The human, which can be called Homosapien’s loves to travel from one point to another for various reasons. In the early years, we only able to travel by land and by sea. Only in the early 19th century, the Wright brothers had created the bedrock for us to fly in machines that colossally increase our option to choose our mode of travel. Before the Wright brothers made the foundation for the aeroplane, we had used our bodies and trained animal to travel together with us and send messages. This travel also led to many mystical stories and some encounters with mother nature and some unknown creatures.

In the beginning, when the land and the sea is the only mode of travel, the main reason for us to travel is to find new ground, for trade, and for establishing a good relationship with the ancient foreign rajas. But sooner, it laid the foundation for western imperialism, which only erodes in the early 19th century. Now with the reason to travel is not for the new land or imperialism, they are several different reasons for us to travel via land, sea, and air. In present-day our travel trip had been for :

For relocating our homes

They are some who relocated their place of living to a different location or different countries. The relocation with will includes the help of movers by family or relative or by the commercial movers created a new reason for the land. With air travel now accessible to everyone, the relocation via air for the individual is also possible for those who wants to reside in foreign countries.

For vacation

Vacation may be archaic, but they only two modes of travel in the past via land and another via seas. The introduction of the passenger aeroplane created the airline company, travel agents, and tours packages. Vacation now had become the money-making industries for everyone involved in it. Air travel had been crucial in the emergences of the tour industries as it had cut short the journey to other countries where instead of day it now becomes only several hours to reach a country.

For seeing the family members

With more travel options and the journey times increased and decreased respectively, they also needed to travel, including meeting a family member, whether in domestic or overseas. With the air travel that had cut short the travel time from one country to another county and the introduction of several highways that serve the purpose, the desire to see my family also contributed to the need for travel.

For business purpose

They are some fervour businessmen who want to expand their business in other countries too. Some famous brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Castrol, Shell, and many more had expanded their business to every part of the world, leading them to travel. The shorter time of travel had led to much overseas business dealing can be completely incessantly.

To find the truth about unexplained activities.

The mystical creature and paranormal activities in foreign countries had led to exploration and enthusiasm among the masses from antiquities. These led to some famous Youtube Channel and some popular TV programmes that explore the haunted scene, the truth behind the paranormal activities or capturing live paranormal activities in foreign countries, which had created the reason for travel for these purposes.

For peace of mind

This travel can be for religious purposes. Each major religion in the world had its main congregation point for them, like the Mecca for the Muslim, the Vatican for the Christian, the central temple in India for Hindu, the Golden Temple of Amritsar Punjab. The journey had been cut short from day to hours, which led to the mass congregation for religious purposes.

For having a meal

A unique reason for travel. The travel for having a meal is natural and memorable for us as the sole reason to having a dinner in the popular or a place a specific food in the area which provide the best experience and best taste. For the having the seafood, some will prefer to travel to port Klang, Kuala Selangor, or to taste the bamboo biryani some willing to travel to Sungai Buloh, and some prefer to have their meal in scenery places like the Tamarind Hill, which have a beautiful combination of the best food and best views

The increase of transportation mode correlates with decreased journey time led us to have more reason for travel. Some individuals had created a famous TV programme and Youtube channel based on the trip, including place reviews, food review, mystical, and best places in the world.  The foundation for travel had come from our desire to find new land, and in the current world, some individual had created living out of it. Our reason for trip will never erode as it became human nature to travel and find a reason to travel.

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