The car had changed in term of design aspects and safety. Compared to the car in the past and the present, the past car looked primitive with no window, no safety, not many electronic and computerized system, autonomous function, and many more. The entertainment system in the car too had been called as the infotainment system as the head unit of the current car player can do more thing that the car player in the past. However, the one aspect that had been improved in term of the infotainment and still exists in the car as it is the only entertainment for us when we are driving the car and that is listening to the songs.

Since Thomas Alva Edison had become the first man to record a sound and Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, a French printer and bookseller become the first man to record a song and Ella Fitzgerald became the first female singer, the song and singer had become the one and only entertainment for us while we are driving. In these articles, we will see on how our one and only entertainment in the car had changed accordingly to the current technologies.

Ella Fitzgerald

Once the radio station becomes the only source of listening to the songs. However, we humans are easily dissatisfied with only one option and then comes the now-defunct radio cassette. Now we have another option to listening to the songs. The car audio player had reacted to this innovation and had introduced the radio cassette player in the car in the 1970’s by the car audio manufacturer like Pioneer and Alpine.

The now defunct radio cassette is the way to listening to the song in the 70’s until his demise

When Phillips had introduced the compact disc, it had become another way of listening to the song in the audio CD format. Taking the advantage of both radio cassette and CD player, the car audio manufacturer had decided the release the car player that had the cassette and the CD player. In the late 80 ’s, another format of music had become a sensation among the song lovers and that is the MP3. The song that is recorded in the audio CD format although had a much better sound quality, the MP3 had become a sensation where it can record more song in a single CD without destroying the sound qualities hence it had become another source of listening to the music. From just a single source to listening to the songs, the car lovers had more option now with the introduction of radio cassette player, CD, and MP3.

In the 90’s and in the millennium, the method of listening to the song had changed drastically. First, the radio cassette had become defunct as the CD and MP3 player had become the favorites among the car lovers. With the introduction of the USB drive in this time, the user can now save their favorites songs in the thumb drive and listening to the song via the USB ports. The format of the song saved in the USB thumb drive can be mp3 and aac format and it had become another source of listening to the song.

The thumb drive is the new way of listening to the song

Before the introduction of the listening to the song via the Bluetooth, the car loves can listen to the song via the AUX cable which also had become defunct and endure the similar fate with the radio cassette player. The AUX cable had been replaced by the Bluetooth as it had the advantage of listening to the song wirelessly. By using the Bluetooth to listen to the song, the AUX cable is simply not suitable anymore as the car lovers prefer the wireless method than the wired one.

The AUX cable

When comes to the millennium, the touchscreen had become the way to access any system and this also become the norm in the car infotainment too. The car infotainment had changed too with now most of the car infotainment had a bigger screen that contains much information like accessing the social media, web surfing, weather, and navigation. And when comes to listening to the song, the display too had been much better where the display will contain about the song name, singer name, album, and the clip arts of the songs. The display of the song had become so beautiful now if compares in the past.

With the introduction of the bigger touchscreen and our dependability in the smartphone creates another technology and that is mirroring. In the car, the smartphone can be mirrored to the car infotainment system by using the HDMI/MHL cable or some car audio manufacturer also have air mirroring where the smartphone can be mirrored wirelessly. With the mirroring function and with just a simple installation of the bypass cable, the car lovers can now mirror video songs in the Youtube or in the smartphone file right in the big screen of the infotainment system.

Another way had been introduced to listen to the song with online application store of the IOS and Android where they are a special app just to listen to the song and one of the popular song app is the Spotify. The Spotify had become the app for a listening song and the car lovers also can listen to the song of Spotify in the car infotainment via Bluetooth or in some car audio manufacturer infotainment app where they had installed the Spotify app in the head unit. The introduction of the Apple CarPlay and also the Android Auto had also given the car lovers another option of listening to the song too.

The way we listening to the song in the car had evolved with the continuous innovation and technologies. The are many changes in the way we listen to the song starting from just listening to the radio station, to the now-defunct radio cassette, the introduction of the compact disc, the MP3 format, the USB thumb drive, the change in the head unit display, the mirroring , the music app and finally the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We can expect a new way to the listening to the song in the future especially if the new technologies had been made when come to listening to songs.




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