Haunted places, being haunted, fear of being haunted, a movie about the haunted place and many more haunted related had become one of the fear in our self for some. Some of us can become extremely fear to a haunted place and in the phobia term, it can be called as Hantuphobia(fear of haunted houses), Phasmophobia(fear of ghost), Demonophobia(fear of demon) and several another phobia. As the haunted house, they are also some haunted highways in the world for example in our country is the Karak Highway, National Highway 33 in Jharkhand, India, Boy Scout Lane, United States, and much more. Some of us without any alternative may need to use this highway after hearing the stories about the highway and in this case, the person who has Homophobia (fear of road travel) may be frozen out if he or she needs to use this road.

Our own haunted road the old Karak Highway

But why this road is haunted. If analyzed, most of the road have some tragic history and some of this road is where the accident had happened like a regular occurrence. For an example, the National Highway 33 had witnessed nearly 245-person death since the road is opened in 2010. Some of the roads like the famous Karak Highway was to be said built on the cemetery for the aborigines (Orang Asli) which appeared to be haunted before the road was built. Even one the haunted highway in South Africa to the N9 road also said to be haunted by a girl Marie Charlotte Roux that had been killed in this road on 1968. Since then it had been said and believed by the South African urban legend that the Uniondale Ghost is haunting this place.

National Highway 33

Some of this road does not have proper infrastructures like the floodlight built in this place. In our country the old Karak road and the Central Spine Road that linking Kuala Lumpur – Gua Musang is a trunk road and in the trunk road, they are no proper light installed in this road creating an eerie feeling when traveling on this road. For some who had driven in old Karak to escape the tolled road knows how the road flanked by hills and ravine at both sides were dark at an epic proportion in the night. So, the drivers whom driving in this road need to be careful as one second of lapse can cause an accident in a big proportion. Even the National Highway 33 was similar but instead of the ravine, it was flanked by forest on each side and with no proper light installed. Maybe if a light been installed the drive will be safer and the haunted stories will be gone.

Some of the haunted roads too had some flaw in their design with the design is crooked and creating a zig-zag type of drive that can lead to discomfort for the passenger. For an example, the road that connecting Tapah to Cameron Highland is one of the roads that has some crooked design and also they are some aborigines living on the road. According to haunted highway similarity, this road too can be haunted as it was dangerous to drive in the night time with no proper infrastructures. Another highway in the US Clinton Road, New Jersey to have some improper design and with no adequate infrastructures.

Another thing that makes the road gave birth to the haunted stories is the insane amount of accident and tragic death happen on this road. Highway 33 had witnessed nearly 245 deaths, Karak Highway had witnessed one of the tragic accident in the history of Malaysia as on January 20, 1990, an accident involving 12 vehicles, killed 25 people on the spot, including 15 FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) troopers happen on this road. They are also some tragic event happen in that road that had led to the birth of the haunting stories. The Ballet Street in the Philippines that see the haunting of a White Lady who had been raped and killed on this road that had led to the haunting on this street. A similar story also happens on the haunted road in Scotland called as Boy Scout Lane as the road was believed to be haunted by troop of Boy Scouts who were killed while on a camping trip in the 1950s or 60s and they are variation as some stories mention that they are killed by the troop master and some by the bus drivers and some by the fire in the forest.

The next thing that makes this road haunted is the combination of no proper infrastructures and design of the road that lead to one human error the driver carelessness. In this type of road, it will take an absolute concentration and focus from the driver’s side to ensure he can reach his or her destination safely while using this road but unfortunately, if some lapses happen and due to the design on this haunted road it can punish the drivers severely in the form of life taking accident. Most of this road is accident prone and some drivers may not prefer to use this road and some will use this road. Any mistake on this road can be fatal for the drivers.

We had seen on how the haunted highway had been named as the haunted highway due to the history behind it, no proper infrastructures on this road, the design of this road, amount of accident, tragic death and the human error on the part of the drivers. Since the road still being used by many of the drivers, the road authorities can build some proper infrastructures to make the travel safer in this road hence reducing the number of haunted stories happen on this road. The poor infrastructures had led to the road been dark since some of this road being flanked by the forest tree and ravine creating the eerie feeling and make it dangerous to use. The haunted  road can be subjective as some drivers many been haunted if he or she had used the road the first time and some may not even when he or she had used this road for several years but the truth the road design , no proper infrastructures and human error that had made this road accident-prone hence giving birth to horror stories in this roads.

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