One of the vital components that complete the car suspension is the absorber. The absorber is crucial in absorbing the road irregularities hence making the drive comfortable for the occupants. A first-rate and a superior absorber can provide a fusion of comfort in any road hazards, excellent handling with secure cornering and giving a superlative braking power. A faulty and deformed absorber will have a weak braking power as the vehicle needs more distance to stop, ineffectiveness in absorbing the road irregularities, and making the daily driving wonky and unbalanced. Once the automobile lovers notice the symptom that shows the crippled absorber, it is time to replace it. However, getting a replacement absorber can also be an issue in choosing the best replacement as they are various types of the absorber with each have their unique qualities.

The various types of absorbers are available in the aftermarket. The most basic absorber is the monotube absorber. In these absorbers, the absorber shell itself will work as the cylinder and the gas, which have their own merits. Due to their design, a stable damping force can be generated perpetually while giving an excellent heat dissipation. However, the same structural designs that provide the edge also provide the downside; the ride can be stiffer. Any external damage to the shell can affect the inner cylinder as they have no layer to protect it due to structural design.  

Another type of absorber is called a twin-tube, and unlike the monotube, they are various type of twin-tube absorbers. The first is the basic twin-tube absorber, which had a separate cylinder built inside the absorber’s shell case with the piston valves oscillates in the inner cylinder. The structural design of the twin-tube can provide a comfortable ride, and some design acts as a protective layer to the inner cylinder as any damage to shell case does not affect the inner cylinder.  

They are two variances of twin-tube absorber; one is called a twin-tube gas-charged absorber. The absorber’s construction is like the basic twin-tube; however, they are nitrogen gas pumped in the inner cylinder.  This nitrogen gas rapidly reduces the “foaming” or “aeration” of the absorber, a situation where the twin-tube fails and overheats, making the hydraulic fluid dripping out, which can be perilous and led to an unsafe drive. This absorber is the standard absorber that fits in modern cars.

One of the twin-tube variations that become the most sought after market absorber is the Coilover types absorbers. Unlike the other absorber aforementioned, the Coilover absorber consists of a damper and coil spring encircled it. Unambiguously, this absorber is 2 in 1 where the damper and spring are connected while on the monotube, and twin-tube basic and gas-charged the spring is installed separately. This type of absorber is excellent for mitigating the body roll while cornering, as the Coilover spring prevents the car chassis from bottoming out. However, some Coilover absorbers can provide a stiff ride which can lead to an uncomfortable ride. At the same time, if the Coilover is not constructed accurately, it can be hazardous for the vehicle occupants.

The monotube and twin-tube is an absorber that is fitted and available in most contemporary era cars. Some absorbers have unique characteristics that can affect automobile lovers thought while replacing their crippled absorbers.

Some absorbers are built as performance restoration. However, this absorber can slightly improve the vehicle performance even though the crucial function is to restore the vehicle original performance and stability. One of the vital parts of the performance restoration type absorber is that it can resurrect the braking power that had been diminished in the vehicle that has a damaged absorber. The absorber that falls into these categories is Kayaba Excel-G, Saach, Bilstein B2 etc. This type of absorber usually will not be high in price and priced at a budget range.

The next type of absorber is the one that can increase the performance to an exhilarating level. It is built to provide a stable drive while cornering and rapidly improves the vehicle’s handling and, at some time, will increase the car’s braking power due to sporty characteristics. However, these absorbers are not adjustable, but the price for these types will be on a higher side and not on a budget range. The absorber that falls in these categories is Kayaba New SR, Bilstein B6, Zerone Sport Absorbers.

One of the most popular absorbers is the adjustable absorber. The price for these absorbers will be on the higher side. The automobile lovers can adjust manually via the valve control that the absorber brand provides. They are some absorbers where automobile lovers can change the ride to soft and hard, like the Tein Endura Pro Plus.  The absorbers that can adjust soft and hard rides with the low and high height adjustment will usually be in the Coilover forms. The absorbers that fall in these categories is the Titan SP3, Tein Endura Pro HC Plus etc. For fully adjustable absorbers, they will be a device that can make the driver adjust the absorber to his driving preference. In Tein, this device is called EDFC(Electronic Damping Force Control).

The absorber acts as a central component between the tire and the engine. The absorber is also crucial in providing excellent braking power for the vehicle, as in the car where the absorber had been damaged, the braking strength will be diminished rapidly. The absorber advanced along with the vehicle technologies, and the adjustable absorbers had become the most sought after market absorber even though the price of these absorbers is on the premium side. However, it has become popular due to the flexibility provided in adjusting the height and ride.

However, the absorber brand also had provided the performance restoration absorber, which can restore the original vehicle performance, and the price is not on the higher side. Replacing the type of absorber and their unique characteristic is down to automobile lovers. Each automobile lover had their individual preference, too, when it comes to replacing the absorbers.

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