Before, man’s fascination with the skies led them to emulate the bird to fly like them; however, many had been unsuccessful in emulating the bird to fly. However, in the late 19th century, the Wright Brothers had debunked the theories that man can fly due to their physical nature and invented a plane that emulates bird physics. Finally, man can control a machine that can fly. However, in the years before, man has another fascination, and during this time, his passion is with the sea.

Unlike the skies, where it is proven that man can’t fly, the sea had provided a factory of great imagination for man. The man had built a machine that can float in the ocean and also the ability to swim across the sea using physical nature. The sea fascination had turned to feverish obsession on finding what was beneath the sea and across it. The sea had created great travellers, great conquerors, some mystical creatures, some unexplained phenomenon, and many more.

They need to find a new land that led men to travel by sea courageously as they are travelling to unknown places, mainly during the night when only the start in skies will be their guide as only total darkness awaits them. During those days, the traveller by sea also needs to endure the strong ocean turbulence or the enormous power of sea wind welcomes that tested them, and some traveller perished or survived.

Their fervour passion on the traveller to find a new land had made them find a new ground or a new way to cut short the time to travel. Witnessing other civilization advancement and their invaluable treasure, the traveller of the sea had become the conquerer which led to western imperialism across the world during those days. The Spanish Armada had conquered the Maya civilization, and the Malacca Sultanese falls to the Portuguese; they fall on the Indian continent to the Portuguese, Dutch and finally the most successful imperialism power in the Asia continent, the British.

Again the traveller of the sea had modified their ship to become a Warfield ship equipped with a powerful canon. The Warfield ship had become an essential item in the conquerer to show their power. They had conquered some of the valuable lands to become imperialism nearly a century in countries by this power. It is similar to what man had done to plane an instrument that helped man fly had been morphed to vehicle to carry a weapon and launch a devastating weapon.

The sea had been the source of life for man, whether a traveller or conquerer, to survive. The conqueror of the land will bring their rampaged item to their home country. Because of the total rampaging of natural land resources, the country that fallen to western imperialism had become helpless, and the imperialism had become powerful due to this loot.

The man needs to cut short time via sea had led them to create a shortcut by altering the geographic nature of the country. The Suez Canal had been constructed to cut short the time to travel from Europe to Asia. Similarly, the Panama Canal has also been built due to these reasons. Both canals become a crucial and profitable route in the contemporary era that can earn nearly a billion per day.  

Once they need to travel and conquered by sea had perished, the travel by sea had become a status symbol; however, the sea trade is intact as the emergence of the harbour, which had been profitable for the respected countries, is still intact. However, instead of plundering and looting, the sea trade had become a source of economics.

The travel ship had been transformed into a boat that has a sheer amount of luxury and convenience. Sea travel had now become a source of tourism and sightseeing instead of finding new land. The Titanic ship had been built based on these reasons; however, the ship life had ended in a tragedy after it had the iceberg on its maiden trip. The loss of life from these incidents had been a lesson for building every safety aspect impeccably. The Titanic incident had become so famous that many films had been made. Many documentaries had been filmed too, and the ship’s final days had been the source of conspiracies for the conspiracies lovers.

The travel by sea had started with a fascination with the ocean, and curiosity had inspired man to build a machine to find new land. Once, the sea traveller had seen the new land. After witnessing natural resources and other civilization advancements, the interest had tapped in conquering needs, which had led to imperialism in the past. Now the need to find a new land had vanished, and the need to destroy too had perished as now the travel by sea is only for tourism and commercial sea trade. However, they are still some warship in the modern as they need to protect the country.

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