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In Malaysia, they are several car brands that were sold via the showroom or by the second-hand car dealer. They are also online websites like where the car lovers can see the comparison of each car brand and model, where the car lovers can choose the best price for their preferred second-hand car and car review websites like,, and much more. For today we will look at the top 10 favorites foreign car brand by Malaysian. This was based on the observation in the highway and in the car park and it is purely based on my opinion. The list does not have the Bentley and Rolls Royce as it is not everyone cups of tea in the preferred car brand.

Number 10


Popular Model: Ford Fiesta and Ford Mondeo

The only American car manufacturer in this list, the Ford car in Malaysia is distributed by Sime Darby Motors. Ford model like Fiesta, Focus and the new Ford Mondeo is quite popular among the car lovers in our country. A CBU model, provide a great ride, excellent specification for a car that priced less than RM200K and great stability while driving is the reason why Ford had become one of the most popular foreign car brands. The reason on why this car brand is in the number 10 is due to the high maintenance and the low resale value of the car.

Number 9


Popular Model: Nissan Teana and Nissan Almeria.

The new Teana when was launched in 2013 was an excellent masterstroke by Tan Choong Motors as they had provided a full safety in all their range regardless of the car variant price. Then later came the Almeria and again Tan Choong Motors had provided an excellent specification with cheaper price compared to their competitor Toyota and Honda Motors. But the downside of it like the Ford it also suffers from the high maintenance due to the CVT gearbox oil that needs to be changed constantly and a low resale value.

Number 8



Popular Model: Cayenne, Macan and Panamera.

One of the cars that were made under Volkswagen Group after Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Bentley. This car seat in the high-performance sedan range for the Volkswagen Group with their SUV Cayenne and Macan is the most popular followed by Panamera. If compared to Ford and Nissan, it is much higher in price but it provides an excellent German Engineering and powerful acceleration via the Porsche’s own Dual Clutch Transmission called as PDK.

Number 7


Popular Model: Audi A4, Audi A6 hybrid, Audi Q series SUV.

Another car from the Volkswagen Group in on the list Audi. Defined as a premium sedan, Audi had an excellent interior and great transmission in Volkswagen’s own DSG transmission. The new Audi A4 B9 was a beauty in the interior and exterior design. Although Audi is one of the most popular car brands in Europe but in our country, it does not have the same popularity like in Europe hence this is one of the reasons on why this excellent car is at number 7.

Number 6


Popular Model: Mazda 6, Mazda 3, and Mazda CX Series SUV.

Once upon a time Honda and Toyota were the first choices for us but Mazda with their Skyactiv engine and transmission had taken the Malaysian car lovers by storm and now it is one of the favorites Japanese car brand in Malaysia. An excellent specification that is uncommon in a Japanese car and with the right price range it had become an excellent choice for the car lovers.

Number 5


Popular Model: Passat, Polo, Jetta and Tiguan

Compared to B7 Passat, the B8 Passat provides a great specification for a car that is under RM200,000 in Malaysia. A performance that is far better than the Japanese competitor Volkswagen is one of the popular choices due to its price as it is still the cheapest German car that can be bought in Malaysia and the attractive power delivered by their DSG. Even though they are DSG issue that had led to many irate users posting in the social media and a high maintenance, it is still the popular cars in our country.

Number 4


Popular Model: Volvo S80, Volvo S60, Volvo XC 60, Volvo XC90

When talking about safety in the car then Volvo car will come first in the mind among the car lovers. From the autonomous braking system, 3-point seat belt, blind spot, and many more safety features in this car as they are making the car based on their philosophy that “a car is driven by human hence it must be safe”. In the Volvo car, the car lovers can find some of the best safety features that will not be on other cars. This brand can be higher on the list but due to the high maintenance and a low sale value it is number 5 but it is higher due to the reliability, a quite solid body and an absolute safe car to drive.

Number 3


Popular Model: BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW X series SUV.

Bavarian Motor Workshop(BMW) is one of the ultimate choices for the car lovers in Malaysia. A sporty designed interior and exterior, excellent comfort, the ever reliable iDrive system, and much more it is the dream car for some car lovers. With their XF transmission that provides a ride that superb and exhilarating, it is one of the most loved cars in Malaysia as many of us will like to own one including me.

Number 2

Mercedes Benz

Popular Model: Mercedes Benz C Class, E Class, S Class, AMG, CLA, and CLS

 Although it is a tight competition Mercedez Benz took this spot due to their sheer comfort, elegant, and the great impression that this car provides. And it had another advantage compared to BMW as for a car that is premium priced, it had the best resale value among all the German car sold in Malaysia. This car had a unique and spacious interior and one of the most reliable German car not only in Malaysia but in the world too as we can see that they are many old Mercedes Benz car roaming in our country is a proof for its high reliability.

Number 1

Toyota/ Honda

Popular Model: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Toyota Vios, Honda City, Honda Civic, Vellfire, CRV, HRV, Alphard.

The first and the most favorites foreign car brand in our country is the Japanese big 2 Honda and Toyota. Maybe they do not provide a great performance like the Volkswagen Passat but it still the popular choice in our country due to the reliability, cheaper maintenance, and a great resale value among the foreign car. The Accord and Camry can be seen in most of our highway and in the car park after our own national car Proton and Perodua.

The selection is pure on my opinion based on the observation in the car park and in our highway hence please give me your feedback or thought on the CarBlogger Facebook page or on the comment below. As always thanks reader for your great support.



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