The car had come a long way from the simple design in the past to the futuristic design in the current car and in the future, it will be an autonomous drive the car had come a long way. So to the safety of the car also had been increased with many innovation like Antilock Braking System (ABS), to Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and to the now newly improved Night Time Assist to make the driving more safer compared to the past. You can proceed to check on the top 10 safety feature of the car in link in this site.

For all the safety and design innovation they are also several technologies that had been made for the car to ensure the driver’s comfort and ease of usage while driving the car and today we will look at top 10 car technologies that had proven most useful for current drivers.

Number 10


The Adaptive Cruise Control

Also, can be called as Autonomous Cruise Control. Where unlike the normal cruise control where vehicle speed can be set to the desired level and maintain it with the push of a button this cruise control take thing further where any vehicle that had been fit with this cruise control will be able to automatically maintain the vehicle speed to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. It only uses the onboard sensor to detect the vehicle speed in the front. In some cars, they are a pre-cash collision system that will alert the drivers to put the brake if they are a high risk of collision.

Number 9

The Ventilation Seat  


Introduced by Cadillac in 1966 this seat will work by the ventilation that been installed in the bottom of the seat. When the driver’s seat and activate the seat usually via a button on the center console it will direct a cool air to confort the driver while driving or while seating while he had parked in the hot sun. These technologies are useful for us, especially in our hot climate.

Number 8


Introduced again by Cadillac in the 80’s with OnStar system this will be useful for the drivers if he or she needs any information or need any assistance. With a built-in SIM Card in the car, the drivers can contact the call center of the car manufacturer with the push of a button in the car and maybe do not need to come out from the car. Very useful to use if the drivers had the smartphone battery dead and do not have any backup.

Number 7

Remote Control Starter


How convenient for us if we can start the car from a distance of 10 meters and remove all the heat from the car first before we step in our car. This is basically what the remote control starter does as the drivers can start the car from a specific distance said by the car manufacturer. Although this had been installed by the car manufacturer, the drivers can also install this by modifying his alarm system via the outside accessories shop.Some system can even be installed in the smartphone and remote control activation can be done via the smartphone.

Number 6

Self-Parking .


Some of us will have some difficulties to make a parallel parking but with this self-parking or called as autonomous parking the system will able to assist us to park the car without touching the steering. This system that had been introduced in the Volkswagen in 1992 and it had been upgraded where the car can even make perpendicular parking without the drivers touching the steering and now in the new BMW 7 Series, the parking can also be activated via the BMW Display Key.

Number 5

Reverse Sensor, Camera or Pilot System.


Long gone the day when the drivers need to see what his behind him before he needs to reverse the car where it can be less than accurate. With the first production of the reverse camera was introduced by Toyota but only for Japan market in the 80’s. Nissan had introduced this system to the masses when they had presented the RearView Monitor camera in the year 2000 in their luxury flagship model Infiniti and since then many of the cars had installed the reverse assist whether in form of sensor, camera or park pilot system in the onboard screen.

Number 4

Auto Start Stop


Remember when the day where some of us will like to turn off the engine and on back manually in order to save the fuel when he had been trapped in the traffic congestion. Well, the manual method had been upgraded to a technology in the current car and now this can be activated with only a click of a button in the center console or in the driver side. Although some user does not like this system as this is not the smoothest when the car had been restarted automatically and in some cases, the car air conditioner also will be turned off. Fortunately, the car manufacturer had upgraded the system to ensure the smoothest of starting and also let air conditioning operate when the drivers had activated the system.

Number 3

More Optional Infotainment System

CR-Cars-Inline-Infotainment-Nissan-Connect-05-16 (1).jpg

Remember the day when the car had only audio that only can play the radio, cassette player and also CD. Now with the innovation of the touchscreen, the car manufacturer had provided with a bigger screen and more optional include to set date and time, watching a movie, centralizing the app with Android and iPhone smartphone, GPS Navigation, checking the weather, surfing the internet, concierge services and much more. Long gone the day when we need to hear only the radio, cassette and CD in the car as now the drivers have more option to choose from his center console infotainment with just a touch of the screen.

Number 2

Keyless Entry and Push Start Button


Now the day of the fumbling in our pocket to find the key and start the ignition is gone as the car manufacturer had introduced the keyless entry where the drivers can open the car door and lock the car door without even need to take the key from his pocket. Introduced by Mercedez-Benz in the early 90’s now it’s a common thing in all the car. And to start the car just need to press push button as located by the car manufacturer whether on the driver side, center console or in the transmission itself.

Number 1

Bluetooth Connection and Technologies.


Since the Bluetooth had been introduced in the smartphone as the way to transfer data, the car manufacturer had also implemented these technologies’ in their car. And the results now the drivers can hear any song from his or her smartphones without any wire attached to the phone and also the most important of all the driver can talk with his phone without ever taking his phone as these technologies helped the drivers in this situation. So the summons for the drivers for talking on the handphone is gone as the drivers now can communicate via with this system.

With more technologies that may be introduced or upgraded to ensure our comfort while driving these technologies had helped to revolutionize the automobiles industries and now the car had become more than point A to point B drives and it became more than that due to these technologies.

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