Torque converters transfer rotating power from prime mover to a rotating driven load. In simple words, in a vehicle with automatic transmission, a torque converter allows the engine to spin independently of the transmission. It is responsible for pressurizing the automatic transmission fluid that supplies the force necessary to shift transmission gears in an automatic car. It is situated between the engine and the transmission and has replaced the clutch used in manual vehicles. It may cost anywhere between $150 to almost $500, and adding up the labour cost may round it up to $1000. A failed converter may also damage the transmission plates, causing damage to other parts of the engine. Thus, it is necessary to know the signs and symptoms that may lead to the failure of a torque converter, which may then be repaired or replaced accordingly.


 It is better to know the causes that lead to the failure of the torque converter so that the necessary part may be replaced on time to prevent any further damage. The causes are:

  • Damaged clutch solenoid:

                        Torque converter Clutch solenoid helps to measure the pressure fluid and helps to regulate it. A faulty solenoid will lead to an abnormal fluid measurement, leading to abnormal fluid pressures. Consequently, there will be issues of poor mileage, engine stalling etc.

  • Damaged seals:

               A damaged seal of the torque converter will cause the transmission fluid to leak. If this happens, it will lead to poor power transfer from the engine to the transmission. As a result, speed stalls at higher speed, overheating, slippage along with a bunch of other problems as well.

  • Issue with torque converter clutch:

                  The torque converter clutch helps the engine and the transmission to come into direct contact with each other. However, a degraded clutch plate causes the car to stay in gear even when the car has come to a stop. If the clutch plate material has worn away, It can directly lock into direct drive.

 Cost of repair:

 The torque converter replacement is not much expensive compared to the entire transmission. However, adding the labour cost may take the figure up to $1000-$1200. Thus, looking for the symptoms that may lead to a faulty torque converter is advisable to save yourself from the considerable expense of transmission replacement.


A faulty torque converter shows some symptoms. If one experiences any such anomalies, it is advisable to replace them soon to prevent further damage. The signs one should look out for are:

  • Slipping of gear:

             There is a delay in gear shifting, or a torque converter can slip out of gear. The gears might perform in an unexpected manner. This is because the torque converter converts the engine power into hydraulic pressure. If you experience any such delay, seek your mechanic’s advice and look out for the torque converter.

  • Contaminated transmission fluid:

             If the transmission fluid contains debris, dirt, sludge or anything, it indicates the transmission is faulty. It also affects the components of a torque converter. Thus, it is advisable to use a better quality transmission fluid. There are several services, including My Transmission Experts, which provide all types of assistance for your vehicle and provide quality services at an affordable price.

  • Overheating:

        If the car’s temperature gauge is constantly up and shows an overheating warning, it indicates a faulty converter. It must be replaced soonest because it may wear the transmission’s internal parts.

  • Unusual noises:

         Unusual sounds from the engine like whirring or clicking sounds may be due to a damaged bearing or a broken turbine. If one experiences such sounds, it definitely needs a replacement.

  • Shuddering:

          A faulty converter may cause a car to feel like it’s driving on a bumpy road. One may feel as if the road is too rocky. It is an indication of a problem in the lockup clutch located in the torque converter. The lockup clutch is responsible for smooth transmission to direct drive. If one experiences such issues, they should go for the replacement of the converter.


 Once the symptoms of a torque converter are evident, it is needful to get it fixed or replaced by the experts. In this regard, My Transmission Experts provides complete car care at seven different locations. It is, therefore, needful to take immediate action if any of the symptoms are evident.

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