When Toyota Malaysia had launched the Toyota C-HR last year, it marks the launch of another crossover SUV that can rival Honda HR-V. The Honda HR-V when it was launched had become so popular among the car lovers that it had become one of the main car model sold by Honda Malaysia after Honda City, Accord, and CR-V. But when the Toyota CH-R was launched, the price had become a talking point as it was priced for RM145,500 where it was RM25,000 more than the Honda HR-V highest variant the V spec. In these articles, we like to look at whether the Toyota C-HR is overpriced or the prices are justified.

Honda HR-V is the king of the crossover SUV in our country

The price will be compared solely with the Honda HR-V as it is the most popular crossover SUV in our country for now. When compared to the exterior and interior of CH-R, CH-R exterior is far better looking as it looks like a different design where the Honda HR-V looked like a normal Honda car exterior but when comes to interior the Honda HR-V wins handsomely as for the interior in Honda it has had a better rear legroom than CH-R where they is a feeling of cramped in this car. Quite an unacceptable design for an SUV as the comfort is a priority in this type of car.

When coming to the variant sold, the HR-V had 3 variant where the lowest will be S, followed by E and finally V the highest variant meanwhile the CH-R does not have any variant and were sold only on one variant.It is similar to the Volkswagen Passat B7 where they are only one variant if compared to Passat B8 where they are 3 variant sold. In one variant, the price had set to RM145,500 where it was RM25,500 more than the Honda HR-V highest specification.

The Passat B7 was sold on one variant only

But CH-R shines on one department, the specification where it had a far superior specification than the Honda HR-V highest variant. In the CH-R specification, it had the auto wiper, auto start and stop, navigation, front parking sensor, and finally, the blind spot information system where these features are lacking in the Honda HR-V. Toyota motors also offering DVR as an optional package for the price of RM636 and this is one of the equipment where it is gaining a massive popularity and for Toyota to offer it is something that should be followed by other car manufacturers.

In term of the interior, the CH-R had a leather seat where on the Honda HR-V highest variation it only offers leather and fabric combination. One similarity with the Honda HR-V is that CH-R had manually adjusted seat controller instead electronic seat adjuster. The CH-R had more airbags than the Honda HR-V as it offers 7 airbags with also includes the knee airbags wherein Honda HR-V they are only 6 airbags. The CH-R unlike the Honda HR-V offering a dual zone climate control air conditioner wherein the Honda HR-V it only had a single zone.

The Honda HR-V has one advantage in term of seating where it is offering the Magic Ultra Seat that had been offered in Honda Jazz where the seat can be folded up and reclined for the user convenience in any situation. This makes the Honda HR-V far better choices than CH-R as it is offering the standard folding seat that seen in most of the modern-day car. In term of performance too, both car is using the CVT transmission where Honda is using the G- Design CVT transmission that provides 140hp and 172nm while the CH-R provides 138hp and 171nm. However, both cars do not have a paddle shifter in their car.

In Honda HR-V, the users can have free labor charges for 1,000, 10,000, 30,000, 50,000, 70,000 and 90,000 km service interval where these features are not included in the CH-R. However, both are providing a standard 5 years manufacturer warranties with unlimited mileage. Again, the Honda HR-V had taken an edge in this department than the Toyota CH-R.

When looking back again, the Toyota CH-R scores high in the specification department but other than in most of the department the Honda HR-V had taken the nod from the CH-R. The Honda HR-V had a free labor, better interior space, high center console, slightly better performance and the Magic Ultra Seat. However, the CH-R is better in term of safety as it had more features on that aspect, better specification, and better optional package.

So, is the price of the CH-R is it overprice or justified? When looking at the exterior, interior and also comfort aspect the Honda HR-V scores a high point in this department as it offered a better choice and added with the free labor for specific service interval and quite understandably in these case, the Toyota CH-R is looked quite overpriced.

But looking back again, Toyota had a special name in term of reliability as it was widely acknowledged in the world and by the JD statistics , the car is imported from Thailand compared to CKD model by Honda, better safety features than Honda HR-V,  better specification than Honda HR-V and again the most important thing Toyota customer service post-sales is acknowledge as one of the best in our country proved by the JD statistic.

When looked again, the price for Toyota CH-R can be said is overpriced but when combining with the safety features, great brand reputation, better specification, and great after sales customer service, the CH-R price is justified. Although the user can still prefer to choose Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5 GLS for this price in term of crossover SUV and the offering CH-R is on the top and the price for this car is justified. For the Toyota fan lover, they are always loved to say the Toyota had a better resale value and when comes to the design on the CH-R it is quite a different look from other Toyota model hence the I will like to mention that the price is fully justified for the CH-R.


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