This blog contains several articles about online gambling and its detrimental effect on human emotion due to the financial crisis that hit them. Unlike cigarettes, alcohol, and drug misuse, which had numerous advertisements, billboards, and posters and furthermore on the negative effect that is brought to one physical and mental side, online gambling does not have the widespread reminder like the addiction mentioned above. The noxious impact of online gambling is not a laughing matter, as it can derail a person’s emotions into a black hole. As a  matter of fact, the negative effect of gambling can bring enormous pressure on one thoughts, and it can change one family and career simultaneously if nobody has noticed it.

How will the gradual passageway to extreme emotional instability start? The online gambling operator may incite the potential customer with some advertisement like jackpot, winning big, bonus, and testimonial of the other big winners. These may trigger the potential customer to start ostensibly on his luck with online gambling and start to deposit some small amount of money. If the potential customer has lost it, then the imaginative wire to magnetically attract to gamble will go as the potential customer will have a wrong impression of the online gambling. As a matter of fact, there is a good sign even though he is on the losing side.

But if they had won big, then the imaginative wires to emotional instability would start. Winning big in the gamble in the infancy stage is dangerous as it can create some kind of pleasure and create a wrong thought where the potential customer can think that gamble had saved their day. The individual will be euphoric and will have a happy moment. Some potential customers may be able to control the desire to gamble again; however, not everyone is fortunate enough. Online gambling addiction has been deemed as one of the most fast-growing addictions in the world, and they are some horror stories related to how a person can lose all their fortunes, be in severe debt, run away and being chased by an illegal money lender, lose their family life relation, making some money embezzlement in their workplace and destroying their hard-fought career.

Once the gambler starts to win big, his mind will be wired to try his luck again in online gambling. However, this can trigger the gradual loss of its insanity. In the early stages, they may start with a small amount and win big, but this is the early stages of being trapped in the vicious gambling cycle, winning big and losing big. In the subsequent stages, the gambler may increase his stake and increase his bet. He may have won, but the false urge and desire to get even or better with the gambling slot or machine will make him gamble again and lose big. Once caught in and being trapped in this vicious cycle, emotional instability will be piled up in one’s mind.

Once the gambler encounters his big losses, his thought will be topsy turvy as he will have difficulty managing his financial expenditure, which creates most misery for him. The feeling of guilt and wanting to regain his money back through gambling will increase. The next thing that can happen, he may start to lie to his trusted ones and make some reason why he ended up in financial misery. However, once he gets the money, his mind will be wired to gambling again, and he often loses big, creating another layer of problem and misery. Added to this financial misery paralleled with their daily life challenges, they can transform into different people. The gambler who is trapped in this cycle can be incensed easily even for petty things, avoiding relationships, eroding his confidence, and making them dependent on the machine for their financial life.

Unlike cigarette smoking, online gambling can be conducted secretively at any time and anywhere. The simple operation of pressing a button to make a bank transfer to an online operator can be performed swiftly and, as mentioned, secretively. Nonetheless, numerous online transfers to online gambling operators can affect his bank statement. The online gambler will have difficulty applying for a bank loan as they can be deemed a very high-risk customer. To cover his financial losses and at the same to feed his desire to gamble, the online gambler can end up taking money from an illegal money lender and creating another misery in his already turbulent life because of online gambling.

Losing big, being in financial misery, deterioration in his family life and career life, losing the confidence of his loved and close ones, and added to more misery, being chased by money lenders will be a nightmare for the gambler and those associated with him. The financial misery brought upon him by being in the gambling situation will cause a deep sense of regret, embarrassment, loss of his insanity and confidence, and losing himself. They are some dreaded stories of a person who is in a good position losing his hard earnings quickly, being up in prison because of money embezzlement, losing the trust of his business partner because of his addiction, bankrupting his own business, and many more nightmare stories.

The loss of insanity that started from winning big after making a small deposit and getting caught in a vicious cycle of losing significant is the dreaded situation for anyone. The gambler may, in the end, take the extreme decision of committing suicide as he can’t take the emotional burden, embarrassment, losing all his hard-earned money, being left by his loved and trusted one, and more detrimental damages. Unlike cigarette smoking which can affect one physical state, online gambling does not have a physical effect; however, it gives them a gigantic emotional burden that they fail to overcome and commit some treacherous moment. The emotional effect of online gambling is at its worst as it can derail a person’s insanity, confidence, self-esteem, and many more. It is also a long way to recovery as the person needs to readjust his debt, getting the lost confidence from his loved and trusted one which is a gigantic task for one caught in online gambling, get his business back on track, and others.

Online gambling is one of the habits that need serious consideration from the relevant authorities to put a massive stop to it. In the modern era, online gambling looks omnipresent on every internet page, smartphone message, and advertisement on social media. What started as innocent fun and attracted by the false advertisement can swiftly transform one life into a black hole and create a pile of the gigantic emotional burden that makes a person lose his insanity. BEWARE OF ONLINE GAMBLING AND DO NOT GET  INVOLVED IN IT.


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