They are many motivational books in the bookstore and in the online bookstore like Kinokuniya and most famously Google Playbooks where any books can be downloaded digitally in the smartphone. This type of book will emphasize on our strength like self-confidence, patient, gut instinct and much other good things within us and will advise us on how to remove our bad side like laziness, procrastination, jealousy and many more. Usually, this type of book will advise us on how we can use our own good side to increase our capabilities and will advise us on how to ignore or control our bad side.

Example of this book like Alan Carr Easyway Series book, Positive Thinking, Donald Trump series, Anthony Robins Books and many more. However, they are one book that is written in the past that is still popular until today and it was written by the famous motivational author Napolean Hill and the book is none other than the Think and Grow Rich. To write this book, Napoleon Hill had interviewed more than 200 successful people like Andrew Carnieage, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Thomas Alva Edison and many more and concluded that all of them had something in common and this is the reason he had written a book that had become one of the most popular and all-time best seller self-motivational book in the world.

The author of the book Napoleon HIll

The book had come when America was hit by the depression and this book had become one of the motivation tools for the American during those time and not only that even in the present too they are many sports personalities, celebrities, businessman, and other following the method in this book. What makes this book so different than other books where in this book, Napolean Hill had described on how we can use our good side and thinking and applying it to making us rich in a good way. They are some chapter in this book that adequates with the development of the automobile industries too.


One of the chapters mentioned in this book is about persistence where Napolean Hill had described on how the ability to focus on one thing regardless of the setback or hurdles or impossibility can change the fortune of one company. Henry Ford had demanded his engineer to creates a V8 engine which is a new thing and thought was impossible at that time. While his engineer had said that is impossible Henry Ford still insisted and demanded his engineer to create it no  matter how long it takes and after 5 years of hard-working, Henry Ford, and his team had created the V8 engine and it takes several years for other automobile industries to follow it and this is down to persistence of Henry Ford and his engineering team to accomplish it. What was though as impossible is now common in the car today especially in the high-performance car presently.

Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motors


Individual whom working in the automobile industries never ever lack imagination. This image is the first path to the success according to Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich. The example of this is Swedish car company Volvo. Volvo is one of the pioneers in the car safety and their imagination to make the car safer accordingly to their philosophy had led them to create the world first 3-point seat belt and continuously created more safety for the car such as Blind Sports Monitoring System, Traction Control, and many more. Volvo had taken a step further than other car manufacturers to creates a rigid aluminum car body to add another extra layer of safety for the car and the drivers. Now Volvo had become of the safest car in the world and all this due to the imagination of the Volvo founder.

Specialized knowledge

People can have knowledge whether in a bad way or in a good way. Knowledge is a powerful tool that can make a people have control on their own life and can make other fear of them and best of all knowledge gave a person power. According to Napolean Hill, having knowledge is good but having a specialized knowledge is one of the paths in making money and they are 2 people in automobile whom can be included in this part. Toyota and Honda founder Kiichiro Toyoda and Soichiro Honda had created a specialized knowledge in making a car that had been described as The Toyota Management and the Honda Way respectively and they are also a book for it. Both of this person had a created a specialized knowledge in making Toyota and Honda as one of the best Asian cars in the world. The Toyota way, for example, had been acknowledging as one of the best way and Porsche had even requested Toyota management help of making the Porsche car on a large scale. Such is the effect of the specialized knowledge that gives one person and a company a power to establish a name and increase the sales.

Organized planning

Since the automobile had grown from a small to become a big multinational company in the world they need some organized planning and the automobile company that exemplified this is the Volkswagen Group of Companies. With the effort of the Volkswagen CEO Ferdinand Piech who had gone on a buying spree and with this, he had made Volkswagen as the largest car group in the world after Toyota Motors. Under Volkswagen Group, they are Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Buggati, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini, and others. They had created a successful image on the car where each will have their own characteristic. Volkswagen will be made with an almost premium like feel, Audi will be made a premium car, Porsche will be built as a high-performance premium car, Bentley as an ultra-luxury car with handmade, and finally both Buggati and Lamborghini will be made as an ultra-high-performance sports car. Even for Toyota group of companies, they had their organized way to do the thing where Toyota is a car made to compete with other D Segment competitor and the Lexus is made to compete with the premium German and American marque car when it was launched.


A desire is the needs to do a thing. The best example of the story is the creation of Lexus. When Toyota had a desire to compete with German premium margin like BMW, Mercedez Benz it was put down as one of the craziest idea where many had ridiculed it and told that an Asian car to compete with the German car but Lexus engineer and the management had worked hard to finally create the first Asian luxury car that outshone BMW and Mercedes Benz in the US market when they were launched and it is still one of the best premium car brands in the US. A success for the desire from Toyota


Faith is so important according to Napoleon Hill. This is best exemplified by the Nissan Motors and another Mazda Motors. Nissan Motors is nearing bankruptcy and to make a profit for them, they had put their faith in Charles Ghosn. The initial problem is Charles Ghosn is not a Japanese and his appointment as Japanese motor CEO had been subject to ridicule in Japan, but Charles Ghosn had successfully made a remarkable turnaround in the Nissan Motor and it had become profitable again and similar stories happen to Mazda. Once Mazda is nowhere to be mentioned in the Japanese car motors, but they had put a tremendous in their car design and comes with the Kodo design and with this Mazda had put themselves with Honda and Toyota as one of the bestselling Japanese car brands in the world.

Decision and Sixth sense

They are much great decision and that had been down with a great sixth sense. In his books, Donald Trump had mentioned about the sixth sense as a gut instinct and he had mentioned it as one of the important tools in his decision making. Similarly when Michelin had hired to make the radial tire it had become one of the best decision that had made them become famous as it had made them as one of the pioneers in the radial tire maker as they had become the first tire maker to commercialized the radial tire and until now it had become important component in the tire making.

The Think and Grow Rich book although it had been written in the early 20th centuries but the content and the information in the book is still adequate in the current world and not only automobile industries but many sport personalities, celebrities, businessman, and many more had made this book as one of their motivational books and gain success from the chapter in these books and the books will still have the same effect in the future as the content of the books is something that will not be ignored for everyone whom want success and grow rich.

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