of stopping the car and leaving it unoccupied so that we can go out for our daily routines such as going to work, hospital, shopping mall, having food, watching a movie and much more. In our Kuala Lumpur city, the parking is also can be considered as one of the monthly or daily expenditure for us, especially with our ever-increasing car parking price. Long gone the day when we can park our car for RM1 per entry where now the least expensive parking can cost a minimum of RM6 per entry.

Although parking is costly and some will ensure the car is secure by fixing the steering lock or installed any costly alarm such as Cobra or the car manufacturer immobilizer, it is all for our convenience to make our daily routine easier. But in some instance because of the “I never care about other only myself “attitude of some driver it can lead to inconvenience for us especially if we had encountered this type of irresponsible parking from the drivers or when we have some emergency that needs to be sought out in quickest way as possible.

Parking that covered 2 lot instead of 1 

Most of the car park have allocated one slot per car in each of the car parking areas but they are some drivers that will park the car in between of these 2 slots to cover his beautiful car and at some time blocking the other car parking slot. This will lead to the driver who is finding a car parking slot, especially in a shopping mall to needlessly find another slot where he or she can easily park in that slot if they driver had parked his car in a proper manner.

The disabled car parking slot 

In every parking especially in a shopping mall, the car parking owners will provide at least 2 or 3 parking slot for the disable driver or passenger that usually nearest to the entrance of the shopping mall. This is to ensure the convenience of the disable person so that he or she can have the smoothest entrance to the mall or leaving from the mall. But the not disable drivers will park in this slot and it will cost the inconvenience for the disabled person whom really needed this slot. In the end, the disable person will need to bear the agony of inconvenience due to this not disable drivers parking in a disabled slot. Quite disappointing attitude from some of our drivers.

double parking.jpg
An example of double parking 

They are another type of parking where the driver will double park the car causing a massive jam in that area and in the worst possible scenario they are no drivers in that car. This can cause a massive traffic conjunction in that area where if the drivers had parked in a proper manner and do not leave their car unoccupied, this problem can be solved but unfortunately, this happen in our country frequently and many of us have encountered this situation.

An example of car blocking type parking

They are some who want to be true to his “Never Care Attitude “nature will park in a manner that will block another car. The worst possible thing that can happen if the drivers of the blocked car honked the horn and the drivers is nowhere to be seen or drivers will come and remove the car without showing any courtesy to blocked driver. In some instance this can happen in the housing area where the drivers had parked in this manner and thing can be worst if the drivers in an emergency situation.

The retaliation of the agitated passenger whom had encountered this type of drivers can be worst as some will swear, making a verbal argument, caught in fist fight or using the 21st century method of caught the drivers via the smartphone camera and uploaded it in the social media such as FaceBook and Twitter and the drivers will become a centre of some unpleasant words typed by our netizens.

The are some Facebook page had been dedicated especially for these types of drivers like Stupid Parking Idiots, Parking like an A**Hole, You Park & Drive Like a Noob – Malaysia, and much more. In this Facebook page, we can see the drivers of the “I never care “attitude making their car and their selves famous for the wrath of netizens comments. And in our country 2 months ago, they are one lorry drivers who had hit and run all the car that had made the double parking that causes a massive block on the road. His reason for this is to give a painful lesson for this type of drivers.

The parking although is for our convenience but due to some of the drivers, it can be a nightmare and an inconvenience for us. Honestly speaking, me and I believe most of us have encountered this type of car drivers and it can lead to our temperature rise to peak level due to their expertise in this type of parking. We can proceed to make a complaint to the relevant authorities with regards to these drivers or using the 21st-century method of snapping the picture and uploading in social media or sharing through WhatsApp.

In the end of the day when we encounter this type of drivers, it will create a massive inconvenience for us and in some case, we may wonder if the drivers had been to properly taught on the courtesy part and caring for others. Fortunately not most of us will like to have the “I never care “attitude tor else finding a parking can be the worst nightmare scenario for us. But due to some drivers, most of us will have a tough time to accept the situation and in the end, we will swear the drivers, caught in a verbal argument or using the 21st centuries method snapping and uploading in the social media.

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