Nowadays we can see they is more SUV in our road as it become one of the popular choices among our drivers. The SUV or is full abbreviation Sport Utility Vehicle is a car body or chassis where it has the traditional front and back seat like a sedan but with taller body and shared boot space compared to sedan where it is shorter and have a separate boot or cargo spaces. Most of SUV sold in our countries is 4 wheel drives in the higher variants or in the higher prices. The famous SUV in our country is Honda CRV, BMW X Series SUV, Audi Q Series SUV, Mercedez Benz GLA, Land Rovers, Porsche Cayenne, Toyota Fortuner, Mazda CX-5 and many more. Now all the car manufacturer in the world have their own SUV and in some cases the sales of SUV is better than the sedan.

The SUV also called a different name geographically where for an example it is called as light truck in North America and outside North America it can be called as 4-wheel drive, 4 X 4, or 4WD. The design of the SUV had been started in World War 2 time where the current SUV body type is originated from the commercial and military vehicle from the World War 2 Jeep and Land Rovers.

And things started to change after the World War had ended as many automobile manufacturer like Chevrolet, Toyota , Land Rovers , Pobeda and many more had created their own SUV but it is still not called as SUV but instead called as station wagon . The term SUV had started in the late 1980’s when curator of Henry Ford Museum had said that the Jeep Cherokee was the first modern day SUV that have high view, spacious legroom and headroom and the shared boot space and the term SUV had been printed in the mass media for the first time and since then the SUV term had born from the day onward.

Now all the car manufacturer has a SUV in their production. Manufacturer like Malaysian Perodua, BMW, Ford, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and many more had their own SUV as one of the best seller. Porsche had admitted in the early 90’s that they just can’t rely on the sales of sports car only and had created their own SUV that is called as Porsche Cayenne and now it had become the company top seller. Even Bentley and Rolls Royce does not escape from this trend as they too will release their own SUV where Bentley named as their SUV as Bentayga(which had been released in the European and US Markets ) and Rolls Royce’s Cullinan that will be released next year. Jaguar too had their own SUV that called as F-Pace. Ferrari too had abandoned the conventional sport car design and created a SUV like sport car in their model Ferrari FF which was ridiculed in the beginning but now it had become the company best seller and had received numerous automobile awards.

ferrari FF.jpg
Ferrari FF 

In the SUV design too they are several type like the compact SUV, Mini SUV, Mid-Size SUV, full size SUV, extended length SUV and finally the higher end called as luxury SUV. They are several reason on why the SUV had become one of the popular choice for the drivers alongside with sedan.

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First due to taller body compare to sedan, it will provide a higher seating for the drivers which will translated to a better view compared to the sedan and also due to this design it will provide an ample of the legroom and headroom for the passenger in the back where it can be suitable for the adults or children. Since most of the SUV is a 4 wheel drives, it will provide a better traction, great acceleration, and more stability as the power of the transmission will be transmitted to all wheel at the sometime and due to this also the SUV is suitable for the all type of driving regardless of the weather condition since the 4-wheel drive drivetrain layout will provide a better grip on the road.

However, for all the pros that looks exciting it also had some drawback when compared to sedan in term of fuel consumption it will fall on higher side. Due to SUV is bigger than sedan, it will consume more fuel although with the engine technologies today this can be reduced but still it will be on higher side compare to sedan. Another drawback where in term of maintenance it will be higher side due to the 4-wheel drive layout. Compare to Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive the 4 Wheel Drive gave better traction control but it is one of the most difficulty to the fixed and to be maintained the drivers will need to bear the high cost of it where it can be doubled than the sedan where most of the sedan is on Front Wheel Drive.

Although they are some drawback but the advantage of the SUV overcome the drawback that led many of the car manufacturer selling and promoting their SUV as one of their best car. The SUV did some revolutionary changes in some automobile manufacturer like for Porsche where their SUV had become one of the company best seller and also the Ferrari FF where the design had revolutionized the design of the sport car. For Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley they had started to build their own SUV due to popularity of it.

Porsche SUV Cayenne 

For the drivers whom had a family the SUV will be great choice for them as they can put as much item as possible in the boot space when they are going for vacation. For some, driving the SUV will different experience compare to the sedan. Whether for family or experience the SUV will be one of popular choice among the driver due to the nature of the car, characteristic, drive train and comfortable leg room and head room.

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