A common safety feature in all the car the airbag

Safety is one of the most important aspects of our daily life. We are expecting safety in everything from our daily life, travel, in the sea, air, at the party, staying in a hotel, workplace, etc. Based on this the car that was driven by us is not only expected to go from one place to another destination with performance, comfort, prestige but also feeling safe to be driven. Our automobiles had been revolutionized in the term of safety as they are many safety features and we will look into it.

The 3 point seat belt created by the Volvo company is to protect the driver from getting hit in the chest in a high-speed collision and also to prevent the driver from flying away. With the current car technology, they are quite annoying beep sound or alert if you do not buckle it. This can vary from car to car as some car alert for driver and some of the car alert for driver and passengers. I list the number 10 as many of us do not like to wear the seatbelt as it makes us uncomfortable and some of us only wear when they are a roadblock.

9.  Driver Alert

driver alert

It can be found in Volkswagen, Volvo, and Mercedez Benz. This system monitors the driver’s driving pattern and alerts the driver in case of sleepiness and drowsiness. This system, unfortunately, is not available in all the cars and even in the model above it is only available in a certain variant.

8. Lane Assist


The Lane Assist or Lane Departure Warning system will alert the driver when the car is not moving in the straight line or should simply say departed out of the lane as shown in the picture above. This system will be useful for the driver who looking elsewhere or the driver that looking on the phone or texting during driving.

7. Run Flat Tyre


Run Flat Tyre(RFT) is a tire that fitted that mostly fitted in BMW and Mercedez-Benz car. The user of this tire will not have a spare tire as this tire can run even when it had been puncture for roughly 50 to 60km depending on the manufacturer. The downside of this is the tire usually cost nearly RM1000 per tire and it is not available in many tire shop in our country.

6. Auto-Leveling Headlight and Bending Light.


How many times had we been annoyed with the headlight and distracted from the opposite car? Thanks to auto-leveling technology the car headlamp will be auto-adjusted to avoid this problem and with auto bending light the light will follow according to steering movement giving the driver better view during turning



The first 5 future that we saw is not available or needs to pay a big buck to get this in the name of upgrading. Next 5 we will look at the compulsory and featured safety in all of the cars. The Anti-Lock Racking System(ABS) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution ( EBD) is shown as per picture above where it will prevent the locking of the brake when the brake was applied and electronic brake force distribution where it will apply more or less braking power to stop or to prevent the vehicle from skidding.



 The Blind Spot Information System or so-called BLIS where it will alert the driver by a light in the side mirror. In some cars, they are a camera fixed at the side mirror. This is one of the most important features as it can alert the driver on the blind spot especially when turning right or left side.

3.  Vehicle Stability Control


A safety that should not be provided as an upgrade package as this will avoid the driver from skidding the car out of control especially during the rainy season. This should be compulsory in all the cars no matter how small or how big the car is. Toyota did this on the 2013 facelift Camry and face a lot of criticism for this.

2. Air Bag


This is one of the safety features when a crash has happened where all the previous to avoid a crash. The airbag will inflate when the accident occurs hence protect the passenger and also driver. This feature also must be compulsory in all the cars.

1. Autonomous Driving.

Mercedes-Benz S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE – autonomic church Ɯberland- und Stadtverkehr Mercedes-Benz S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE – autonomously through country roads and inner-city traffic

All this safety feature no matter how high tech, it does not eliminate the biggest reason for an accident the human factor. With this autonomous driving, the human factor will be eliminated from the equation. We will see in the future how this will be upgraded and the usage of it when in a bad traffic situation but for now, this is the most important safety feature.

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