The car entertainment system now had been called as the car infotainment system as it can do more than entertainment like checking the engine oil, setting the car option, concierge service, teleservices, internet surfing, seeing the hurdles while reversing the car, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink and much more. Although they are many changes and the name had been upgraded but they are one function that is still classic and can’t be replaced listening to the radio station. Listening to the radio station is one of the important function when the car entertainment was created in the 19th centuries and in our country, they are many radio station where some of the station become the popular choices among the car lovers.



Frequencies 92.9 FM

Hitz FM now is the number 1 leading English-language station with over 1.2 million listeners. This radio station is managed by Astro Radio and had a broadcast in Singapore and Brunei too. One of their popular programs is prank call on the victim’s family, friends or colleagues based on the request that called as Got’Cha and this will be broadcasted in the weekday morning session.


Bernama Radio

Frequencies 93.9 FM

For the folks who like to listen to the news, Bernama Radio is the first ever all-news Radio Station in Malaysia. Unlike Hitz FM where it is broadcasted in English only, Bernama Radio will be broadcasted in Malay and English and start from February 2017 a Tamil language slot also had been introduced called as “Tamil Oli” and this introduction had made them become the first radio station to broadcast the Tamil language in the East Malaysia.



Frequencies 101.8 FM

My FM is the all Chinese radio station which is also the Malaysia’s leading Chinese-language station with over 2.0 million listeners. It is also under the Astro Radio. Launched in 1St August 1998. It is also the first private Chinese radio station where before the launch of MY FM, the sole all Chinese radio station is the Radio Malaysia Channel 5.


Minnal FM

Frequencies 92.3 FM

The first Tamil language Radio station operated by the government-owned Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). They are unique too as they are not catered for the Tamil language but also for the other language like Telegu and Malayalam where for now they are the sole radio station for this 2 languages.


THR Raaga.

Frequencies 99.3 FM

The first ever private owned Tamil radio station in Malaysia. With the slogan Aahaa… Sirantha Isai! (Aahaa… the best music!) it becomes the Malaysia’s leading Tamil-language station with over two million listeners and it also had emerged as South-East Asia’s No.1 Tamil radio station by beating Minnal FM and Singapore based Oli 96.8FM.  They too had a similar prank call program like Hitz FM where it is called as Kalakkal Kalai and their deejay is well known among the masses in our country.



Frequencies 103.3 FM

The all Malay language radio station also owned by Astro Radio. It is also the leading all Malay language radio station in Malaysia with 4.8 million listeners. Launched in January 1997, this station played a wider mixture of music from the 1980s to current-day, but now it plays Malaysian and international hit songs, including Korean songs. They had another achievement too as they are the first radio station in Malaysia holding three records in the Malaysia Book Of Records since 1998



Although they are many private radio stations before them, RTM is the sole radio station in our country. Under RTM they are many radio station like the first Malay language radio station National FM (88.5 FM), the first Chinese language radio station AI FM (89.3 FM), the first-ever English language radio station Traxx FM (90.3 FM) and the first ever Tamil language station Minnal FM (92.3 FM). They are the largest radio station broadcaster in Malaysia as they had regional radio station too which Johor FM is the first one, followed Kedah FM, Kelantan FM, Labuan FM, and much more. It is a government-owned radio station where it falls under Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia.


Oli FM

Frequencies 96.8 FM Johor Bahru

Unlike the Klang Valley Tamil folks whom only can listen to THR Raaga and Minnal FM, in Johor Bahru, they are able to listen to another Tamil radio station apart from these two and that is Oli. This is the radio station in the Tamil language owned by Mediacorp playing for the Indian community in Singapore, offering the latest Tamil songs, regional Indian songs, local & international news, lifestyle features and Indian contemporary & classical hits, 24 hours a day. It is also the only station in Singapore that never uses automation during the early hours. This radio station is one of the popular choices for the people in Johor Bahru.

They are some folks whom still listening to the RTM radio station and some who prefers to listen to the private radio station broadcasting but one thing can’t be ignored now they are more competition among this radio station if compared in the past as RTM is sole radio station in our country for all regarding of their races.

Once upon a time, RTM is the only radio station in our country but due to the effort of THR who become the first private radio station now, we can see they are much private radio station whom had healthy competition and provides the best entertainment and info possible for the user. The radio station once is the only source where we can listen to music, news, weather report, traffic jam and much more when we are on the move with our car.

Although most of this information we can get within our fingertip via the smartphone and tablets, the radio station function can’t be ignored too and this is also one of the reasons on the classic radio station function like the tuner and scan station is still installed in the car infotainment system.


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