The wealthy individual in our country will like to be more on the backseat especially in their luxurious cars like the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Audi A8 and many more were in these types the backseat will be more spacious, more luxurious, and more gadget to play with if compared to the normal cars. Then how they drive the car? The car will be driven by their personal driver is either can be a foreigner or our own local Malaysian. In our countries, the personal drivers called as drivers but in the developed nation the personal drivers will be called as Chauffeur a French word for the stoker. If women it will be called as chauffeuse.

This personal driver for automobiles had been started in the early 19the centuries where the owner of the luxurious car will prefer a personal driver to drove his automobile. And it becomes a situation where the young men during these with no ability, who have been earning from $10 to $12 a week, are suddenly elevated to salaried positions paying from $25 to $50.The personal driver’s also a thing from the ancient time were before the invention of the car the Kings, Emperor, Queen’s and foreigner will be in the horse driven carriage driven by drivers. In our countries, during the Malacca Sultanate, the Sultan will be driven in his wagon by the slaves.

A wagon during the Malacca Sultanate

In some countries, they are some rules and regulation that needed to be followed in for the personal drivers such as in Japan the driver needs to wear a white glove and well dressed in a clean and crisply pressed black or dark suit or tuxedo, dress shirt, and appropriately matching tie, with black leather gloves and freshly polished matching footwear. In our country, the personal drivers will not have these types of requirement but must have a work permit and an International Driving License. The drivers also need to pass the medical test by FOMEMA (Foreigners Medical Management System). These apply to the foreigner drivers but for the local, he or she must have a valid license and without any criminal records. However, for both the local and foreigner the medical test and drug testing is compulsory.

A chauffeur in Japan

The medical and drug testing is one of the important things as it can a disastrous and life threating for the owner. For an example, the career-ending accident that had happened to the professional ice hockey player Vladimir Konstantinov’s when his recently hired chauffeur, Richard Gnida, already serving a license suspension for drunken driving, lost control of their limousine and crashed, seriously injuring Konstantinov and his other passengers all the drivers will be required to have a random drug screening.

In our countries, apart from the medical checkup, international driving license for foreigner, valid driving license for local, and no criminal record, they are not much regulation for the drivers like in some countries that provide training for the etiquette, evasive or defensive driving techniques, the proper methods to ensure safety in the most extreme conditions such as inclement weather, a flat tire at high speeds, or other exterior influences for loss of vehicular control and etc.

Why does some wealthy individual prefer the personal drivers instead driving on their own? Having a driver does shows some status and prestige for the owners as it shows he is wealthy enough to hire personal drivers and in our country not many able to hire personal drives. Only the wealthiest like the Datuk, Tan Sri, VVIP, and businessman or women that able to hire drivers.

With the personal drivers, it can free the owners to fully concentrate on his jobs. The wealthy person although they are wealthy they will be extremely busy in their business and driving while on this situation may lead to unpleased experience for them but with the driver, they will be able to continue his or her business deals while sitting on the back seat and letting the drives taking over the driving duties. The owners also can transfer his private and family matter like picking up the children from the school to the drivers due to his business duties.

The personal drivers also can create a great bond between the owner families and himself making him like one of the members of the owner’s family. This can make the drives feel motivated to work with the owner as he had gained the owners trust. The owner to can feel comfortable and secure when he had a driver that he can trust. In these cases, the driver can have more benefits in term of reward from the owner’s and due to this, it can create a mutual understanding between the owner and the drivers.

Although the problem can start disastrously if the drivers is a dishonest, irresponsible, or involved in a criminal activity. These types of drives can provide a mental and financial disaster for the owners as it will destroy his trust in his drivers completely. Another thing, if the owners have many enemies who wish to destroy him the drivers will be one of the first people that the enemy attempt to bribed and gaining some information. In these, a proper screening must conduct to get the best drivers for the owners.

They are some cases where the owners can be ruthless with the drivers like bullying, insulting the drivers with derogatory comments, or treating him like a trash hence in these the drivers may feel demotivated to work with the owners again. Due to these, the drivers can conduct some criminal activities as a method to take revenge to the owners.

The personal drivers that had started from the ancient times until now have its pros and cons. The pros can be a great thing for the drivers and the owners taking a good care for each other however the cons can be a disastrous thing if the drivers are dishonest or worst backstabbed the drivers or involved in criminal activities. Due to this issue, the screening must be taken with a great care and with great details by the owners to have best personal drivers for the owners.

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