Malaysian drivers had some bad reputation among the internet lovers. They are many instances that they are many negative feedbacks on our drivers like never giving ways, turning without the signal, road bullies, speeding the car when other drivers want to switch lane, unsympathetic, bad and rude taxi drivers and much more. We had created some bad reputation for ourselves with our own damaging reputation however in these articles it is not all bad with our drivers as they some good side of the Malaysian drivers that it not so publicly viralled as we only like to viral the bad thing and not the good thing. Maybe that is the main purpose of viral instead of giving a useful information in soonest.

As usual when in the human cases whether it is the technologies or their natures they will be some good and bad thing. Unfortunately, the bad thing will create more news and viralled and many of the users will prepare to put the verbal bomb if we had encountered the bad thing but they are some good things too and it too will get the praise or compliment from the other drivers too and here are some of the instances where Malaysia drivers are good hearted and not notoriously bad.

Helping the Blind Crossing Road.

How many time that we had seen where the blind person having difficulties in crossing the road? Some may ignore the difficulties and proceed to the drive and this is where some drivers are good hearted. Some drivers who had noticed this will straight away stop the vehicle in the side and helped the poor blind person to cross the road. Indeed, a good nature driver is still among us.

Putting the Telephone Number

Some drivers who not concerned on another road user will make some double-parking due to urgencies of the issue. However, unlike some drivers whom just proceed to park and vanished somewhere even the other drivers honked countless times, some drivers will display their phone number on the dashboard and in the windscreen for the other drivers to contact them hence making life easier for both of them.

Helping other drivers when they are stranded on the road.

Some drivers will have a bad day in the office with their car when their car had broken down due to the most common problem battery failure and many other reasons. Some of the drivers who had noticed it will park the car and will enquire to help the other drivers. Some of the drivers if had a car jumper will help the other drivers to start the car and the best of all they will do it without any rewards. Another example of our good Malaysian drivers.

Sending home any stranded kids and helping other persons.

When some kids had been stranded due to the negligence of the parents or some other reason, some drivers who had encountered this situation will not hesitate to send the kids to the nearest police station or to the kid’s house itself. This good nature is something that should be applauded especially if the kids place if far away from their own destination and the drivers who had sent kids did not take any rewards from the parent and doing this in the act of kindness and not for any rewards.

Admitting their mistakes when an accident happens.

How many times that we had encountered a situation where an accident had to happen and the drivers do not admit their mistake and talking arrogantly and in a rude manner. Fortunately, among these drivers, they are some drivers whom will admit their mistake and will bear the necessary cost for the other drivers. They will make all necessary things to ensure that the other drivers will have a smooth process in repairing the car. This type of drivers will be liked by the other drivers and in some situation, they will become close friends after this incident.

Helping other drivers in the Touch N Go lane.

They are sometimes where the drivers failed to notice that they had an insufficient balance in his Touch n Go and had accidentally come stuck in the Touch n Go lane. He will be stranded and will curse himself for not realizing that he had insufficient balance and will try to reverse the car moving out from the lane. But in this instance, the drivers behind whom had noticed this will helps these drivers by touching his Touch n Go card and let the other drivers passing through this lane and at some time does not demand or expect any rewards from the stranded drivers.

The thorn in the roses can provide a different view for different people. If the person sees only the thorn then they will never appreciate the beauty of the roses and if the person sees the roses he will proceed to ignore the thorn. It is some with our Malaysian drivers, some will like to see the bad side of the drivers like the thorn and failed the appreciate the good side of our drivers and some will ignore the bad news about our drivers and will see the beauty of our Malaysian driver’s good side.

The Malaysian bad habit had been shown in the YouTube videos, articles, newspaper, polls and many more, however, the good side of the Malaysian drivers is not well publicized like the bad side and I hope that these articles will open some of us that the Malaysian although they are some bad drivers they are not notoriously bad and less sympathetic as they some good hearted and kindness among our drivers. Unfortunately only the bad side will viralled in a lighting speed and the good side will be ignored completely. Like the thorn in the roses, for Malaysian drivers, they are some bad apples and unfortunately most of the time we only see the bad side and not the good side of it. They are some good side to our Malaysian drivers too.



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