In the demanding and pressuring present-day ordinary life, which we need to ensure to be prepared in every aspect for our survival, our emotion and thought will find something to relieve us as instant gratification. Beforehand, some of us find pleasure in alcohol consumption as an instant gratification together with smoking. Nonetheless, scientific studies have shown that overindulgence in alcohol and cigarettes can negatively affect us. What mitigates these impacts is that both were under government regulation. Hence, the government made extensive programmes to make the public aware of the detrimental effect. In the current time, many individuals had been jobless or getting a compensation deduction due to slow going businesses or businesses that were forced to shut down as the Covid 19 and the government lockdown coalesce effect.

In this situation, another addiction can crawl into ordinary people’s thoughts and tear them down mentally and physically. The addiction had penetrated many people’s lives and desecrated them, and the addiction in nonother than online gambling. Online gambling had existed for so long, and many people had been fascinated with it to try their wealth luck but ended up losing everything. They lost their sanity, savings, family life and a lot more. Some people who have been controlled by gambling addiction will be involved in felonious ways like money embezzlement, dishonesty, and a lot more.

How can people be caught in these ruinous addictions? They are a quote of “money is not important.” Despite that, if they are lifeless things or material that can affect human emotion and make them upside down is non-other than money. People who are wealthy or short of money can be attracted to a glimpse of the gambling design with attractive colour and some enticing words like “free jackpot, free gift, welcome bonus,” and a lot more. But, people who are lured to it will only know how villainous the addiction is after losing a substantial amount of money. Nonetheless, in spite of that, they will be lured to the pernicious gambling cycle of winning big and losing bigger despite losing a significant amount of money. Consciously or subconsciously, they will fall into this brutal cycle with not only wrecking them but the people around their vicinities.

By losing considerably and being trapped in the gambling cycle, the person who is addicted will have a hard time keeping their sanity as there are obsessed with chasing their lost money. However, the lost money will not be recovered, and the person will lose his lucidity, making him commit some undesirable things. The person who lost his sanity due to these is capable of committing money embezzlement, dishonesty to the loved one, using up all their debts, and borrowing from the illegal money lender, which is famously known as “along” in our country. These can bring a lot of unbearable pain to their loved ones, negatively affecting their relationship. They are instances where the spouse had divorced their partner because of their gambling habits. They are also some sad stories they the person who had left the gambling habits still facing a mountain of debts.

In the horrendous situation where the individual can also make the radical decision of committing suicide as he is unable to overcome the regret. The thought of taking his own life happened when they knew that their life had been crumbled and wrecked due to his own craving for gambling, concomitantly unable to bear the burden of the emotional roller coaster playing in his mind. The nature of these atrocious habits is something that is not invisible, like alcohol indulgence or cigarette smoking.

Since these habits are like the skeleton in the closets, they are not easily detected before it’s too late. The clandestine nature of the habits makes online gambling more dangerous than smoking or alcohol. In numerous cases, the loved one or the partner could only know about these perilous habits once everything had been wrecked and ruined. These will bring a relationship separation, adding another layer of emotional complication.

The relationship separation, emotional complication, taking a drastic measure are detrimental effects for anyone whom these villainous addictions had taken over their mind. What is more puzzling, unlike alcohol and cigarette, these adverse effects of gambling addiction had not become in the limelight. Only some NGOs and some motivational guidance books are they to help them. Some habit-breaking books like Alan Carr : EASY TO STOP GAMBLING , Tony Robbins Awaken Giant Within, furthermore, help anyone caught in these habits.

Scientists have conducted numerous extensive studies on how the gambler’s mind works, which can help anyone to escape from these habits. But unfortunately, the nature of these habits, which are perilously combined with covert nature, had kicked in and destroyed numerous lives so that smoking and alcohol look like less adverse effects. Moreover, online gambling has another issue as most are not under government regulation, and some online gambling has a certain sortware that can bypass the government restriction and ban.

The online gambling has penetrated the mind of many in the current situation as many people have lost their job and have some reduction in their compensation which can attract their wealth luck in online gambling. Online gambling operators had their enticing words that attracted potential customers. However, at the end of the day, the people with these hazardous habits will have another layer of problem and emotional complications that can penetrate their already problematic lives. Fortunately, sooner or later, these issues will come into the limelight or become under strict government regulation, which can mitigate the problem of substantional growth of online gamblers and the individual affected by it.

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