For those who do not fall under the Millennial Generation, the way we start the car had seen a big change. Long gone where we need to pick up the key and make the traditional twist motion to start the car using the traditional key as in the modern-day, the way to start is pressing a button without taking the key out of pocket. This is the new generation of keyless entry and start. Some cars will offer variant of the keyless start but not keyless entry but most of the modern-day car is using the keyless entry and start. The tradition of starting the car via the twisting motion had been defunct all together although some car users who had the older car still using this method. Let us see the comparison between these two styles.

It is simple and convenient

The traditional way of starting the car will need the car user to take the key and making the twist motion. In the keyless car system, the user can enter, start, and coming out from the car without having to take out their car key. It gives a great simplicity for the car user to start the car. This way of starting also gave the car user to start their car faster as they do not need to fumble around to find the key to enter the car. Although in a simple term, both styles of starting the car need a key in a traditional key the user can’t start the car without taking out the key from their bag or pocket.



In the traditional key, the key will act as alarm activation and deactivation, opening the car boot, and starting the engine. The function is limited. In a keyless entry and start however, the car manufacturer can add more function to the car like BMW Display where the car user can maneuver the car by using the key itself. In the Ford Smart key system, the user can also increase the volume of the car radios using the keyless system. This is one of the reasons why the keyless entry also called Smart Key. In the future, more functions can be added to the smart key.


When comes to size, the traditional key is much smaller however in the keyless entry since they can add more function in it, the key fob size is getting bigger. When coming to size, the keyless entry tends to be on the bigger side than the traditional one.

Placing of Key.

They are one problem with the keyless entry. The car user can easily forget their key if they had placed in the car as they can start and stop the car without taking the key while in the traditional key the user will have less a chance to forget the key in the car as they need the car key to start and stop the engine. They are many cases where the car user had forgotten their smart key while this maybe not a big issue with the traditional key.


The traditional key although have had some boring and similar looks with an alarm function and a key. In the keyless entry since they are not key, the design of the key fob can futuristic and innovative. Many car manufacturers had designed in such a way to distinguish their car key form the other car manufacture. When comes to the design of the smart key, the car manufacturer can be more innovative if compared to the traditional key.

Car Theft.

With a traditional key, the car can be stolen but the car thief needs to use some traditional tools such as screwdrivers and others to steal the car. In a simple term, he needs to take a longer time to steal the car. In a smart key, however, the car can use a laptop or some code breaker devices to steal the car meaning he can steal the car in a quicker time if compared to the traditional key.

It seems that the smart key although providing a great simplicity, design flexibility, and more functionality but when comes to size, key placing, and car theft the traditional key is better. The traditional key like mentioned is still used by some car users who driving an old car and for those who drive the current modern-day car, they are using the smart key system.

When the statistic and online video had been revealed that the smart key can be easily stolen via a key code breaker device it had been a great shock for everyone associated with the automobile. What makes matters worst is that the devices can be obtained from an online store easily. This makes the car manufacturer make a better crypto lock to make it harder or impossible for the car thief to steal their car. Fortunately, the car that had been manufactured in the past 2 or 3 years had been able to be theft-proof with a stronger crypto lock.

The traditional key is not used anymore in any of the modern-day however when it comes pure nostalgic factor, the traditional key is the way that most of the generation than born before millennium starts their car. The traditional way of twisting the ignition the start and stop the engine is one of the underrated iconic images in the car. For now, the traditional key had not seen in any of the modern-day however sooner the smart key also can have some fate if the car manufacturer had found a better way to start their car. Some car manufacturers currently using the smartphone app to start the car. If this had been successful, then the car in the future will be using the smartphone app to start the car.

Although they are some aftermarket alarm company like Viper had this type of start but it is not widely used by all the car. If one of the car manufacturers had successfully implemented this style of starting the car then sooner most of the car will need to be started this way and the keyless start and entry will be defunct too.

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