Top 10 Best Estate cars 2019

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The wonderful thing about estate car is an absolute breath of the class This is a simply consequences of the fact that, whichever type of the car public wants, there will always be a portion who want it with added practically.

At the extremities of the world lie such oddities as the stretched out mini Traveller of 1960and the V12 engine FerarriGTC4 Lusso shooting brake, but even the duller middle ground is overflowing with variety. Look past the beginner to struggle for luxurious.

Others organize every trick in the book to make their owners lives easier. So which is the best option if you’re an automotive enthusiast reader who wants only one car engine to do it all?

Best Estate Cars on sale in 2019:

1: BMW 5 series Touring:

BMW midsized Stalwart is our preferred premium saloon and its rear bodywork car only increases its vast all-round appeal. Firstly, the suspension system at the rear axles with adaptive dampers is standard and it makes the riding quality a supreme experience.

Secondly, BMW engines family offers an excellent fuel economy and a range of power variations that suits you the best. All the four-cylinder engines ensure the performance like a six-cylinder engine under the bonnet.

2: Skoda Superb Estate:

Skoda road test is superb and you will learn that this is a car on its way to becoming one of the best family cars in the world. In estate form, Skoda’s chiselled flagship modal boasts a yawning 1950 litres of carrying capacity with rear seats folded flat more than even a Mercedes E class Estate.

Finding fault in the cabin ergonomics, material quality or rolling refinement are also fools. You consider the range starts at so much less then you pay for the usual premium contenders.

3: Ford Focus Estate:

The expensive car well its weight both in drive appeal and in practice, at almost 4.7 m long, its footprint is significantly greater than before. As a result boot capacity rises from 375 litres in the give forth to 608, increasing to 1653 with these at folded flat.

For long drag family car duties, we’d spec our focus estate with ford adaptive dampers, which help massage a ride quality that otherwise strays into the sphere of roughness.

4: Alpina B3s Bi-Turbo Touring:

The most compelling on this list is also the most expensive. Indeed, paying more than £60, 000for a 3 series without M badge on its boot lid might seem foolish, smart retuning of the standard model suspension and engine result in a blend of handling performance and comfort.

The Q series of models use the same interior quality as the Rolls Royce models use and the Q series models are favourite among the test drivers too. This is one of the best reasons to select these 190 miles per hour capable family cars.

5: Mercedes E class Estate:

Do the E class also available in coupe and saloon body style get any more convincing than this? Because if the role of a big Benz is to convey the whole family in comfort, the estate is where you should spend your money.

So culture is the ride quality and effortless the driving control that piloting the E class Estate is almost as relaxing as sitting in the passenger seat. Those who want entertainment when the road starts to twist will be better served.

6: Audi A6 Avant:

Although there are a number of models with mid engines and super Mini cars on the new Audi model line-up at the same time, this diversification doesn’t make a difference ahead of V6 diesel and naturally powered petrol engines in the model line-up which actually speaks up the real language of the brand.

Although a BMW 5 series will better reward its driver every day of the week, in term of mechanical refinement, technological cabin quality. Along with luggage capacity to spare, this car delivers the authentic Audi experience. Audi is a grand achievement in the car world.

7: Volvo v90:

Just five miles in v90 is enough to show firmly where Volvo when designed the car. The high waistline and steeply raked dashboard insulate passenger within materially rich cabin, and the v90 feels supremely vigorous and secure, given the luxury offer.

The ride quality makes good on the promise of insulation from the outside world, and suspension can feel a little fragile at low speed. It’s right up there with the best as a motorway cruiser. The V90 trails the class leaders because of its loose body control a slight imprecision in the driving controls and course four-cylinder engines.

8: Peugeot 508 Sw

With its higher roofline, the 508 station wagon outscore its saloon sibling because a rear headroom isn’t restricted. Granted this estate is not as spacious some rivals, or as good to drive, but it rides well enough at speed, steers with pleasing accuracy and is arguably the prettiest estate car in any segments.

9: Jaguar XF sport brake

New WLTP emission test has robbed Jaguar only Estate of its v6 petrol engines. It’s still possible to equip the car with a296bhp v6 diesel better mannered than the 2.0-litre diesel on offer. The front mounted engine in the XF gives an excellent power and best balance of the power and weight when the vehicle shoves on the road.

The top billing petrol model pairs the same 296 bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine from the F type with all-wheel drive and is a competent all-weather family car.

10: Volkswagen Passat:

There are two ways of approaching the long, the chiselled proposition that is Volkswagen largest estate. The Passat is one of the best suitable and affordable vehicles in the model line-up of the VW, and in the estate form, it is the best rival BMW, Audi and Mercedes with the impressive interior fit and finishes.

It is an expensive exercise in badge snobbery next to the even more spacious Skoda Superb Estate.

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