When comes to public transport each country had a unique type of transport that can be associated with them. In Thailand, they are a vehicle called Tuk Tuk which will be used by the local and tourist and this Tuk Tuk had become an identity for Thailand. For anyone who had visited Thailand a ride in this is a must to enjoy the scenery of the country. Similarly, they are another ride in the Philippines that is called as motorized tricycle which also can be associated with the Philippines.

Philippine motorized tricycle
Tuk Tuk in Thailand

When comes to India, they are one vehicle that is long associated with the country and it had been made a documentary, used in the Indian movie by the Indian movie actors and had gained some bad reputation due to the crime perpetrated by the driver of the vehicle and it none other than the famous India auto. The Indian auto-rickshaw had been shown in many movies and had become synonymous with India. The Indian auto also widely used by the locals and tourists to travel from one place to another and it is usually on a short distance.

In India, the auto-rickshaw had many auto manufacturers like Mahindra & Mahindra, Atul Auto, TVS Motors, Kerala Automobiles Limited, and Fleek Motors. However, they are one auto-rickshaw who had made the auto-rickshaw that is so iconic, and they are Bajaj Auto Company. Their auto-rickshaw is one of the designs that had been in the movies and closely associated with India in terms of auto-rickshaw. The auto-rickshaw can run on petrol, disease, and CNG.

An auto manufacturer by Bajaj Motor

The auto-rickshaw can be said as one of the colorful public vehicles in India. One of the good sides, most of the Indian film actor had acted as an auto driver in their movie at some time promoting the auto-rickshaw. Indian movie stars like Amitabh Bachan, Superstar Rajinikanth, Nandamuri Balakrishna, MGR, Megastar Chiranjeevi, and many more had acted as an auto driver in their move. They some Indian movie named after auto-rickshaw or the driver. The auto driver can be said as one of the compulsories acting roles for the actor after acting as a police officer. This is one of the reasons why most of the famous Indian actors had acted as a police officer and auto driver.

In the movie, the auto-rickshaw driver will be shown as a guy with principle, having great courage, and having high integrity. Although this is just a movie, in the real-life they are some auto-rickshaw whom having these great qualities and in the real-life, they are some graduate who also will be an auto-rickshaw driver due to lack of job opportunities hence the auto-rickshaw driver certainly had admirers in the movie and the real life.

Unfortunately, they are some bad side of the auto-rickshaw driver that had been shown in the many documentaries, movie, and Indian serial drama. They are some crime committed by the auto-rickshaw driver that will give some of them a bad reputation among the local and foreigners. One of the famous auto-rickshaw who had been on the wrong side of the law is Auto Shankar.

Auto Shankar who born in the Chennai, had kidnapped many girls, rapped then, and killing them while being an auto driver. His crime had been so atrocious and sending a shockwave around the country. They are also some auto drivers who had committed robbery, sexual assault, and murder. This situation and reputation do provide a bad side for the auto-rickshaw driver in India. Although in the movie they had been portrayed on the good side of the auto driver in some movies, they also portrayed the bad side of the auto driver.

Auto Shankar

Due to the rise in crime conducted by the auto driver, the Regional Trasport Office (RTO) with the help of the Indian police had decided to conduct a personal check to verify and check the criminal record for each of the auto drivers regards of their years of experience. They also want to check the auto driver’s physical and making a plan to make the auto driver display their name, mobile number, vehicle number, and other particular in the back of each auto. They are hoping this procedure will reduce the crime rate of the auto driver and at some enhancing their reputation for the local and foreigner.

They are also another issue with the auto-rickshaw driver when comes to fare. The fare of the rickshaw is implemented by the government of India however there are some auto-rickshaw whom willing to go on a nationwide strike to demand a fare hike. They are some auto-rickshaw who will be charging a high fare by modifying the auto meter for their benefits. This and many other criminal sides of the auto-rickshaw had given them a bad reputation among the locals and foreigners. They can also charge a different fare for the local and for the foreigners where the for the foreigner that can charge double from the actual amount.

The government of India and the auto-rickshaw drivers and association also come to disagreements which led to the auto-rickshaw driver to go on strike at any given time due to legislation of the government that required all auto-rickshaw drivers to install a GPS in the auto. For each rule depending on ranging from the fare and others, they will be some backlash from the auto driver community. The rise of Olla, India e-hailing app similar to our Grab also had seen the decrease in the people using the auto. A similar case had happened in our country where the Grab and Uber had overtaken the traditional taxi.

The auto-rickshaw driver had seen many fair shares of the good side and bad side. Each of their sides had been portrayed in the movie, documentary, and the Indian serial. Like the Ambassador car, which is associated with India, the auto-rickshaw and the driver also associated with India on the bad side and for their good side. With the Indian government working hard on making sure their crime factor decreased with all the necessary procedures and regulations, let’s hope the bad side of auto-rickshaw will be decreased to enhance their reputation among the locals and foreigners.


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