The car had been evolved in the term of design, safety, interior, and exterior looks since it had been founded to make it more spacious, performance oriented, more stylish and more expensive. Even the car major parts like the engines, transmission, the air conditioner and the infotainment of the car had evolved so that our modern day demand can be met as the car had become the most important source of transportation for most of us. Since the car had been designed for comfort and performance oriented the car doors to have been evolved with many innovations for the door from the car manufacturer.

But for first who had invented the car doors? The answer is no record as who invented the car door although they must be a founder for the car door. In the early days when the road safety was not invented the car door was not a deemed as an important design in the car making. But with the introduction of the front hinged door with the retractable window that was invented in 1907 by Detroit Electric, it had changed the motoring experience for the drivers that does not need to cover the car with a dust mask, stone proof glasses or changes of clothes often due to this.

Since the 1907 Detroit Electric invention, the car doors had come in several designs that had its pros and cons. Today we will look at each of the car door design and its pros and cons.

The first one is the Conventional Car Door design. This car door is in the most of the cars today ranging from the Proton and the expensive luxury car such as BMW 7 Series. The doors had been innovated from the steel that will make for the door heavier for the safety purpose such as the door in the Ford and Volvo and a soft touch where the door will be locked on its own even the drivers does forget to shut down the door properly or when the drivers unintentionally  slam the door hard. This type of car door makes the driver and passenger exit or enter the car by swinging the door outward from the body of the car. The advantage of these doors is easier for the drivers or passenger to see the incoming car hence reducing the door hazard. The disadvantages of it maybe the drivers and passenger have a difficult to enter or exit from the car when parked in a tight space.

conventioan acar door.jpg
Conventional Car Doors

The next car door that is common in the 20th centuries and in the current Rolls Royce is the Suicide Doors. Why the door called as suicide doors? The reason is due to its design nature as it can seriously injure anyone that is exiting or entering the car when the door hit by a vehicle passing by. Even though the door hazard had been reduced with many of the safety design incorporated in this type of car doors but the door is not commonly used, unlike the conventional doors. The advantage of this type of door is entering or exiting the car is easier as the drivers or passenger just need to step in or step out only. The disadvantages are when the car is stopped near the road, the car passing from behind can hit and slam the door into the passenger justifying the door nickname as suicide doors.

rolls royce.jpg
Rolls Royce Suicide Doors

They are also car doors called as Shaven Doors were on this type of door it does not have the handles outside of the car. The doors can be designed by the car manufacturer or it can also be modified by the drivers as this type of door increase the security of the car as it does not have the handles hence it will be difficult for the car thieves that use the car handle design loopholes to stole the car. The door can be opened with a remote or button only. The advantage of this type of doors it as per mentioned before it increases the security of the car and the disadvantage of it is that the if the remote control or button had malfunctioned then the user is unable to enter inside the car.

sahving doors.jpg
Shaven Doors

The next 3 car doors are usually can be found in the sports cars. We will start with the door called as Scissor Doors. Compare to the conventional door and suicide where the door needs to be opened outward and inward this type opened vertically in an upward motion. Since Lamborghini is the first production car to feature this type of door from the earliest model until their latest Aventador this type of door is also called as Lambo Door. The advantage of this type of door is unlike the conventional and suicide door it reduced the door hazard due to design and the disadvantage of the door it may costly to fix the car door if it had been hinged or malfunction compares to the conventional one.

Scissor Door or Lambo Doors

The next door on the list is the Butterfly Doors or another name is the Swan Doors. The design is similar to Lambo Doors but instead of going upwards this type of door will move up and out via hinge in the A-Pillar. The current BMW i8 had this type of door design. The advantage of this type of door is it will give the car a more stylish looking and attractive but the disadvantage of it in a tight space the driver will be in a discomfort situation to close the door when he had entered the car due to the design of the doors.

BMW i8 Butterfly Doors

The next type of door is the door called as Gull Wing Doors where the nature of the design is some like the Lambo Doors and Swan Doors but instead moving upwards or moving outward this type of doors will be hinged to the roof of the car when it was opened. The Mercedez Benz SLS AMG and Tesla Model X have these types of door design where for the Tesla Model X is only for the rear passenger only. The advantage of this design is it gave the car an airplane wing-like shape when the door is opened and disadvantage is it will be inconvenient to park the car in a tight space.

gull wing cars
Gull Wing Doors

The car doors like all the part had been innovated depending on the car characteristic. In the future, they may be light ultra-weight car door to reduce further the weight of the car or any other futuristic door design. Whatever the design of it since the door had been invented, it had been the catalyst for the side air bag invention, comfort for the driver and passenger, and also ensure privacy for the driver and passenger. No matter how is the design made for the car the door will still be the important aspect for the cars.

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