The Japanese soldier famously cycling in Malaysia from North to South to attack the British in Singapore

We like to travel from one place to another place and with the invention of the airplane by Wright brother now we can travel from one country to another country in flight where it was thought to be impossible for a human to fly in the past. It maybe the human nature to travel from one place to another whether for work, commercial, or even conquering one country. With the invention of the car, train, bus, lorry, motorcycle and much more we can travel easily with just a pump of petrol or someone who using Tesla Motor or plug-in hybrid just a recharge of the car electrical motors.

Plug-in Hybrid and also the electric car share the similarity as both need to be charged

With the human continuous invention to find a new way to travel, expected the unexpected in the future for the travel. But in the past to travel from one place to another is a different story altogether. Naturally, in the past most of them like to use walking and walking consume some energy, we came with a different method of traveling. In that day there is no hydraulic engine or any DSG transmission like today and which method they had used to travel.

We used an animal to help us on to travel. Before the dog become what we like called as the men best friends, in the past the horse is the man’s best friends. We used the horse to travel as the horse have the capabilities to run fast when it needed. Famous conqueror in the past had used a horse to travel for conquering another country like Alexander the Great, Napoleon the Great and the Asian notorious conqueror Genghis Khan, all of them had used the horse to travel with the intent to conquer another country. Maybe without the horse, life will be difficult for them if they had walked the way through to conquering another country.

The horse had been the popular method of travel in the past and it is the first men best friend before the dog.

Where the horse is common in the western country as a form or travel, the Asian whom have a diverse in a culture unlike the western country used a different method to travel. In India, they had used the Indian origin cow called as the gyr cattle to make a cattle car out of it to travel in the rural Indian village and still in the rural village they are using this method of travel. This cattle vehicle can be seen in the many Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood movies that depict the rural Indian village. Asian like the western also like to travel with the horse but the Indian had made used another animal to travel especially in the battlefield. They had used the elephant called as war elephant on the battlefield. Alexander the Great had been said to be impressed by Indian use of the elephant in the battlefield when he tried to conquered India.  The war elephant also had been depicted in the Mahabharata on the earth-shattering battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas.

Gyr Cattle in India had been used as a cattle vehicle

In the land the cattle, horse, and elephant can be trained for the human assistance but how about if the human wants to travel in the sea. The human had been always being fascinated by the sea and wish to know what lie ahead of it. Unfortunately, the animal in the sea can’t is trained for travel like the animal in the land so the human come with a different solution and it is called as the ship. The first travel method on the sea or river was found by the Ancient Egyptian in 3000 BC that is called hull or raft. From then on, the ship had been developed and innovated to become one of the most important travels in past. The ship is the present airplane in the past. Like the war elephant, the ship also had been depicted in the religious holy book like the Bible, Torah, and Quran that had mentioned about Ark of Noah. With this ship, some of the important historical events too had happened when Christopher Columbus had found the America, Portuguese had become the first conqueror in the Asian countries when Afonso de Albuquerque had become the first European to reach Asian and then rest of the Europe had come to Asian to conqueror it. The travel on the ship also led to the opening of the Panama Canal and Suez Canal as many of the traveler want to find a shorter route to reach the destination via the sea.

The ancient ship

With ships had been used for the sea travel, in 1817 another innovation for the travel in the land had been introduced as the first two wheeler vehicle that is called as Dandy Horse and was invented by Baron Karl Von Drais and this had become the base for the modern era 2 wheeler that we famously called as a bicycle. The bicycle had become so popular and even in China and Holland, the bicycle had become one of the best ways to travel as it is cheaper to maintain compare to our petrol hungry modern car. The bicycle is the vehicle that was famously used by the Japanese to travel from the north Perlis until the south Johor in Malaysia to sneak attack the British in Singapore giving then a heavy blow and destroy their reputation among the Malaysian whom once though the British are invincible and undefeatable. This had given some inspiration for the Malaysian nationalist to gain the country independence on 31st August 1957.

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In the early 20th century, the first passenger plane was introduced to the world in 1914 when the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line traveled to a short distance from St Petersburg and Tampa. Since then Mcdonald Douglas (defunct), Boeing and Airbus had become one of the greatest names in the commercial air travel.

We had seen how in the past we had used animals in the land and also on the battlefield, the introduction of the ship via a hull or raft by the Ancient Egyptian, the creation of bicycle and the airplane had changed the course of the history significantly in the past and in the present. I had used the example of the war and battlefield as in the past the war had been one of a crucial part in the survival of the human in making name and history for their self. Also, the invention of the ship had become the base for the Western Imperialism in the Asian country, the bicycle had become one the easiest and healthiest way to travel and the use of an animal for land travel.

The human natures like the travels and with the use of animal, ship, bicycle, airplane and the current gasoline engine and diesel engine, we will continue to strive for more innovation for the travel and find a better way for the travel in the future compared to the present. Tesla Motors had paved the way for fully electrical motors whom may become the future car and maybe many more new innovation. In the travel expect the unexpected.

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