Lamborghini and Ferrari are the sports car’s epitome, and the Rolls Royce is the epitome of a luxurious vehicle. It is not hyperbole to say it is the ultimate and impeccably designed vehicle. The immaculate interior full of luxury, the power under the bonnet for the car built like a tank, the Rolls Royce logo in the wheel, which is kept intact while moving, and the limitless customization of the owners. Another small part that was given extreme care to ensure it also had the Rolls Royce’s impeccable standard is the Rolls Royce Umbrella.

Like the interior and exterior added with the performance designed in typical Rolls Royce flawless design, the umbrella that tuck in the Rolls Royce suicide door has been given designed in the Rolls Royce standard to ensure the car owners get the whole Rolls Royce experience. The umbrella is constructed solidly, water repellent, windproof, and engraved with the Rolls Royce monogram below the umbrella handle. The umbrella gave the owner of the Rolls Royce, who is ultra-rich, to press a button in the suicide door to take out the umbrella and protecting themselves and their valuable garment from the heavy rainfall. The cost of the Rolls Royce umbrella is USD700 which is equivalent to MYR2909.

The price is exorbitant for an umbrella, but Rolls Royce, who had a proportional amount to own the car, rarely flinch on for these amounts.  Furthermore, it is considered a bargain with the extreme attention, details, and care Rolls Royce had made to the umbrella. The umbrella in the Rolls Royce is made from the best material that is available.

The Rolls Royce umbrella length is designed perfectly for an average man; hence it is sufficient for anyone to use it without the slouch. The Rolls Royce umbrella is made of carbon fibre, which is wind-resistant and good water repellent. The umbrella is polished with striking colour, and the umbrella does not have any logo emblazoned with the Rolls Royce logo. The Rolls Royce logo is emblazoned below the handle. The logo is not designed in the umbrella as they want the owners to experience the striking colour of the umbrella, which is genuinely hand made by the exceptional skill craftsman of Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce does not have any reputed watchmaker build the clock like Bentley that has Breitling clock in their car. Rolls Royce believes they made a better watch than other watchmakers for their car; hence, some beliefs had been implemented and executed in their umbrella with the similar impeccable Rolls Royce style. The umbrella has all the necessary attractions, vital water repellent features, and a built-in flawless way.

Even extreme care to the details had been given to the compartment that stores the umbrella. The suicide door umbrella compartment is installed with a water drying mechanism that will dry the umbrella once it is stored there to enable the owner to use the umbrella in dry mode again. This dry mechanism also prevents the water from umbrella poured on the interior, which will pain to watch as every interior is impeccably built by a human hand.

Why does Rolls Royce fix their umbrella in the cross section of the suicide door and not in the car’s cabin? Building the umbrella in the cross section of the suicide door will enable the owner to easily take the umbrella with just a press of the button. Furthermore, building the dry mechanism in the cross-section of the suicide door will enable the umbrella to be in a dry mode and allow it to be used again. It also hinders any water pouring into the interior of the car. It also saves space for the car interior as an additional cabin is not being fixed in the car interior to accommodate the umbrella storage. Rolls Royce gives attention to tiny details to provide comfort and protect their luxurious interior from the get damaged from any water pouring.

Due to this attention to detail, Rolls Royce had taken great pride and called the umbrella their hallmark. The umbrella ease of access, the drying mechanism in the cross-section of the suicide door and the material used on the umbrella is parallel with Rolls Royce, who coined the umbrella as their hallmark. The extreme care and attention are given even to the underrated umbrella makes Rolls Royce one of the most sought cars by the ultra-rich.

Rolls Royce is a car built on the principle of their founder Frederick Henry Royce, who quoted, “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” This quote had been applied meticulously and flawless in the car design too. The design principle is kept intact even when Rolls Royce had been sold to BMW Motors. BMW Motors added some contemporary modern touches like an i-Drive rotor in the car. However, the design epitome of the Rolls Royce is hand-made. It has extreme details for every car manufacturing process, including car polish and painting, interior stiches by skilled artisans, exterior craftmanship, and finally, the umbrella. All these are perfectly aligned and parallel with Frederick Henry Royce principle in building these cars.

The umbrella may be the not most looked at the aspect when it comes to the Rolls Royce car; however, it is underrated as the umbrella material, ease of access, and aftermath of umbrella usage also had been given an enormous amount of care. The umbrella is genuinely a Rolls Royce hallmark. It synchronizes perfectly with the principle and motto of the founder of Rolls Royce, which is kept intact by everyone associated with Rolls Royce.

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