Why Toyota Camry Hybrid is the best car in Malaysia for 2015.

camry hybrid

Toyota Latest Flagship Camry Hybrid 2.5

For the past 3 or 2 years, Toyota had been down in sales compared to the Honda Accord. This is due to the Honda Accord had a better specification and also more safety compares to the Camry where it has only 2 airbags and some model they are no VSC. With this and further competition from other C-Segment like Mazda, Nissan Teana, Volkswagen Passat  Toyota needs to increase its sales to ensure they can stay in the competition.

Bam!!!! Come the Camry Hybrid with great specification and more safety features. With this, I will like to list the top 10 reasons why the Camry hybrid is the best car in Malaysia for 2015.

Hybrid Tax Exemption.

With the NAP tax exemption for the hybrid vehicle and EV, the Camry price of 174,000 include road tax and insurance looks like a bargain. With the Toyota Camry reputation and reliability, it is indeed Toyota had made a comeback in the C segment.

Exterior Design.

The exterior design looks more sporty and not like the previous box type with may not attract the new buyer. With the current exterior design, the Camry Hybrid hit the mark to attract the young buyer and remove the Uncle car tag. The interior though is the some from the previous Camry and far cry than the US version.

More Safety Feature.

With 7 SRS airbags, blind sports monitor, rear traffic view cross alert, VSC, ESC, and much more the Camry provides comfort and safety 2 in 1 with a moderate price. The competitor for Camry is on this safety will be Volvo.

Spacious Rear Seat.

Camry as a boss car or as a family car provides a rear seat that spacious and comfortable. They are also providing the rear sunshade in the car that far more suitable for our climate that the sunroof where it is more form over function. The boot space even though the smallest in the C segment, it is still big enough for the family outing.


The Camry is a magnet like a car where it has a loyal group of customers for their brand. As Toyota is known for its reliability and ability to perform in the long run, the buyer can enjoy peace of mind as the Camry does not have a history of electronic failure and gearbox failure.

Low Maintenance.

The Toyota compare to other brands has one of the cheapest maintenance and this is the reason the Camry has a loyal customer and with the Camry Hybrid new exterior design and sport look it may attract the new group of customers.

8 years Warranty on the Hybrid Battery.

With the Toyota well-known reliability and with the 8 years warranty on the battery pack it is a perfect combination for a superb ride and comfort.

Great Review.

With the Camry Hybrid get a lot of praise from the auto world like Paul Tan, Auto Buzz, Auto Freak, and Facebook they are positive vibe for this Camry than the previous Camry where it earned more negative review than positive.

Better Infotainment.

With the JBL 10 speaker and with the complete set of DVD-AVN with navigation and with many options, this Camry is far better than the previous model where it looks like an overpriced car with less specification compares to now.

More Service Center.

Had an issue with the service center in Malaysia, well with Toyota you do not need to worry about this as the service center of Toyota is around Peninsular Malaysia and you can service and maintain the car without any worries.

I hope the information helps some of you to pick the best car in the D segment that that is Toyota Camry Hybrid.

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