The Passat B7 was sold on one variant only

Volkswagen is the largest car group in Europe. Under them, they are Volkswagen, Audi, Porshe, Bentley, Bugatti, Skoda, and SEAT. This is the car manufacturer that had created the sports car juggernaut Buggati Veyron the world’s fastest car and undoubtedly the world’s most expensive car. Volkswagen in German means People Car when translating it to English. Now under Volkswagen, they had produced several sedan cars in Malaysia like Jetta, Polo, and cream of the crop The Passat. Today we will look at Passat and why it is very popular among car lovers in Malaysia.

The reason why I choose this as the topic because the Passat with the DSG had caused many problems to the drivers of this brand until they are Facebook page opened for this. The Facebook page name is VW DSG Defects Community and also DSG Gearbox Problem where we can see they are tons of complaint and negative feedback with regards to this. Even in 2012, they protest near the Volkswagen Office in Bangsar where many of the disgruntled driver’s complaint about these.

With all the problems, the Passat is still the crown jewel of the Volkswagen sedan after Phaeton and fortunately, it is still one of the popular choices in our country, and today I write in this post on why the Passat is still popular among our car lovers in our country.

The Passat in German means trade wind when translated into English. It brings us to speed, performance, and exotic. The Passat has all them with a price of RM 173,888 is less than RM200,000 compare to BMW 3 Series, Mercedez Benz C-Class, and Audi A4. Only the Audi A3 1.4 TFSI does fall in the price range of below RM200,000. To own a German sedan car with a price range of less than RM 200,000 and with turbo performance and DSG is attractive to the buyer whom some of them loved the German car for its design and performance. The price of the Passat combined with sales and promotion and with 5 years warranty undoubtedly a selling point for the car.

With the price, the buyer will get a turbocharged TSI engine, DSG transmission that is used for performance and it is also in the Bugatti and Porsche, a horsepower of 160hp and torque of 250nm, and simplicity in his interior is a bargain. The power of the turbo engine and DSG is far superior to the Honda Accord 2.4 and Nissan Teana 2.5 that is competing on some segments. The DSG although had it cons it is still one of the best transmission after ZF transmission in terms of performance. For the DSG user, they will be a jerking problem when using the car in the traffic jam and this is not something to be worried as it is a common thing as DSG is manual gear that is converted to the automatic transmission. The combination of TSI engine and DSG gave the car a 0-100 in just 8.5 seconds and it maybe not as fast as the more expensive BMW, Mercedez Benz, and Audi but it is still sufficient and has adequate power.

The DSG Gearbox in Passat. Image credit to

The Passat had a simple interior compare to the more premium German car. The interior with Alcantara leather seat and combined with 6.5 inches touchscreen infotainment, 8 speakers, and 6 cd charges are typical German with technologies but only it is simple and may be less luxurious than the premium brand. It also has a classic-looking analog clock in the center and it they for everyone to see the time from driver to the passenger. The Passat does not have centralized infotainment control like BMW IDrive, Mercedez Benz Command, Audi MMI and Porches PMS but the car that is priced less than RM200,000 it compensated that with touchscreen and 6cd charges and maybe the price will not be this low for a German Car if this had been installed.

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It also shares some simplicity of his interior in his exterior as the Passat is an elegant looking car front and back. The front which the Led headlamp and with Volkswagen badge that also can be used as a boot opener another typical German technology. The boot of the Passat is quite large that had 565 liters with understandably need to be like most of D-Segment car have a large boot space. Sometimes the Passat has a fuel tank of 70 liters than can make roughly 600-700km depends on the driver. For some, they are unable to resist the sheer performance that Passat will provide hence may be ended up with fewer kilometers but still, this is why the car is built for as according to his name trade wind speed and performance. The Passat has a directional headlamp what I like called the light follow the steering direction. This will enable the driver to have a better view on the road when he is driving in a low light road especially during cornering where this type of light will be useful.

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The Passat in terms of safety has fatigue detection and also a flat tire indicator. This is something that is found in the car that costs more than RM230, 000 above and not to be expected in the car that is less than RM200, 000. Volkswagen had installed this system in this car and it is pretty useful where the system can alert the driver when he or she on fatigue depends on the driving ability at that time and also the flat tire indicator can be useful as the system will show the flat tire and alert the driver in soonest so that the driver can make the necessary changes to the tire. Sometimes we do not notice the tire condition of the car unless something bad happens. Another thing please do not use the “celup tire” as it is not safe and the tire can burst in the middle of the road. The Passat also provides 6 airbags, stability control, hill assist, auto-hold function, Anti-theft alarm system, and electronic immobilization

In terms of the tire, Passat had been equipped with a 235/45R17 inch tire. This tire although expensive it provides many choices as the user can take sports tire like Conti Sports Contact, Pilot Sport, and Goodyear F1 range. This tire will provide excellent grip in the wet and dry condition and also provide superior grip in cornering and combined with the Passat drivetrain technology this will add to the great Passat driving experience. Typically a sports tire is rated as ZR as it means that it is for performance and ability to withstand high speed.

The Passat B8 will be launched by end of this year and with the look of things in last year on display during Volkswagen motor events and with a promise of Volkswagen management and with the opening of the new service center in our country the Passat will be the favorites in D segment marker. And for new Passat B8 let’s hope it is better and it will improve significantly in terms of service and car performance.

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